#1 Lies of Scientology
[21 May 1997]

Lie #1: Scientology is a science.

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Subject: #1 Lies of Scientology
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Although many impressive technical terms are used by Mr. Hubbard's
followers and adherents the basic tenants of Scientology remain untested,
unverified and unpublished in recognized scientific journals. Instead
Scientology relies exclusively on nortoriously unreliable, highly
subjective anecdotal stories written by members. These testamonials are
usually extracted in an atmoshere of highly charged group peer pressure.
It is forbidden in the realm of Scientology to doubt, contradict or
question any aspect of Hubbard's work or the various practices of the
church. In the anti-intellectual atmosphere of Scientology the very
suggestion that Mr. Hubbard's assertions be put to the test in
double-blind studies and the like, would be tantamout to treason. Nothing
Hubbard said is doubted and no proof is ever demanded. In the halls of
Scientology no claim made by it's founder is too ludicros to doubt.
The whole concept of objective truth or verifiable proof is foreign to
Scientology. It's claims can only be termed unproven assertions which, of
course, is the opposite of science.