#3 Lies of Scientology
[23 May 1997]

Lie #3: Scientology has 8 million members.

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Subject: #3 Lies of Scientology
Date: 23 May 1997 15:03:10 GMT
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The most silly of all lies this group has attempted to foist on the
public is that they have "8 million" members.
A little arithmetic would show it up as another one of their paltry
fibs. They have about 350 orgs, missions and chuches worldwide. Their
stats, not mine. They would have to average over 22,000 members per site
to reach the number they claim. They say though that their largest
membership is in Clearwater with some 6,000 members (no way) so where do
they make up the difference? I suppose here and there you will find
Scientologists out in the hinterlands all by themselves but Scientology is
very much a "Group" thing that dosen't thrive in the backwoods.
They couldn't reach 8 million members even if they counted their dogs
and cats, or even goldfish for that matter. How many members do they have?
I doubt if even they know for sure since it is an "Ethics" offense to
question somebody's status in the church, unless you are lucky enough to
be pitch out on your ear. My best guess is that they have a trifle over a
100,000 active members worldwide.
Nope folks, it is just another silly, pathetic lie all too common in