#4 Lies of Scientology
[24 May 1997]

Lie #4: Auditing can cure illness.

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Subject: #4 Lies of Scientology
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Another lie is the repeated medical claims of Scientology. From the
beginning L. Ron Hubbard claimed that auditing could cure everything from
baldness to cancer. As in keeping with his other teachings he brought
forth no objective proof or clinical studies. The important thing to
remember here that he does not alledge "Miracles" or divine intervention
but rather ascribes these wonderful results to the "Science" of Dianetics.
Miracles are hard to prove or disprove, but if it is a science it should
be, must be in fact, tested in a scientific manner. These medical claims
however, were not. He claims in his books and bulletins to: make goiters
disappear, cure arthritis, raise the dead, cure migrains, cure cancer,
improve eyesight, cure bronchitis and just about anything that ails the
body. In the 1960's and 70's Hubbard attracted the attention of the
federal governmet with these claims. As a result these medical claims,
although still made, are done in a different manner. Letters, supposedly
from members, appear in just about all of Scientology publications. These
testamonials, usually signed with two initials, claim the same things that
Hubbard claimed, that auditing will remove disease.

"Such as the man who was diagnosed with lung cancer, who happened to
have a son who was a Scientologist. After 10 days of auditing, the doctor
gave him a clean bill of health. Or the man who was near blind and deaf,
yet after two weeks of auditing experienced a total recovery of both
faculties." - Chairman of the board RTC, Captain David Miscavige speaking
to a crowd at the 1997 L. Ron Hubbard birthday event. From "International
Sientology News," issue #4, 1997.

This is from the very top. Scientology magazines are just filled with
such gems as this. And yet some people say that this group makes no claims