#6 Lies of Scientology
[27 May 1997]

Lie #6: The life of L. Ron Hubbard.

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Subject: #6 Lies of Scientology
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The life of L. Ron hubbard.

Hubbard himself was never shy about claiming credentials, especially
ones he didn't have. In his life he claimed to be an explorer, nuclear
scientist, adventurer, researcher, original thinker, Indian blood-brother,
philosopher, war hero and inventor. Some of these claims the church of
Scientology has found a little embarrassing so they have been quietly
retired over the years but many are still being paraded around in front of
an increasingly skeptical society. The most frequent statement now being
made by the church concerning it's founder is that he was the world's
"Foremost humanitarian." Better pens than mine have long since debunked
Hubbard's statements concerning his life and abilities but the statement
made about his being a humanitarian needs to be looked at. This though
should not be confused with the word "Philanthropist," a term that I have
never heard applied to this man. At the time of his death he had amassed a
fortune, some say more than $200 million, and to his dying breath he
lusted after more. I have frequently heard the words "Avarice" and "Greed"
mentioned in regard to Hubbard but philanthropy, never.
I assume that he is called a humanitarian by his adherents because he
bequeathed to the world the "Science" of Dianetics and the "Religion" of
Scientology. It is true that he did leave us with this wonderful legacy
but I think that most people wish he hadn't.
But would a true humanitarian give us a system of "Religious" tyranny
in which it's members are forced to take out large loans, mortgage their
homes and squander their inheritance to pay for the expensive classes that
promise so much but deliver so little?
And would a real humanitarian wish to deliver up the world to a
"Science" that it's followers are never allowed to question and whose main
tenents remain untested, unproven and unpublished? A system of "Science"
that is anti-intellectual in character and where objective standards of
establishing principles and truths are unknown.
Is this what a genuine humanitarian would have left the world?
Obviously I don't think so. It would have been better, in my opinion,
if this man had never lived.