#7 Lies of Scientology
[29 May 1997]

Lie #7: The special abilities of OTs.

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Subject: #7 Lies of Scientology
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#7 Lies of Scientology

The special abilities of OTs

It is hard to rate the lies of Scientology, there are so many whoppers
that selecting a favorite is tough but if i had to choose my personal
favoeite would be this one.
OTs are supposed to have, according to Scientology publications,
various powers beyond the ken of everyday mortals. These claims, like many
others, are contained in testimonials where "Readers" give us little
samples of what they can do. One was able to move about in time and as a
result was able to escape being flattened by a speeding truck. Another
said that he was able to talk with a ghost (a thetan camped out in his
house causing trouble) and convince him to depart. Others say they have
ESP, are able to influence the thinking of others,even over great
distances, (touted as being good for sales), and others, not to be out
done, are able to flop around outside their bodies at will. These super
powers make the claims made in "Dianetics" look pretty tame. After all,
who cares about raising your IQ when when you can manipulate time and
In keeping with other Scientology claims no proof is furnished. No
matter that the story contained in OT III is contradicted by physical
evidence, Hubbard in his arrogance listed volcanoes that didn't exist 75
million years ago, his followers still swallow this lie just like all the
rest. To bad Ron didn't never took a geology course.
Super men and super women are conspicuously absent from the ranks of
Scientology. Where are they keeping these people? Are they saving them up,
hidden out of sight, as sort of a secret weapon to be unleashed at the
right time?