#8 Lies of Scientology
[30 May 1997]

Lie #8: Scientology is compatible with Christianity

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Subject: #8 Lies of Scientology
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#8 Lies of Scientology

That Scientology is compatible with Christianity

This is such a contemptible lie that it is not derserving of a lengthy
reply. The very fact that Scientology places a heavy emphasis on
reincarnation, a belief far outside the bounds of Christianity, is enough
to make it incompatible. If that were not enough the oft repeated
statements of Hubbard who disparaged the accounts contained in the gospels
and doubted wether Jesus ever lived ought to put this lie to bed. Hubbard
considered religion as part of the implanting done by that naughty boy
Xenu (all hail Xenu!). See OT III and the other "Secret" teachings for
more details. The only gods that Hubbard ever worshiped were power and