#9 Lies of Scientology
[31 May 1997]

Concluding the "Lies of Scientology" series.
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Subject: Conclusion, Lies of Scientology
Date: 31 May 1997 15:39:20 GMT
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Conclusion, Lies of Scientology

In this series I have listed the lies that I thought were the most
outrageous, silly and comtemptible. Other critics might have done it
differently, no matter, in Scientology there are enough lies to go around
for eveyone. I stopped after listing 9 whoppers, if I tried to reply to
all of their lies it would take forever and I would soon be posting into
the thousands.
The non religious, non-scientific, anti-intellectual cult of Scientology
continues to spread, on a daily basis, self serving lies of the grossest
and most crass sort. As the son of a disabled WWII sailor who saw real
combat in the larger battles in the Pacific, I am disgusted that Hubbard,
who never heard a gun fired in anger, claimed many honors that he did not
get nor did he deserve. Of course not everyone can be a hero and I don't
think that it is a requirement for founding a religion. But telling the
truth is.
Hubbard, liar though he was, was shrewd enough to understand human
nature and how to exploit human weakness and human virtues. He knew the
right buttons to push. Those who latter displayed any independence of
thought or spirit he severly punished or cast ruthlessly aside. Hubbbard
was not a humanitarian, on the contrary, he was essentially a mean man.
Scientology tries hard to show a glossy, sleek exterior to the world.
Those who peek behind this impressive edifice, and there are many now
doing just that, find things that makes Scientology a bit uncorfortable.
Behind the polished veneer all is mildewed and rotted.
The truth is always the best reply to a lie. By constantly confronting
the lies of this evil group we go a long ways towards accomplishing it's
overthrow. For those of you who are new to ars I would suggest that you
see the following web sites: