SCIENTOLOGY -- Developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 0)
[12 Jun 1996]

What is Counter-Clearing?

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 02:32 MESZ
From: (Freimann/Gefecht)
SCIENTOLOGY -- Developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet

;-) Part 0

We haven't found a better word

What is Counter Clearing?
The answer is quite simple, if you first understand
what Clearing is...

Clearing is a neologism,
brought along by the US Science Fiction author L. Ron Hubbard
around 1950.
Since that time it has become part of
the esoteric and occult subcultures' vocabulary.

Hubbard developed a certain product spectrum,
consisting of countless essays on how "he" saw
the nature of the human mind, the human being itself,
the world and God (the "mastermind" or "universal mind").
In addition to this product of a "prophetical message of salvation",
he freeloaded on traditional scientific psychology, especially behaviourism.
He also used essential parts of varying religions and philosophys,
in order to make up a "methodical treatment" of consciousness,
following familiar psychoanalytical processes
and even initiation rites and teachings of certain occult cycles.

In order to enforce the selling of this basic products,
and to hustle the many competitioners out of the area,
he followed the busyness philosophy of McDonalds
which was just booming then,
and -- referring to his special "product" --
created his own sales system: the Church of Scientology.
Around 1960, he also established Scientology's
so-called "defence and guard organisation"
against competitioners and opponents
(people who denied the value of his products).

Thus he had produced something, commonly known as "religion",
and fulfilled a life's dream:
to make a real lot of money by founding a religion
and to make his very personal mark on the way of the world.

Let's recall once again the four basical products Hubbard made up:

The general teachings of beliefs and basics on God,
the universe, the world and Mankind...
Religious Thesis.

Referring to this thesis, a way of practising.
A pattern of rites and methods which enable a staff of
-- let's say -- "priests" to take those (belief-)thesis
and embed them in the followers's mind as (belief-)certainties"...
Religious Practise.

A sales strategy in order to make profits
out of the religious thesis and practise,
and to gain more and more share of the spiritual market...
organisation, Church.

Ways and means to hustle opponents and competitioners
out of this area, and to gain power positions in the mass media,
social institutions and political lobbys
-- in order to assure and further 1),2) and 3)...
Militant Apology.

This is the classical and historically evident pattern of a church,
regardless of what the beliefs and practises are about.

That way, Hubbard had delivered an astonishing "literary" output.
Actually, his work which consists of written material
and tape recordings of lectures,
is the most "extensive" work done by one single person
in religious history.

In the course of it, Hubbard was showing great concern
not only for most elementary questions of mind and soul,
but also for the smallest matters of everyday life.
In his collection of religious scriptures, inter alia,
you'll find detailed instructions on
which car polish is to be used, including religious reasons why.
For Hubbard, no area of human existence was too minor to care about.

The religious goal in Hubbard's Scientology,
like in all prophetical religions,
was a "better world" without crimes, illness, death and
without uncertainty for the future
-- such things have been on peoples' minds since time began,
and again and again they bring out
either the best or the beast in man.

In order to achieve this religious goal,
Hubbard made up the image of a person who is free
of "all kinds of irrational factors and opinions,
all kinds of personal suffering and personal responsibility".
He called this image of a person "Clear"!
The means to turn an ordinary man into such a divine being,
were called "Processing".
When Hubbard started his religious activities around 1950,
he promised that the first Clear would be produced soon.

He wasn't successful, no Clear appeared.
Hubbard's church and his religion, Scientology,
suffered the fate of all prophetical religions:
sectarian splits.

Because of the worldwide rising state of information,
i.e. the increase of ways and means of communication,
these "schisms" happened very quick.
Hubbard had been digging his own grave,
since in 1960 he started to "dogmatize" his absolutism
and to cut his system of theories off from any "new ideas"
and "creative momentum".
When he started to harass and to punish any "deviants" and autonomous thinkers,
and to even (there is no other word for it) ruin them utterly,
both psychologically and with regard to their social and economical existence
-- that was the beginning of the end.

Hubbard's latent schizophrenia,
on which huge parts of his religious theories were grounded,
had grown to massive egomaniac paranoia.
So he wasn't able at all to integrate any ideas and knowledge
which wasn't somehow familiar to him already.
(greek: xeno logos, xenology)

That is why he drove countless followers of his religious theories
into the offside and --so to speak -- forced them
to build their own churches and religious or esoteric/occult groups.
Those deviant communities weren't allowed
to call themselves scientologists
or to further use words like "Clear" or "Dianetics",
for the Church of Scientology owned copyrights
and registered trademarks for all those different names and terms.

However, in order to demonstrate that,
in spite of their split from the Church,
they still followed Hubbard's theories and methods
trying to create a Clear,
they called what they were now selling on their own account:

Of course, this Clearing outside Hubbard's church
was working just as little as those clearing processes inside Scientology do.
Every person with some common sense can easily see
that this Clearing induces "religious hystery" at best
-- at worst it will produce religious delusion up to bloody deed or suicide.

Counter-Clearing is nothing else but the effort
to reduce and to stop the expansion of Hubbard's Clearing
and its harmful effects for the individual and society.

For this purpose, many authors in alt.religion.scientology
have made great contributions, and will continue to deliver
factual information and relevant elucidation to this end.

In this forum, highly intelligent interlocutors
of varying spiritual schools, religions and human sciences,
as well as some excellent journalists and authors
are at the audience's disposal.
Their competence and knowledge
with regard to the actual course of events
and the true effects of scientological work (=Clearing)
is undisputable.
Many of these experts themselves
once were members of the Hubbard-Church or some other clearing-group,
and form an accumulation of first hand information that way.

You can always write to me,
I will be happy to name you authors
I particularly consider to be worth reading and valuable interlocutors
on Scientology and Clearing, what and how it really is.

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