SCIENTOLOGY -- developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 1)
[12 Jun 1996]

What is Scientologism?

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 02:29 MESZ
From: (Freimann/Gefecht)
SCIENTOLOGY -- developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet

;-) Part 1

What is Scientologism ?

Faithful reader,
now you happened to enter a newsgroup, where people are discussing
something which doesn't exist at all and never did.
It sounds weird, I know -- but it is true.
This newsgroup's subject does not and did never exist,
apart from the fact that man has always tried
to place themselves above their fellow man
and all other life forms, creation and the world,
instead of striving for co-existence and co-operation.

Scientology is the name for a collection of methods and ideas
which can be used by anyone to subjugate and control others,
by controlling minds and emotions.

That's Scientology. Nothing else but exactly this:
A collection of means to domineer one's fellow man and environment
by mind-manipulation.
This manipulation is used in order to either
drive people into certain actions and decisions or
to keep them from certain actions and decisions.

Well, I think human life is never free of dominance.
For instance, while you are learning something
you are dominated by our teacher.
Later you are dominated by our boss, when he is demanding
certain output and performance on the job.
And of course, you dominate other yourself by convincing them
that your plans and decisions are right,
in order to get their help and support.

That's just the way life goes.
Sometimes it is all right, sometimes it goes wrong
and there'll be arguments and mutual accusations
because of bitter disappointment.
However, such conflicts aren't insoluble.

But Scientology cuts itself off from those games of life,
following a different line, namely:
"basical submission".
The idea is weird, but let me try to explain it this way:
while in usual life dominance results from real situations and matters,
depending on the way things go and changing if appropriate,
dominance in Scientology solely results from the idea:
"I am the one who decides the way things are to be done,
because I know better", and:
"I know better, because I am the one decides the way
things are to be done!"...
Briefly: Scientology is a collection of methods
for enslaving people on different levels
within a despotic/fascistic hierarchy.

Scientology is a collection of ideas and methods
which enable people to keep the upper hand, any time and anywhere,
and to impose their wills on others -- if necessary,
even by cruelly destroying their interests and wishes.
Scientology's basical idea is:
"Control other peoples' behaviour by altering
what they know or what they believe to know!"
That is why Scientology is also called "science of the human mind"
-- correctly, it should of course rather be called
"science of manipulation and behaviour control"!

Its basis is the very extended output
of science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.
Several methods and "refinements" were subsequently added
to this weird and confusing work.
These extensions of Hubbard's teachings were done again and again
by every new generation of manipulators and awareness-creators
who are called "operating thetans".

One of the most outstanding personalities
among Hubbard's follow-ups currently is very well known
to readers of a.r.s. as: Koos Nolst Trenite.
He is the only successor to Hubbard
who ever reached the original founder's magnificence --
especially in his further development of Hubbard's defamation techniques,
Koos has achieved undisputable mastery.
Defamation probably is the most important method in the
"science of mental manipulation and behaviour control".

If you now try to unserstand
what's going on in alt.religion.scientology,
as well as in its "lower department",
you will have to take into account that there are
two absolutely different world views and attitudes of mind
colliding and conflicting.
You could say: it is a harsh philosophical competition.

Ideas and images, world views and philosophies
are represented and communicated by persons...
There are those ones whose ideas are
more or less shaped "scientologically".
They have one thing in common:
the idea that man is a kind of irresponsible dude
who *must* be treated or manipulated in one way or the other
to become a "great guy" or a "top-class lady".
Hubbard's neologism for such outstanding and superior neighbours is:

It is this particular claim of Hubbard
-- to subjugate man by running him down --
which several authors on a.r.s refuse to comply with.
It's true they also don't consider man to be creation's crowning glory,
but they basically rely on human qualities like
cognitive capacity, adaptability, well-meaningness,
the will to learn, creativity and so on...
and instead of manipulation and behaviour control,
they'd rather prefer things like
education, democracy, development
and the fostering of talents and abilities.
Those people form a kind of
rational-humanistic movement -- so to speak.

This rational-humanistic movement (RHM)
includes a wide spectrum of opinions, views and philosophies,
i.e. you won't find a unified or uniform image of the RHM.
It is just about human ancounter,
dialogue, discussion, commitment.
Things like universal solutions, salvation promises
or some "redeemer personality" are, of course,
not offered in rational humanism.

Quite in contrast to Scientology,
where a cunning system of social isolation, punishment
and the threat of personal ruin denies you any reflection
of Hubbard (the redeemer personality) and his work,
and puts you in the position of having to make a trivial decision:
Either believe in Hubbard, or you will be destitute and ruined.
That way, Hubbard is made out to be a "prophetical saviour".

One has to take into account however,
that Hubbard had established a fascistic hierarchy of subordination,
i.e. one's belief and obedience towards Hubbard is solely shown
through one's obedience towards their given superior scientologist,
or that is to say: towards the whole "submission mashinery".

Of course like in all fascistic organisations,
this hierarchy of command serves the interests
of those in the "leadership",
who rigorously exploit those at the grass roots.

That way, the always beseeched "Bridge to total Freedom" in Scientology
is actually an instrument of absolute desotism.
Freedom in the scientological meaning and definition is:
unscrupulous despotic rule above others.

Such fascistic patterns and methods are really well known.
Political phenomena like the Nazi period under Hitler,
Stalinism, cultural revolution in China, the tyranny of Pol Pot...
indispensable subjects for every student od antifascism.

It is however a relatively new phenomenon
that those totalitarian and fascistic claims to power
come under the guise of a religion, and
-- with reference to the "freedom of religion" --
are able to expand unrestrained.

Alt.religion.scientology is just one of many newsgroups
of the so-called rational-humanistic movement,
where people oppose to this new and vicious forms of fascism and mind control
by the means of information and instructional work.

Of course, there is no hostility neither towards religion
nor spirituality with us anyway - on the contrary!
Those who are seeking for spiritual and religious values
-- individual scientologists included --
will find an equal spectrum of opportunities to communicate and interact.

Together with a lot of critics and authors here on a.r.s
I am looking forward to receive YOUR communication
which I'll be happy to respond.

Freimann Boddhisatva

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