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Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 2)
[01 Jun 1996]


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From: (Freimann)
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Subject: Scieno-Propaganda
Date: 1 Jun 1996 16:02:03 GMT
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Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet

Part 2

In 1995, the "propaganda department" of the
so-called Church of Scientology made up a plan (not the first one)
for the takeover of the Internet.
Of course, to such a multinational organisation,
imbued with fascistic ideas and driven by tge greed for expansion,
the Internet is providing a wide field for their propaganda crusades.

Over and above that, the Co$ is trying since years now
to stop and suppress any critical examination
of their claim for world domination
­ by countless lawsuits and (knowingly) false notifications,
as weel as by broad smear campaigns,
in order to silence and even to ruin its critics.

The very posts to which this reply is referring
are such a propaganda articles.
Like almost every scieno posting,
they solely consist of "spoon-fed" PR material.
Furthermore, they evade any discussion, reflection and critical examination,
since there is mostly no real person behind the "authorıs" name
but rather a robot or mashinery,
incapable of individual communication or reflection.

There are, however, at least a few facts you should know
in order to not be at a loss completely when faced with scieno-propaganda:

Scientology is based on the sad efforts
of the US science fiction author L. Ron Hubbard.
Between 1945 and 1975, this man made up a system
of mind manipulation and mind control which was successdully marketed
as religious philosophy or a kind of philosophical psychology.

Scientology as a whole is not really unified.
In the fifties already and especially since 1979,
many groups and individuals left the organisation
which Hubbard tricky called "Church" of Scientology.
Those splinter groups and single escapees were agreed on the impression
that Scientology was a despotic and fascistic enterprise,
cheating and exploiting both its members and the public,
brutally and far beyond any ethics.

Meanwhile, many of these former scientologists have become
acknowledged and highly esteemed critics of that manipulation-system.
In this position, they cooperate with highly professional
representatives of the humane sciences,
in order to stop the physical and mental violence of Scientologyıs expansion,
and to point out the considerable danger to oneıs mental health and
emotional state, emerging from scientological treatment.

Scientologyıs promises of salvation solely consist of illustrations
of a "higher human existence" as a so-called Clear or OT (Operating Thetan).
These Clears and OTs are credited with godlike abilities
and the built-in option to omnipotence and omniscience.
Such promises are blatantly cheatful and demonstrably absolutely ungrounded,
but for Scientologyıs leading officials, they really pay off...
a usual march through the different "levels of enlightenment"
causes the unsuspecting victim an expense
of about one billion German marks (or 300.000 US Dollar).

The scieno-propaganda-posting in this article threat
includes a reference to where you can find more pre-fabricated PR material.
Iıd like to point out to you, however,
that you will meet competent interlocutors right here on a.r.s,
who spent years looking into Scientologyıs inhuman and criminal methods.

You can talk quite casually with these people
-- and if you like, of course, with me too -- about Scientology.
There are very well informed authors with profound knowledge
of the various branches and subsidiaries of the worldwide enterprise
called "Church of Scientology".

No matter wether it is about the so-called "tone scale"
(a tool for perverting and suppressing oneıs emotional life)
or if it is about the Scientologyıs "secret scriptures", the upper OT levels...

... many of them who are now working as scientology-critics,
once have personally experienced all those levels of brainwashing...
and managed to escape.
Thatıs why these people are far more suited to answer your questions
than all the permanently self-repeating PR letters,
which in most cases were written more than 30 years ago
and thus, are far from saying anything about
the current state of Scientology anyway.

Something you definitely wonıt find in the Scieno-propaganda is the truth about
the absolute failure of Hubbardıs delusive fantasies (his fata morgana)
and the useless attempts of Scientology
to built up just the slightest touch of a "good reputation".

The only "good reputations" of the "scientologisms" are those that are left,
when all "defamation" and "silencing" of critics is done by the Scienos.
This defamation and silencing is usually called " Dead-Agenting", and it is
only meant to destroy the credibility of clearing-critics.

Often that starts with defaming statements about the persons, their names,
the way they look, their professions and so on. The name under which I am
working since 1989 as a teacher for Neo-Buddhism also is a mark to defame
by scieno-propagandeers.

The defamation then starts with the usual Scieno-Evaluation, trying to
make people think, that I "overrate" my Whatever-State, in calling myself
a :
Free Man. But this is just another example of Zieno-Zinking. (ZZ) :

Everybody who does not submit under scientologism or clearing, is
"overrating" himself, thus have a lack of reality, thus need the
It is clever.

However, the story of my name as author is so easy,
and has nothing to do with any mythical or mythological meaning of freedom.

The History of "Freimann" (Freeman)

It starts in the early 16th century.
It is the history of slavery and its end.
In the beginning, ruthless slave traders brought slaves
from Africa to America.
American culture, young and rootless then,
was depending on the work of slaves for almost 500 years.

The slaves in America naturally had no names -- why should they?
They were deprived of their identities,
their clans and families had been ripped apart or blotted out,
their cultural backgrounds buried...
they were lowered to the level of robots, mechanical tools.
They werenıt allowed to marry or to have any social relationships
-- except one: the submission under their mastersı omnipotence.
Their kids were taken away from them,
as these kids were just considered to be a commodity, too.

A slave had no name.
Instead, he was given a biblical forename like Joshua or Hiob
-- according to their mastersı hypocritical religiousness.
And he was marked in the name of his owner
-- Smith, Anderson or Miller --
sometimes by the whip, sometimes by red-hot iron.

Then, slowly but unwavering,
a new conception of the world and man forced its way:
humanism and beginning enlightenment.
And with its starting point in Germany,
bondage and slavery was more and more abolished
all over the world.

Eventually, the idea that all man are equal
reached the United States of America, too.
And so, in the middle of the last century,
they did away with slavery as a legalized economical enterprise.

The slaves were released into some still dubious freedom.

"What is your name, black man?"

"I dunno, Massa... my parents werenıt allowed
to have names, to speak their own toungue,
to sing their own songs.
I got no people, no tribe, no family.
Massa... I got no roots and no name!"

"Then choose yourself any name,
so that we can register you
in accordance with the rules!"

"Which name should I choose...
the one of my late oppressor? No!
From now on I want to be called FREEMAN,
for thatıs what I am: a free man.
My wife is a free manıs wife,
my children will be a free manıs sons and daughters.
Yessir, I guess thatıs the right thing...
my name shall be FREIMANN -- Freeman."
- - -

That is the whole (hi)story of Freimann,
and there is nothing remarkable with it.
Just a name I assumed for myself
when I got rid of the slavery of Scientology,
where I had laboured under fascistic delusions
and the subjugation by Hubbardıs thought patterns.

It is a quite ordinary story.
There is nothing mystical or mythical about it,
it is just a reminder of the fact
that a "free man" will remain a myth
wherever and whenever despotic rule is applied.

Actually, all that was none of my busyness then any more.
It would have been easy to withdraw treading softly
and to further lead a life of silence...
so to speak: I could have easily kept out of the course of the world.

But I decided to participate in the game again
as a "free man", in order to help others.
To take an active part in the game spells sorrow and trouble.
It doesnıt go smoothly all the time
without pain, disappointment and failure...

Well, a Boddhisatva is someone
who has comprehended that, but nevertheless plays along.
And playing along also means to take sides,
to expose oneself and to become vulnerable...
well, thatıs the way the cookie crumbles.
And it is only something to do with mystic
if someone is so much related to mystics and myths,
that he or she have become unable
to turn towards the reality we all share.

You see, it is just a small step from
"fateful constellations in the starry sky"
up to a"fateful traffic light sequence at a junction".
It is that easy, and there is nothing special to understand,
isnıt it?


Freimann Boddhisatva
U. Albert "AL" Anhut

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