SCIENTOLOGY -- developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 4)
[12 Jun 1996]

The Operating Thetan

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 02:23 MESZ
From: (Freimann/Gefecht)
Scientology, the Development of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet:
;-)Part 4

The Operating Thetan

After the "Clear" had turned out to be a flop already,
the scieno-esoterics -- with Hubbard ahead --
transferred the goal of their belief completely into the occult spheres.
They made up a concept of salvation, higher than the "Clear":
the OT, the Operating Thetan.

A Clear already was something celestial.
It was a human being, superior to all other human beings.
A Clear was: "free of any irrational impulse, any personal suffering
and any personal responsibility".
And if this goal had already been unfathomable
(unless you rationally considered it to be what it is: pure nonsense),
the confusion about the idea of an OT grew beyond all measures.

By definition, an OT is:
cause over matter, energy, time and space, and "life".
Cause means:
to create things how you want them to be on your own will,
either out of nothingness, or by altering what is there.

Well, as far as we stick to "the rules of the game"
and furthermore take into account that there *are* some limitations
-- on the one hand those of the physical universe,
on the other hand those given by at least a minimum standard
of decency in dealing with each other --
"being an OT" should be no problem at all.

Wherever you manage to realize a personal intention
or expression of will... you "are OT".
You are "not OT", wherever you realize
the expression of will and the intentions of someone else...
wether it is a human (or whatever kind of) being
-- maybe prophets, angels, demons or god --
or some abstract "being" like for instance
the legislative body, the government or a company...

From that point of view, OT could be also defined as:
a person, acting individually and self-determined,
in a state of mind where personal reflection
of one's own goals and wishes
(including appropriate adaption, co-operation,
compromises, ways, means and solutions)
is something perfectly ordinary.

If, however, the promise to reach such a state
is worth paying half a billion German marks,
appears to be dubious at least.

But to release people from the heavy weight of "thinking on their own"
has obviously more and more appeared to be a good deal...

Well, the show must go on... and sticking to "busyness as usual",
the scienos made up the image of a very special OT
on the ground of age-old mystic/mythological magick, namely:
the purely spiritual OT who isn't bound to any physical limits.

This extraordinary OT was ought to work real miracles,
since he existed outside the barriers and conditions of the material universe
and outside his own body as well.

That way, scientology members considered an OT
to be the reincarnation of the "mystical Siddhi"
who is able to change water into wine, to use telepathy,
to move things by mental force, to destroy his opponents by energetic beams...
Just all the fuss about illusion and magic that always attracted man... well as it drives people mad, sometimes up to war
and the persecution of individuals and peoples -- because:

Wherever the magic fails, there must be someone to blame
for disturbing the magician's power by non-believing
or even by "unconscious counter-actions".

Well, as you can guess,
this "advertising promise" of Scientology and Hubbard's follow-ups
eventually remained unfulfilled, too.
It wasn't a new promise anyway,
for such schools of magicians and siddhis
had been an essential part of the "secret scriptures"
of all prophetical religions since thousands of years.

And accordingly,
also Scientology met the eternal fate of all prophets
in five handy steps:

The miracles failed to appear,
the prophecies remained unfulfilled.

In order to realize their personal goals and intentions,
scientologists fell back upon the "tried and tested" means
of physical and mental violence and despotic rule.

This earned them not only an extremely bad reputation,
but also a determined and outraged opposition...
even among their own frustrated members.

Their carefully guarded occult secrets
found their way to the public eye
and were exposed to be absolute nonsense.

Scientology's original teachings were diluted and narrowed...
remaining was a hard core community
with the very highest claim to power and profit,
and several independent religious enterprises,
all of them trying somehow to eventually control
matter, energy, time and space after all...
yet most of them with drastically lowered expectations,
but some still on the highest level of religious and occult delusion.

So you see,
regarding Scientology's "historical" development,
it quite bears comparison with Christianity
or any other "universal prophetical religions".
Alone the rapiditiy by which the scientological structure crumbled
must be acknowledged as an unbeatable world's record
in religious history.

And of course, even in Scientology
there were (and still are) rational-humanistic forces,
like they have always been in the many religions and spiritual schools,
and like they have always somehow made their way in the history of mankind...
even though often only during long and painful processes.

Hubbard's Church of Scientology is currently
fighting tooth and nail to keep the leading position
and to achieve its fascistic and despotic goals somehow after all.

If you are a scientologist
and still a member of the Church,
you should blow as soon as possible!

If you are just someone out of the wide range of the "interested public",
you should seriously think twice wether to assume or represent
scientological beliefs
-- first of all you should talk with both scientologists
and critics of varying schools of thought.

In no case, however,
and as long as you feel some social responsibility,
you should support the Church of Scientology,
neither with your money nor with anything else.

Even if perhaps your attitude towards Scientology is basically positive
-- rather turn to one of the many "free scientological groups"...
don't buy courses or treatments in a Scientology Church (Mission, Org),
and never buy books of L. Ron Hubbard!

At long last it might possibly be "pure hunger"
forcing Scientology to reconsider its way...

This again would be nothing special
but just the Karma (inevitable consequence) of all prophetical religions.
You don't have to be a prophet to see this,
you just need to ask yourself once:
Is it really possible for one single self-appointed "salvator"
to successfully force his very personal Karma on all other people...?

Or to ask in the rational-humanistic way:
Is it possible for one single hysterical person
to involve all other people in the consequences of his hystery...?

No way!

The mere attempt is a silly prank.

That way, the ruling emotion with most ex-scienos
for a long long time is:
"Hubbard... this fool -- he disgraced me to the bones
in front of everybody..."

It isn't easy to admit to that embarrasment,
neither to oneself nor to others.
But cheer up!
If I can do it,
you can do it, too.


Freimann Boddhisatva

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