SCIENTOLOGY -- developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 5)
[12 Jun 1996]

Who is the mark?

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 02:20 MESZ
From: (Freimann/Gefecht)
Scientology, the Development of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet

;-) Part 5

Who is the Mark ?
Rational Humanism -- Enemy of Religions ?

Of course, rational humanism is not the enemy of religions
or any other spiritual/philosophical schools.
Quite the reverse, many rational humanists
a religious people in the broader sense.

Rational humanism, however, is the enemy of every "fascistic school",
wether it appears dressed up as racial, national or in a religious robe.
Fascism, despotism, totalirianism
-- all these terms meet that certain attitude of mind
that rational humanism keeps in its sight.
(See also: Counter Clearing (6), "A Short History of Fascism")

As manyfold as rational humanists philosophies
are the goals they're striving for:

*Freedom of speech and information*
especially: the abolition of any kind of "institutionalized" secrets
and restrictions of communication

*End of wars and ethnic hatred*
which includes the end of any national, racial or religious victory mentality.
Logically, if there are 'nt any wars, there can't be any winners.

*Equality in front of the law and within every administration of justice*
Also, this equality mustn't by questioned or even abolished
by institutional or monetary privileges.

*Growing democracy within any political culture*
striving for more participation of the people in decisions.
This automatically reduces the power of "political institutions".
Politics mustn't be superior to man,
it is *no management* but representation of interests.
Politics cannot claim that the "dumb ones" mustn't participate in politics.
In the contrary: people who are defamed as "stupid" or "uneducated"
have their interests, too, and are thus entitled
to represent end realize their interests,
i.e. to take an active part in politics.

*Ridding of mind programs and institutional mind control*
This would only be realized by taking away the power positions
from any institutions that engage in mind control and mind programs,
like for instance churches and cults.
Any somehow competition-distorting policy,
neither by supportive measures and aid nor by tax advantage,
would have to cease.
Furthermore, any churches, cults or other "ideal associations"
would have to submit under the law in force --
exceptions on religious or ideal grounds won't be permitted.
The opportunity to indoctrinate kids and youngsters with such "ideals"
should be drastically restricted, if not abolished.
Instead, there should be sufficient information about mind programs
and their social, economical and political consequences.

Further goals are the fight against hunger and poverty,
illness, discrimination, exploitation and enslavement,
wether by physical or mental violence.

That way, any church or religious community standing up for the same goals,
can be sure to get support and assistance by all rational humanistic forces.
Any churches, religions, cults and "ideal associaltions", however,
representing obviously contrary goals, should not be surprised
to find themselves in rational humanist's shell fire...

Making up "higher" goals
and dramatizing a "religious or spiritual existence" of man,
mustn't lower or even supercede the rational humanistic goal in no way.

In Scientology, for example, we see the fascistic effort
to destroy rational humanistic goals and, behind the mask of a religion,
to realize totalitarian intentions and fantasies of world domination

Scientology's program and ideology
is absolutely contrary to rational humanism:

... freedom of speech and information?
Scientological programs and actions show
that they want both to be drastically restricted.

... end of wars?
Scientological psychology and manipulation
is merely orientated towards the idea of victors and losers.

... equality in front of the law?
Scientological ethics and justice deals with profits and privileges
and includes the abuse of the law for the "suitable" purpose of
ruining both individuals and groups.
Scientological ethics is pure despotic rule and denouncing.

... democracy?
Their worst nightmare,
since Scientology only works within totalitarian hierachic patterns.

... abolition of thought control institutions?
Of course, to adress such a request to scientologists and "clearicals"
would be quite absurd, as their whole existence
is based on setting up and running such institutions.
Scientology itsself is such an institution near
solely dealing with thought control(*) and brainwashing.

Since decades, Scientology as a prophetical/universal religion
with its principle of "salvation by one salvator (here: Hubbard)"
is trying to attack, pervert, defame and destroy
any religions or schools of *individuation*.

Yes, there are religions and movements with fascistic
and totalitarian goals besides Scientology.
But because of its brutality and its violent
and often provable criminal means of expansion,
within our so called civilized-wester-culture
Scientology actually constitutes an exception.

From the goals of rational humanism
you might get an idea of the difference between
the ideals that certain groups perhabs pretend to stand for,
and the reality that they actually live.
In fact, if there is only one
of the rational humanistic goals defamed or fought,
they are already on the way going downhill
to fascistic, despotic and totalitarian thought patterns.

But with that, we have to take into account
that fascism and dictatorship as a "survival program" for individuals and
are an age-old heritage within our cultures,
and thus are embedded in man's meta-programs and systems of values

"Clearing" is the attempt along a wide front,
to solve the globally more and more pressing proplems of survival
by re-activating this age-old heritage.
An attempt which is doomed to failure from its very beginning.

Now that we have several basical informations,
let's take up the challenge of a real and practical task:

How can we reduce "clearing" and "scientologisms"
with regard to both the social context
and individual experiences of suffering?

How can an individual person
escape thought control and mind programming?

How can we lower or remedy damages and suffering
that was caused by thought reform(*)?

Information surely is the most significant factor
with the opposition against any kind of fascism,
especially against those schools of fascism
which are hiding their true nature behind terms like
"world salvation", "religion" or even "mental health".

A person whose mind and emotions
have ever undergone some thorough thought reform torture,
will never again become perfectly sane...
but who is perfectly sane at all?

Or rather: Who could really claim to be "absolutely mentally sane"
and that way a valid standard for all other people?
How sane are peoples' minds, when they claim:
"I serve as a model of rational and mentally sane conduct
for everybody"?

Thought reform means:
any intervention into someone else's mind and emotions,
in order to controll their behaviour by controlling their thinking
-- any kind of mind programming and thought control,
especially if it is done by physical or mental violence.
(for example: Scientology, Trenitology,
Clearing, Spiritualism and Occultism.
And here, to ignore those methods of brainwashing
that were developed in psychology and psychiatry,
to serve the interessts of totalitarians and despotics
would certainly be a be mistake)

Last but not least :
It is not the thoughts of the heretic burning on the stack,
that is reformed...
It is the mind of the people forced to recieve this pictures
of torture that is programmed...


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