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Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 6)
[12 Jun 1996]

On fascism.

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 02:44 MESZ
From: (Freimann/Gefecht)
Scientology - developement of Delusion
Counter-clearing for the Internet

;-) part 6


A definition of the term "fascism"
brings us back to the the system of laws
as it was practised in ancient Roman culture, BC/AD.

The term "fascism" is derived from THE FASCES,
a bundle of birchrods (each of twice as thick as a finger) and an axe.
These were the tools of jurisdiction.
The Roman law-forces used the fasces and the axe
to execute corporal punishment, even maiming and death penalty.
This kind of on-the spot execution however
merely applied to Non-Romans,
wich is why the fasces became a symbol
for the legal supremacy of the privileged Romans,
in contrast to the generell discrimination of the Non-Romans.

In the beginning 20th century
the italian dictator Mussolini, the DUCE,
adopted this symbol of the fasces and the axe,
and made it stand for his absolute claim to power.
This is the source of the term, which today applies
to all despotic/dictatorial systems of rule:

In order to understand fascism,
we need to take a good look
at the ancient Roman imperialistic conception of laws,
and at the Romans' way to see themselves,
in contrast to the way they saw all other men.

This, as any other kind of fascism, is something to do with
an "absolute overrating of self" on religious and mythological grounds.
Around 1500 AD the AYRA, the "noble lords" from Eastern Asia
already brought this idea to India,
where they founded the Brahman society with its system of castes.

Almost every religion has its own special "theory of evolution",
either one of a spiritualistic kind
like the churches's claim to the divine descent of Christ,
or the genetic one on families and blood relationships.
(These are the so called TIME-TRACKS)
Thus we can speak of "religious fascism" and "racial fascism".
Often they both overlap, like in Mosaic Judaism
with its claim to be the chosen race
to serve the one God, who is standing above all gods.

Basically fascism is both a privilege of laws
and a privilege of property and power,
formed and preserved by racial or religious justifications.
Historically this idea was always supported
by the castes of priests who belonged to a race or an empire.
That lead to the point, where secular and spiritual leadership
merged into the central mythological character of the "sovereign ruler".
The castes of priests were just always the ones
who administrated the current mythologies and ideas of superiority.

Fascism as the idea and justification to consider oneself
to be superior and entitled to subjugate the world,
would first of all be carried out by ostracizing others
and discriminating against them.

Roman Right however applied to Romans exclusively...
One was Roman either by birth (racial ground)
or through bestowed nobility (religious ground).

Romans and Non-Romans were strictly treated seperately.
Non-Romans weren't allowed
to appeal to the roman system of laws in case of conflict
- only Romans could.

Due to that and logically
the privilege to abuse the law against Non-Romans came along...
since Non-Romans just had no chance to enforce their rights,
if they were victims of crimes committed by Romans,
they could be betrayed and cheated, robbed and raided, raped and murdered.

Romans could only be sued by Romans
- Roman could sue Non-Romans at any time,
while there was no way for Non-Romans to defend themselves,
for they were denied access to the roman system of laws.

Non-Romans were also denied to own land.
And since landholding in the ancient Roman culture also meant
to own everything on that land - including the people living there -
we here get the image of a totalitarian view of ruling,
again justified by religious/mythological or racial supremacy.

The world and all Non-Romans were property of the Romans,
at least within the borders of the Roman Empire,
which were constantly expanding, war by war.

Of course Non-Romans weren't allowed
to participate in political activity, i.e. in legislation.

All that lead to an absurd administratin of justice.
If a Roman, for example, was caught committing a crime
against a Non-Roman,
they punished the Non-Roman...
Well, the Non-Roman had lead the Roman into sin, didn't he?

For instance if a Non-Roman was robbed by a Roman,
and he protested against that injustice,
he would have been punished -
not because of protesting (robbery simply was a crime),
but because by owning something desirable
he had encouraged the Roman to rob him.

Such "summary judgements" were executed by the roman prosecutors,
simply on the ground of privilege.
For that they used the fasces and the axe.
To keep law and order (roman order of course) was the main thing
for every man and woman within the Roman Empire.

The term "fascism" goes back to such conceptions of justice.
And so we still describe every totalitarian
and despotic execution of power by a sovereign caste as

The basis of every fascism is
the overrating of "own's own kind"
and the disparagement of "all other kinds".
With that it doesn't matter at all
on what cause the privilege is based,
for the overrating of self simply serves as a tool of power
and does only work through the discrimination
and the disparagement (the lack of rights) of others.

You can not even distinguish
between overrating and disparagement,
both just go hand in hand and form one process.
Both are mutually dependent,
if it wasn't for the one thing, the other won't exist.

Fascism belongs to the four ruinous meta-programs ("The Four Ruins"),
it is the first of them, namely "Overrating and Disparagement".

It may be quite confusing to see,
how the contents of various fascistic programms differ
from school to school, from culture to culture.
The manifestations of fascism are varying a lot,
but its nature and structure always remains the same:

Fascism always would...

1. ... split the world up into THOSE WHO BELONG

and THE OTHERS (those who don't)

2. ... establish an independent system of laws,
by which privileges are
granted or denied on the basis of
wether one is an insider or
an outsider.

3. ... use the current instruments of power
in order to push those
privileges through

4. ... increase those instruments of power,
up to murder, war, genocide and
the extermination of entire
in order to fulfil its
compulsive thirst for expansion.

Around 100 AD racial fascism was superceded
by the "universal religious fascism",
which came from the Indian area
via Turkey to Europe and Africa.

Here the christian fascism which conquered Europe developed,
and later the extreme religious fascism of the Islam,
which subjugated Africa and subsequently flew back to India again.

Around the year 1500 the religious fascism reached the New World, America
and destroyed its native culture in an extend, which had been unimaginable
by then.

In the beginning 20th century a spiritual leader
and teacher of fascism, called Adolf Hitler,
gained a considerable power position within the European area.
His dream of a rennaissance of the Arian predominance,
basing on the EDDA (the European book of brahmanism)
shattered in 1945.

At the same time an american science fiction writer
started to create a new fascistic school,
which to the greatest possible extent based on the same cultural values
to which Hitler had refered... Arya-religion or brahmanism,
basically a religion of proliferating magical rituals and demonology.

In his own new school of fascism, this man L. RON HUBBARD
combined old brahman priesthood to the modern cultural value
of "scientific/technological requirements".

He gave his collection of ideas the touch of a universal religion
and called it SCIENTOLOGY.
Hubbard's Scientology basically offers socalled
"spiritual, partly magical or imaginary" solutions
to every possible problem of an individual person,
regarding his/her relation to the world and to other people.

In the end however this fascistic school too
leads to the claim for submission and to the idea,
that anything that won't submit must be destroyed.

Because of its complexity and universality
Scientology gained a previously unique position among fascistic schools.
It was probably the first time in mens' history,
that a fascistic founder plundered each and every spiritual school,
every religion and philosophy that unscrupulous
in order to justify and push through his claim to absolute power.

Scientologists tend to present themselves as
a "threatened minority, exposed to unjustified attacks".
But in silence they pass over the fact, that they are supporting
an absolute claim to leadership and predominance,
which was made up outside all and any principles
of democracy, liberty and equality,
so that inside these principles
people consider it a threat and declaration of war.

And they do that rightly,
for both systems are actually incompatible.
Fascism is totalitarian, dictatorial and despotic.
Free democracy, as it is derived from a humanist view,
can only prosper under the straight rejection
of every fascistic claim.

There is actually such a war of systems going on.
In that defensive war, where liberal minded people have to defend themselves
against the submission under fascistic systems of various kinds,
everybody is ought to know on which side to be.

Drivels or even "war-profiteers"
(like for instance the freezoners or the grey zone)
or any mysticised fringe groups or characters
are actually not in demand here.

We are the ROMRHANI,
the valiant, the BLUE BUDDHAS.
We are going to fight against the psychological rape of men,
against the yoke of fascism
against the predominance of the magical priests.

This is the field, this is the front,
we can discuss given differences after the battle is done.


Freimann Boddhisatva
copyright 1996 by Freimann/Gefecht Art Projects



In discussions on "fascism by religious motives"
occasionally you can hear someone argue:
the motives for fascism were in fact always secular,
religion just was taken as a justification...

Well, what do they want to tell us with this tautology?
(I'm afraid they don't know themselves...)

True is, that fascistic ideas indeed
need some cultural medium or vehicle to be realized and communicated.
And this supporting vehicle has almost always been religion.


A very explicit and noticeable work,
regarding religious fascism,
is still the basic program of christian culture,
the Bible.

Especially in the pentateuch (followed up by "the judges")
the religious mission turns into a kind of doomsday mashinery.
Not only the idea of an empire depriving all other peoples of their rights
is here declared the will of Almighty God,
but in this age-old primitive meta-program,
based on prophecies and rites of sacrifice and martyrs,
also the genocide is manifested as some demand of God.

And God would even punish his own people,
if they won't follow his orders to the holocaust.

As the hierarchy of priests
were forcing fateful and deadly dillemata on the soul of the entire people,
it suffers a sustained pervertion and unsoluble moral conflicts.

For instance, the mosaic law not to kill someone,
is only valid within the religious community.
Outwardly, killing people turns into a mission of God.

The same with sacrifying children: it is a crime, if the others do it.
But if the god-chosen nation falls upon those others,
killing everybody except the virgins (patriachal slave-program)
will be transfigured into "serving God".

Of course, emotions and inner life of men
cannot develope in a natural way within this kind of dillema-culture.
Delusion and psychosis are preprogrammed here
and simply belong to the "(social-)psychological basic endowment", so to say...

And so the domineering caste of priests
can point on one more justification
to control human behaviour,
even within the smallest all-day-matters.
Another brick in the wall.

The outcome is an utterly regimented and fascistic society
with all its cruel and dreadful "normality".

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