SCIENTOLOGY -- developement of Delusion
Counter-Clearing Series for the Internet (Part 7)
[12 Jun 1996]

The belief-system.

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Date: Wed, 12 Jun 96 02:17 MESZ
From: (Freimann/Gefecht)

Scientology - the developement of delusion
counter-clearing for the internet

;-) part 7

The Believe-System

If you are not a scientologist, you might smile or even
laugh out loud while reading the following expositions.
If you are a scientologist and haven't received the "major
orders" yet, you will find out about what your time and money will be spent
for during the next years of your life.
If you have a child, a family member or a friend taken in
by those crooks, you will learn a bit more about the abyss of delusive
fantasies that your beloved one is currently falling down.

Anyway, you should always bear in mind that in Mr Hubbard's
paranoid world, non-believing or doubts are the same as criticism, and be
aware of the fact that criticism is considered to be a crime.
Within Scientology, critics have to expect heavy
punishment, up to abolute ostracism. Critics outside Scientology -- in
accordance with Hubbard's leading orders -- are exposed to harassment,
character assassination and blackmail up to their utter ruin.
And yet if it sounds strange to you: there are more and
more indications that Scientology might even not shrink back from murder,
especially if there are "dangerous" critics who have a lot to tell...

But what do scientologists believe in?
What kind of belief is so "sacred" that even the ruin of peoples' lifes is
not too high a price to pay?

Right from the start, the freshman hubbardtist learns that
his life (and anyone else's life), the world and the universe is not what
it seems to be, but merely the result of his own "postulates".

"Postulate" in the scientological meaning would perhaps
translate best into: "strong wish".
The scientologist learns that he himself created some
postulates a long time ago, but forgot about them subsequently.
Furthermore he is taught that, because of his own kind of
nastiness, he is currently reproducing certain postulates again and again,
thus creating destructive effects.

This is not necessarily a ruinous state of mind so far. But
additionally and at the same time, the scientologist is taught to be the
"only person responsible" for his life and the world around him.
And still it doesn't seem to be an anti-social teaching --
quite the contrary: don't we consider it a real good thing to teach people
how to take responsibility for their own lifes?

Well, it is the chemistry... if you put these two
components together, the result is a dangerous mixture:
"By my unconscious postulates, I caused any evil in the
world myself. And I have to take the responsibility to sort it all out

This idea of one's own guilt and shame is the first deep
pitfall, and they throw you down there with no mercy but absolute

And then it continues...

The "thetan" is Scientology's actual spiritual being. The
Self -- not the soul, not the body, not the conscience but something
completely different -- the TRUE SELF!
(To give an account of the whole mythological nonsense
belonging to this idea, would be beyond this exposition's scope.)

The thetan is a divine being with omnipotential creative
power and unlimited knowledge, able to change a complete and complex
reality into something that meets his wishes in the twinkle of an eye.
The only thing that keeps the thetan from using his
omnipotence are his unconscious postulates and the false doctrines he had
adopted during his previous existence.

Those "false doctrines" are:

1. The belief that one had to own a body in order to
participate in life, and the belief to be mortal.

2. The belief that there were any mutual dependencies, with
respect to other people or the conditions and reqirements of life.

3. The belief that one's own abilities and possibilities
were subject to any limitations.

A thetan creates and destroys worlds on his own will.
Hubbard called this: TOTAL FREEDOM!
And now it is only just about how to help people to get
this Total Freedom, so that they can use it for the remedy of the guilt and
shame mentioned above.
And this is exactly what Hubbard's expensively sold rites
and processes are for.

Actually, this is the central belief of Hubbard's world view:
There is no God as there are no other beings either causally participating
in Creation. There is solely the single scientologist acting as a god in
his very own world and creating everything on his own will...

The rest of Hubbard's teachings -- i.e. the remaining 90 %
-- is basically just about one thing:
How came these IMMORTAL DIVINE BEINGS in fact lost their
abilities and that Total Freedom?

Anyway, even scientologists happen to die occasionally.
Glossing things up, they use to say that "the thetan gives up his body".

With respect to how much the deceased one's personal state
had been improved in Scientology, the thetan is ought to look forward to
an absolutely trouble-free reincarnation...
Yet one can't help to wonder, for what reasons such a
powerful being has to be reborn into a new body at all?

... on giant asteroids in our solar system, there are these
"Implant Stations". After a thetan has "given up his body" here on this
earth, powerful tractor-beams draw him straight into one of these implant
There, his recollection is erased by certain
electromagnetical equipment. After that, several artificial memories are
implanted and, that way prepared, the thetan is shot down to earth and
right into a new body again.

These implant stations had been set up by a malicious
intergalactical race, billions of years ago. They were called "Marcabians",
and their plan was the complete take over of the planet Earth.
Hubbard enlightens us that Christianity, for instance, is
such a marcabian implant, solely meant to prepare the earth for another
marcabian invasion. (According to Hubbard, the real Jesus Christ was "a
homosexual drunkard" with only one intention: to burden other people with
his own problems... -- so far Scientology's answer to Christian ethos and
social conduct).

No need to mention that, in the scientological world view,
all religions and spiritual attitudes are just symptoms of not yet treated
implants anyway... except the one and only true religion, of course:

But how came that man actually got into this unpleasant
Well... the truth is, we all are not from this earth, but were brought
here, around 30 billion years ago.
On some planet far away, called HELOTROBUS (in english
something like: "light for everybody"), we were deep-frozen (!), packed up
in small boxes and sent to earth where we were deposited in volcanos.
Then the volcanos were blasted with nuclear bombs -- as you
can imagine, us thetans got a whole lotta shakin' while the bombs exploded.

Some despotic ruler, XENU (from greek, "the stranger"),
noticed all the muddle and took the chance to show us confused thetans
special movies, for hours and hours, in order to drum some agreement with
the wretched earthly life into us.
That way, all these absurd ideas of mortality, of
compassion, of physical limits and so on were implanted... and we were made
what we are now: degraded beings who have forgotten that they actually are
gods and godesses.

But the biggest problem of every "awakening thetan" are the
billions of thetans who (nobody knows why and how) didn't manage to get
themselves any new body then.
These homeless thetans again and again stick to the body,
in order to dispute the real owner's control over this body and its
expressions of vitality.
One can easily imagine the big trouble that so many
body-users cause for the one real owner: right now, there are billions of
thetans sticking to your body, each of them with plans and intentions that
are quite different from yours!

But: this thetans can be removed, by scientological
processes in fact. The particular "level" in Scientology where this is
done, is called "OT3".
If you get this over and done with, you will be yourself
for the first time since billions of years!

Anyway, until a scientologist reaches this level, the
crooks have already charged him hundreds of thousands of dollars, which he
had paid believing to make his contribution to the salvation of mankind
that way.

Just remember: what you are reading right now is absolutely
top secret, i.e. the scientological freshman who just got into the
mashinery doesn't know at all what lies in store for him.
Through a whole lot of different levels he is led into
these delusive fantasies, step by step. The method used for that purpose is
called "Auditing" and is actualy nothing else but a collection of
brainwashing measures.

Basically, auditing rests on the way the human mind deals
with stimulus and reaction: if we perceive some stimulus, our conscience
will inevitably produce mental images.
Usually, we solve problems and questions by creating mental
images -- we use our imagination to go through the whole thing and look at
it from all sides, in order to decide what to do in reality.

The so-called "Tech" (technology) of Scientology turns this
"natural" way of thinking upside down by asking its experimentees to
"dissolve their mental images".

It is like you were ordered: "Do not think of a flower!"
Each time you hear this order, you will automatically think of flower
first. And then you really need some mental effort to dissolve this mental
image again.

So you first have to create a mental image in order to
destroy it, don't you.

And this is exactly the way auditing works. What
scientologist proudly call "technology" is nothing else but a way to
control their victims' minds.
Step by step, in this tremendous puzzle (one cannot completely deny
Hubbard's creative performance), one's experiences and perceptions of
reality are replaced with Hubbard's delusive cosmos.

Of course, at any stage on their way to "Total Freedom",
scientologist might get a slight touch of a critical thought, perhaps there
are questions or even doubts occuring...

Hubbard, however, had found a sure-fire method against such
sceptics: the "Suppressive Person" (abbr.: SP)!
These are beings with only one thing on their minds: to
destroy the individual and the whole world.
And since scientologists have learned that Hubbard's
teachings are the only hope for the world's salvation, it is quite obvious
to them that any critic or sceptic must be such a criminal, an SP.

This SP-thing, how screwed-up and paranoid it apparently
is, is the reason for Scientology's ruthless expansionism.
If you once swallowed the idea that Scientology is able to
solve any problems of mankind, anyone denying this cognition is an enemy
who must be fought by all means... because he is an enemy of mankind

And this devil in disguise can only be made out and
destroyed by using the scientological Tech. Therefore, the Tech must become
EVERYBODY's belief, whatever the cost...
So you see, the brutal harassment of critics and sceptics
is solely a mission for the benefit of the whole mankind.

The SP quite bears comparison to the idea of the Satan
during the middle age period of Christian religion.
It is also the reason why the scientological Tech doesn't
work if applied to such an absolute evil and vicious being.
With SPs the Tech never works... no way!

For the convicted scientologist, this also opens up an
excellent opportunity to explain why so many people get out of Scientology
again that soon, or actually don't get in at all:
No doubt, either these people are Suppressive Persons
themselves, or at least some SP exerts his bad influence on them.

There is almost no escape from this vicious circle:

1. People join Scientology, because of their honest and
often deep striving for improvement of their personal situation and social
(There aren't really many people who don't want to improve
the living conditions for themselves and their friends)

2. Hubbard took what he thought would meet his personal
interests from all areas of spiritual life -- from psychology, philosophy,
sociology, ecology and what else -- and for Scientology beginners, a lot of
this stuff doubtlessly bears some life improvement.

3. This observable improvements and possible solutions
again and again serve as evidence for Scientology's irrefutable
workability, and make beginners quite enthusiastic.

4. That way, they soon consider Scientology to be the
salvation of mankind.

5. Anyway, after a while the scientologist happens to
notice that there is something going wrong, and that the whole system
proves faulty...

6. If this occurs, he will learn about the reason why his
belief begins to waver:
it is either because he himself hasn't undergone enough
scientological Tech, or some hidden SP exerts his influence on him
(if not to assume the worst: that he himself is a
Suppressive Person).

In either case, the remedy is:

To Conclude:
If you reconsider what you have read so far, you might
easily see how much a scientologist's conduct resembles the conduct of a
drug addict.
In handling whatever kind of addiction, solely taking
actions against the dealers won't suffice, because that is just a part of
the protection. You have to care for the addict, too, and help him to find
a way back into our society.
Like any addict, the retiring scientologist too suffers
withdrawal symptoms, both physical and mental, as soon as the "addicitve
drug" isn't available any more.

The suicide statistics among ex-scientologists is extremely
high. The way back into a life in dignity as an active and vivid part of
the social environment is inconceivable hard to go.

A scientology-escapee suffers a lack of any "ordinary
relation to reality" -- he can't help arranging and organizing the world
around and everything that he perceives in accordance to Hubbard's system
of values, again and again.
And willing or not -- it might well happen, that he
suddenly panics for he finds himself surrounded by marcabians...
( see, according to L. Ron Hubbard, in fact you know
for sure one is a marcabian, if you see him wearing black horn-rimmed

It isn't surprising that during the last years, certain
groups of ex-scientologist were permanently growing. They call themselves
Free Zone, Free Field or many other names, but they all have one thing in
common: in these groups, the individual once again becomes a "nucleus" of
scientological efforts, even though this time outside the organization.
And more than often, the main reason why ex-scientologists
join the familiar spheres of "Tech" and "Thetans" again is: it is the only
remaining opportunity to earn their living.

Now you have an idea of the things that are in store for
you, as a scientologist or as a (prospective) scientologist's friend,
partner or relative.
And like every busyness enterprise, scientology's
leadership has only one intention: MAKE MONEY, MAKE MORE MONEY, MAKE MORE
Because Scientology is a cult, not a religion, and it is a busyness
enterprise of the esoteric/psychological kind... nothing else and nothing

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