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Gerry Armstrong

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  1. GERRY ARMSTRONG - A reply [15 Apr 1997]
    This article was posted by Kim Baker on the behalf of Gerry Armstrong.
  2. Is there not a cause? [26 Jun 1997]
    Correspondence resulting from Co$' sending of DA material on Gerry Armstrong to the Watchman Fellowship.
  3. Re: Is there not a cause? [29 Jun 1997]
    Scientology makes people stupid.
  4. The End of Endless Denials of Scientology Brainwashing [08 Jul 1997]
    Hubbard claimed that Scientology could brainwash in 20 seconds.
  5. Cult's Scarff Bag Is Empty [13 Jul 1997]
    One of the successes of Scientology is in engineering betrayals.
  6. Re: Scientology raises IQ? [13 Jul 1997]
    Scientology alters IQ by making people more stupid.
  7. Re: Scientology Explained [22 Jul 1997]
    The person's "entirely confidential confessions" can be, will be and are used againt that person to his detriment.
  8. Re: Gerry Armstrong [24 Jul 1997]
    Reply to Keith Wyatt: "Why do you feel you have been unfairly and unjustly treated?"
  9. Re: CofS worldwide income crashed in Aug 95 [24 Jul 1997]
  10. Appellant's Opening Brief [27 Aug 1997]
  11. Appellant's Opening Brief (Pt 2) [27 Aug 1997]
  12. Tilman's Question Re 1982 PI Harassment of G Armstrong [02 Sep 1997]
    Scientology had PIs stake out our home, follow us and generally terrify us around the clock for about a month period in 1982, until a LA Superior Court judge let them know they better knock it off.
  13. Re: Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY) [25 Sep 1997]
    I was in the RPF twice, first for 17 months in Clearwater, then for 8 months at La Quinta and Gilman, both times assigned on the personal order of Hubbard.

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