Re: Scientology raises IQ?
[13 Jul 1997]

Scientology alters IQ by making people more stupid.

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From: (gerry armstrong)
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Subject: Re: Scientology raises IQ?
Date: Sun, 13 Jul 1997 16:07:58 GMT
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On 13 Jul 1997 09:33:22 +0200, nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous) wrote:

>I drove past a billboard in Hollywood advertising "Scientology: A New Slant
>on Life."
>The ad stated baldly that Scientology routinely altered IQ. The clear
>implication was that the changes are consistently in the plus direction.
>This seems like a simple enough thing to demonstrate. Does Scientology
>offer evidence for this claim?
>If so, where can I find it?

If the billboard actually stated that "Scientology routinely altered
IQ," then it is quite accurate. Scientology alters IQ by making
people more stupid.

It does not, however, *raise* IQ. Hubbard asserted that auditing, his
brand of psychotherapy, raised IQ a point per hour. He claimed this
was demonstrably true scientific fact.

There are plenty of scientologists around who have had over a thousand
hours of auditing. They are all in the normal IQ range, except a bit
stupider than when they started in the cult.

In part this is due to the atrophying of the thinking processes, since
real thinking is not allowed in the cult; in part because scientology
implants all sorts of wrong answers to all sorts of questions; in part
because of the psycho pressures associated with being in the cult and
subject to its stupid orders and threats; and in part because so much
of the normally available capacity for intelligent thought is consumed
by devoting it to justifying the stupidity in being in the cult, and
arguing that becoming stupider is really being smarter.

It should be noted that the raising of IQ is a secular representation,
not a "religious" promise. It is part of the secular fraud of the
cult, and should be actionable legally, although IANAL.

The fact that scientology makes people more stupid is in part why it
should be opposed in every country and every context. In that the US
has apparently embraced it as its state "religion," it is expected
that the national intelligence will decline; which is really stupid.
Allowing it to infiltrate the education system and make children
stupid is also unwise.

Hubbard wrote, in the days when he was developing his psychotherapy,
"All men are my slaves." He also stated that he had the right to "use
men's minds" as he wished. He never repudiated these assertions, his
organization doesn't repudiate these assertions, and both he and his
organization acted and act as if these assertions are true and their
modus operandi. Isn't it stupid to believe and follow and give one's
mind and soul to a cult leader and his cult who seek your enslavement?