Re: Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY)
[25 Sep 1997]

I was in the RPF twice, first for 17 months in Clearwater, then for 8 months at La Quinta and Gilman, both times assigned on the personal order of Hubbard.

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From: (gerry armstrong)
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Subject: Re: Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY)
Date: Thu, 25 Sep 1997 06:42:42 GMT
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On 24 Sep 1997 21:45:15 GMT, (Robert Vaughn Young)

>As to the RPF's RPF, there is one and I was assigned to it. It is where
>one goes when one first goes to the RPF. Let me tell you about it, using
>their definitions.

I was in the RPF twice, first for 17 months in Clearwater, then for 8
months at La Quinta and Gilman, both times assigned on the personal
order of Hubbard. The first time was for "insubordination" for
"attacking the GO," the second for "joking" about Hubbard's movies.
During most of my first "assignment" I was the "Bosun," the assignee
in charge of the RPF. During my second "assignment" I was the RPF MAA,
second in command under the Bosun, responsible for RPF "ethics."

During those periods, most people were not initially assigned to the
RPF's RPF. A person could be, if Hubbard or DM was being particularly
cruel to the person. Someone could also be sent to the RPF's RPF, as
Vaughn says, if he took his RPF assignment too lightly. That, by the
way, is the truth to be returned to the Scientology apologists/OSA
spokespeople who claim that RPF assignment was a sort of privilege for
spiritual reasons. It was PUNISHMENT. Anyone who believed and acted as
if the RPF were a privilege for spiritual purposes got the RPF's RPF.

It was generally while in the RPF that assignments were made to the
RPF's RPF. This could be for any infraction. There was always a great
deal of pressure on the RPF execs (Bosun and MAA) from the CMO and
Hubbard missions to be ruthless and uncaring with the other RPF
members. If the Bosun didn't assign an "out-ethics" RPF member to the
RPF's RPF the Bosun could find himself stripped of his post and
himself assigned to the RPF's RPF. I was once stripped of the post and
assigned an extra month in the RPF for "allowing slack discipline."
The assignment of extra time in the RPF should lay to rest the idea
that the RPF was anything but PUNISHMENT.

I have seen people picked up bodily by four big men and taken to the
RPF kicking, struggling and screaming in protest. That is not
"voluntary" as Scientology's spokespeople claim. I have seen many
people held and guarded. All mail out of the RPF was read by the MAA,
and any mail in could be. Telephone calls to family were by permission
and were monitored.

The RPF is something Germany and every government should look at
because the citizens of every country are being assigned to these
US-based gulags in violation of basic human rights. People assigned
are not free to leave but are held, guarded, and must sign lists of
their "crimes" culled from their pc folders before they are routed
out. Until, among other reforms Scientology must make, the
organization abolishes its RPFs, freedom of religion in the US is a
lie. The US has created a freedom for unholy corporations to persecute
individuals for "religious" reasons. The US has allowed its
Constitutional guarantee of religious freedom to be perverted by
money-motivated corporate lawyers.

Everything else Vaughn has stated is completely accurate. The RPF is
degrading, dangerous, debilitating and the sick product of a deluded

> Are you reading this Chick Corea and John Travolta when you
>complain about how Scientologists are treated?]
When Corea and Travolta, Cruise and any other spokesman for
Scientology promotes this organization they are sending someone to an
RPF gulag.

>And also pass it on to those who say there is no form of "cult mind
>control" that goes on in Scientology. Better yet, let THEM do the RPF's
>RPF and keep them there until they change THEIR minds "of their own
>self-determinism" and let's see what they say.
The RPF, the RPF's RPF and all of their bizarre punishments were
intended to break the spirit of anyone Hubbard or his cultish capos
felt needed breaking. People could be assigned for nothing more than a
needle movement on the organization's "religious artifact." People
could be assigned for a "low OCA," the "personality test" with which
the cult recruits raw meat. People could not get out of the RPF until
they had become so compliant that they thanked their punishers for the
punishment, and wrote a success story (to be used against them in the
future if they ever realized they had been abused and sought redress
for that abuse).

It is a tribute to the human spirit that such a diabolical enterprise
is so ineffective. Many people are speaking out against these abuses,
and they will be stopped.

>Robert Vaughn Young

Gerry Armstrong