Joe's Bogus Adventure
[25 Jun 1996]

Debut post: Joe Muldoon's Scientology "adventure".

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Subject: Joe's Bogus Adventure
Date: Tue, 25 Jun 1996 22:27:34 -0500
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Welcome to the wonderful world of Scientology. Everybody is your best
friend on the Bridge to Total Freedom....
I joined Scientology a few weeks after buying 'Diantics - The Modern
Science of Mental Health (DMSMH)'. I had a job destined for loserville
and my social life had begun to crumble around me. The CO$ of Illinios
was a block away from my apartment and everytime I walked by I peered in
the windows curiously. Young, bright looking people dashed speedily
around the colorful room stopping only to smile and gaze into each
others eyes. There was an aura of superiority and confidence
in that building that I felt eager to be a part of. As I read Dianetics
I started to bond with LRH's style and presence. "This is an adventure -
treat it as one" it read in the preface. It was and I did.

I wanted so much for Dianetics to help me. Previously homeless and
desperate for meaning in my life I leaned forward into the worst
experience of my life. My first Dianetics auditing session was amazing.
I pinned my wild temper on an abusive moment that never occured and
cried for 30 minutes. When the session finished I shook for 5-6 hours. I
was whisked from the Dianetic center to the Church a few doors down. I
was immediately cohersed into taking a specialized personality test.
When finished a Dianetic Clear read the results to me off a script from
the Co$ computer. She told me I was sad, lonely, and depressed. I agreed
because it was true. After each paragraph she unemotionally expressed
that "Scientology could help me ". I wanted Scientology to help me
and after she finished reading my test result script she asked me to
enroll in a Scientology course entitled 'The Up's and Down's in Life'. I
dove into the course and started my journey up the Bridge to Total
To make a long story short, I lost everything in Co$. I became a staff
member and went in the trenches of Hubbards laws without the hip boots
needed. I studied loads of LRH 'policy' and became the 'Director of the
Hubbard Dianetics Foundation'. My position called on me to feed fresh
meat from the free Dianetics seminars into the Church. I stood on
corners throughout the ChicagoLand area passing out millions of pieces
of propaganda. I walked the various festivals and street fairs passing
this crap out - laughed at and ridiculed - completely fooled into
believing Scientology was the cure for all of society's ills. I begged
friends and family to join the church until I nearly lost both.

During this period I received more Scientology processing and training.
That was entertaining! Pastlives and all... What I loved (or hated) most
was security checking (Co$ confessional). I once had to write out every
bad thing I ever did (overts) and list who I withheld (withholds) them
from. That took awhile (_understatement_), and when I finished I got it
all checked out on the E-Meter. I was asked over and over 'Is there an
incident similar to the one we are auditing?' and I'd go father into my
past spilling my guts to this stranger who scribbled it all down.

Anyways, I'd really like to know that there are others out there that
can let me know that I'm not crazy and that I did fall into the arms of
a terrible CULT (there, after a year of explainig to every john, dick,
and susan WHY Scientology was not a CULT I feel real good about saying
it now!!!). CULT, CULT, CULT. I just want to run through Chicago
screaming it and apologizing to everyone I tried to make believe
otherwise. I now lead a great life WITHOUT SCN. I want NO response from
Scientologist's regarding MISUNDERSTOODS - FUCK OFF!!! That felt good.

For all you Scientologists out there -GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL HAVE YOUR
SANITY (and your wallet)! You may not realize now or even ten years from
now- but you are a part of the most ruthless, deceiving, organization in
the UNIVERSE. The only thing Scientologists can bring to this Planet is
CHAOS (rant, rant -- I _deserved_ the floor for a minute).

Reply any Ex-brainwashed Scientologists and share your 'Adventure'.

Now I'm exterior.

ps. I do realize that everything I experienced in my life, including my
stint in Scientology, was brought on by ME. I know that I am to blame
for allowing myself to get involved in Scn. My actions were a direct
response to situations in my life and now I'm trying to rebuild and get
on track. I hope discussing Scientology with a few obviously intelligent
members of alt.religion.scientology will help me 'confront' the
situation and put it well behind me. I look forward to all replies
(nasty or nice!)...

[ Joe Muldoon <Vic20> ]
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