Why did you leave Scientology?
[26 Jun 1996]

How Joe Muldoon left Scientology.

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Subject: Re: Why did you leave Scientology?
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John Stone wrote:
> I know there are many former members of Scientology in this
> newsgroup and I was wondering why people left the group.
> I am not now or have ever been a member of Scientology. I want
> to see if there is a pattern for why people left, you can send
> me an e-mail response if you wish or just post it here. You
> don't have to be real detailed if you don't want to, just a few
> paragraphs or so will be ok. No, I am not researching for an
> article or anything like that I'm just doing this for my own
> curiosity.

I starting losing all my possesions (car, apartment, friends, family)
because I received an average of $50.00 to work 50-60 hours per week.
When I conveyed that this was starting to cause a personal problem to
the other Scientologists I started getting frowned upon. I should have
got another job, but my entire mind was washed with that crap and I
continually felt compelled to stay.
One week I had missed some days looking for work and the Ethics Officer
at the Co$ put me in a low Ethics Condition called 'confusion'. It so
happened that on this particular week the Church had racked in a large
of money and we all expected to make a good wage. But, by being
in the 'Confusion' Ethics Condition, I received a check for $12 dollars.
I looked around the Church, as people that were once my friends walked
by never making eye contact (with dirty looks on their faces, and
decided I had had enough of it. I walked out the doors without looking
Scientology is a ruthless organization and they changed from loving
family to vicious enemies in less then a week. FUCK - THEM. They did me
a HUGE favor. Thank you, swines....
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