Incident #950600 on Time Track
[29 Jun 1996]

Leaving the Co$ is harder than it looks.

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Subject: Incident #950600 on Time Track
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 1996 14:35:06 -0500
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I tried to leave the Church numerous times before actually doing so. I
would sit in the HCO's office as he spoon-fed me policies out of various
PTS/SP course works. He informed me that all my sickness was caused by
a Suppressive person I was connected to (PTS). I told him the reason I
was sick was because I was broke, hungry, and sick of working 12 hour
days. "No, you have to Word Clear that policy."

It's funny how if I didn't agree with some policy in the cult's
literature I must have Misunderstood a word. All was true -- even if it
went against my personal thoughts and ideas. That's what was so strange
about Scientology - the strict adherence to morally objectable
standards. It was if you had to leave you beliefs on the doorstep before
entering the Church. Beliefs, Ideas, Free Thought, and Common Sense are
not defined the Technical Dictionary.

Anyway, on a few occasions I walked out of the Church in a rage -- ready
to leave the madhouse for good -- only to be chased by a veteran
Scientologist. Somehow, they always had an explanation for every emotion
I ever had. If I said I wanted to leave it was because I was connected
to a person who wanted me to leave. I was connected to a lot of people
who saw a good person changing into a walking LRH tape player. Everybody
I knew told me that I was changing. Changing into a different person. A
person wrapped up in Scientology so much that I defended it over family
and friends.

Lesson learned:
The meaning of life is simplicity. Walls of books and policies will not
give you the so-called 'Key to Life.' No matter how often you
demonstrate it in clay, Scientology cannot answer the questions you need
answered. Only you can find the Meaning you deserve.

If your are constantly searching - you have not found what your are 
looking for.
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