Why I joined the Cult of Scientology
[27 Jul 1996]

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Subject: Why I joined the Cult of Scientology
Date: Sat, 27 Jul 1996 22:53:02 -0500
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People I know often ask me "Why did you join the Church of Scientology?"
I speak of my disgust in the cult often and how it's basic principles
and practices are corrupt in nature, but people just sigh and ask "If
you hate it so much, why did you join?" It's a tough question to answer!

Dianetics was where it began for me. I bought the book at a local
bookstore in Chicago after seeing an infomercial late the night before.
Sitting in the parking lot, I read a quater of book, mesmerized. I
brought the book everywhere. At work I started reading it on breaks and
lunch. I started informing my coworkers of the miracle of Dianetics and
L. Ron Hubbard. It was my bible.

Halfway through the book I stepped into the world of the totally free.
The Church of Scientology in Chicago was a block from the YMCA where I
was living. Walking by several times before actually entering the
building, I noticed that everyone inside looked happy and positive.
Finally I decided to enter the building.

I had the Dianetics paperback in my hand and asked the receptionist if I
could get some more information on the subject. She asked me if I had
read it and, if so, had I used a dictionary. I told her that I did not
need a dictionary, because the book was easy to understand. She gave me
a strange look and seated me on a large white leather sofa in the public
area. There were so many books and tapes and pictures of L. Ron Hubbard
that I felt overwhelmed. Everyone who passed by said 'Hello' and smiled.
A beautiful women sat next to me and asked my name. We talked about
Dianetics and how it had changed her life. I had not had a conversation
with a pretty women in a long time. She shook my hand and said that she
hoped to see me again. I did not leave for nearly a year.

This is how they got me. A peaceful, family like, environment where
everyone was my friend. Promises of freedom from all that ever held me
back from achieving my dreams. A promise of truth with a money-back

Why did you join?
Why did you lose all your money?
Why did you disconnect from family and friends?
Why did you feel compelled to stay, even though you were having doubts?
Why did you let Scientology tear apart your life?
Why did you let Scientology rape your mind?
Why did you let Scientology control your emotions?
Why did you believe?

<Puts head down in silent sorrow>

I may never be able to answer these questions....but I will keep

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