Purification Rundown
[28 Jul 1996]

Going through the Purif.

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Subject: Purification Rundown
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While on staff at the Cult of Scientology in Chicago, IL. I completed
the 'Purification Rundown'. The 'Purif,' as it is known in the Church,
is a specific set of steps taken to supposedly rid the body of drugs and
toxins. I was told by many staff members that I would have BIG wins
(successes) on the Purif. Oh boy, was I exited!

I was sent to a Scientologist doctor for the required physical. For 75
dollars he had me cough a couple times, stick my tongue out, and I was
done. "Good luck on your Purif, you'll love it!" he said as I left his
small office. I was exited.

Another requirement to doing the Purif was a security check on an
e-meter. I forget the actual content of the questions -- but I remember
feeling uneasy at the time. Some of the questions were really off the
wall and the person giving me the check reminded me of a Nazi
interrogator. After that I signed some sort of release form. Sorry I
cannot be more specific, but during my term on staff my head was always
in sort of a purple haze.

Finally, I was permitted to begin my Purif. It was decided by the
administrator that I do the full eight hour cycle, because I mistakenly
admitted to occasional pot smoking during my adolescence. The
Purif-In-Charge was a nice lady with whom I had numerous conversations
with about the brilliance of LRH and his Tech. She gave me three books
to read and word clear before I would proceed -- All About Radiation,
Clear Body - Clear Mind, and the illustrated guide to the Purification
Rundown (all written by L. Ron Hubbard, of course)! In these books LRH
claimed to had found the secrets of drug rehabilitation, radiation,
toxins, etc. He was quite a genius!

When I finished these publications I began my Purif. I was given an
unusually high dosage of Niacin and told to jog for 25-30 minutes. Don't
get me wrong, I wanted to be on-source, on-tech, or whatever...but I was
out of shape and never jogged for that long in my life! I jogged for
about 5 minutes and walked for the rest of the time. The first day I
tried to return early, begging the Purif I/C to let me stop, but she
only read a quote from the Clear Body, Clear Mind book and sent me back
out. When I finally returned I felt ready to pass out. My skin was
bright red and itched terribly from the Niacin and I felt ready to
vomit. After a brief rest the I/C had me enter the sauna. This was where
the real progress was made. Where I would burn out all the drugs and
toxins in my body. According to LRH I was to expect various drug
reactions in the sauna -- including flashbacks, restimulation, nausea,

I had never been in a sauna in my life, and it SUCKED! I had numerous
so-called flashbacks and restimulations. I remember getting very pissed
off at the Foundation (Scieno night shift) Purif I/C because he would
not let me smoke while he was there. He kept hassling me and nagging me
until I finally exploded at him. He came into the sauna to nag some more
and I threw my 32 ounce water mug at him. "Get out, you fuck! Why are
you in here fucking with me?!?" I let him know that I was very
restimulated and he had pushed a very dangerous button. I swore I was
going to kill this guy. The next day we made up, blaming the entire
situation on a reactive drug restimulation.

Halfway through the Purif I found myself very broke and very hungry.
Since joining staff I had slowly spent my savings on survival, since the
pay was very low. I remember getting envelopes with as little as $15 for
a weeks worth of work (80 hours was typical). The Purif I/C's were often
helpful, lending me money while I was on the program, but most of the
time I just went hungry, forcing myself to continue. The days were long
and HOT!

Shortly before I finished my Purif a tall, stringy lady joined in on the
fun. She had been hard sold the Purif a few days before and I wondered
how she was able to start so quickly. This lady was a BITCH! She
complained about everything. She vented all her frustrations on me while
we were in the sauna together. She complained about the thousand dollar
price tag and everything else regarding the Purification Rundown and
Scientology in general. She was terribly ugly and wore the tiniest
bikinis to prove it! Needless to say I got violently ill many times
during my last few weeks on the program.

After my eight hour days in the sauna, I worked the Foundation shift in
the church. My superior was continually pissed because, during this
time, my stats were very low. Gee, I wonder why? I wasn't eating, I was
in a sauna for eight hours, and then I was expected to be a productive
staff member. I never got enough sleep and generally worked 14 hours a
day for Scientology. But that wasn't enough for these people.

Anyway, I had my End Phenomena just in time to help out at a book fair
for some FLAG assholes from Clearwater. At the time I really believed
that I felt great and that I needed to end my Purif fearing an overrun.
You see, there was no set duration for the Purif -- you were done when
you felt that you had completed. I remember feeling sorry for the lady I
left behind, because she spent three months waiting for her 'end

I feel that the Purification Rundown I received was a complete waste of
my life. Looking back I realize all the reactions I had were not drugs
restimulations or flashbacks. It was a combination of my life crumbling
around me as I sat in a sauna, malnutrition, and a bizarre overdose of

One neat event did take place. With the Niacin flushing my skin bright
red, a white peace sign emerged on my back! It was very amusing, and the
Purif I/C told me that it was some old sunburn burning out.

Stay tuned for more adventures....

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