Dreaming of OT
[30 Jul 1996]

OTs have no power over the universe.

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Subject: Dreaming of OT
Date: Tue, 30 Jul 1996 22:11:09 -0500
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One of my favorite things to do in the cult was dream of the OT levels.
My good friend (until I was possibly declared) and I would spend
countless hours discussing the OT possibilities. Since they were such a
secret in COS we could only imagine the abilities and powers we would
gain. We couldn't read the materials, of course, because Hubbard claimed
them to be life threatening to pre-clears auditing on the lower levels.
And the OTs themselves wouldn't dare speak of their secretive powers for
some reason.

Would we be able to leave our bodies and travel anywhere in the
universe? Could we read minds, walk through walls or levitate to the
sky? Of course, I'd never seen an OT do any of these things, but
anything is possible on the OT levels, right?

In fact I really didn't see any vast improvement in human behavior from
the OTs in our org. If they were cause over MEST shouldn't they be able
to do ANYTHING? If they had nearsighted vision and wore thick glasses,
shouldn't they be able to correct it? Why didn't the OTs just postulate
the org to Old Saint Hill size?

Every month or so all the OTs from the Chicagoland area came to the
church for meetings. This was always my chance to test the OT powers. I
was always afraid that they could read my mind, so I controlled my
reactivity while in their presence. They talked about wild ambitions
like clearing the planet and handling the SPs in the universe. They
talked, and smoked, and drank coffee, and just plain sat around like
kings of the free world, their noses high in the air. They were special
in our world and they knew it. Rarely would they speak to you, and when
they did you braced yourself for pure OT brilliance -- yet they would
usually just pout about some travesty or another.

There was nothing fantastic about the OTs I met. They couldn't read my
mind, I was sure, because after a while I would think crazy thoughts to
try to get their attention and they never flinched. They didn't move
objects with projector beams, let alone keep their own MEST in order. I
remember having to move a mission across town. There were 3-4 OTs
standing around, giggly about the new mission, while the rest of us (on
lower levels) moved all the furniture and books and stuff. I remember
thinking "If they're at cause over MEST, while don't they postulate this
damn furniture into the mission!" What was so special about these people


L. Ron Hubbard had succeeded in completely brainwashing these people
into thinking that they are superior. Unfortunately, this superiority
only exists in their own minds. Rarely could I arouse a decent
conversation about anything accept Scientology from these OTs.

OTs have no powers over the universe.

They may have powers over the LRH created universe. Powers over Body
Thetans and implant stations. But they have no power over anything that
matters in this world.

LRH has created the perfect business -- selling freedom to the masses --
and for this I applaud him!

Stay tuned for more adventures...


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