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Fun with a camera at the Chicago org.

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Date: Sat, 10 Aug 1996 12:10:17 -0500
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I was on my way to meeting with a friend yesterday when I remembered I
had my camera with me. Since we were close to the CO$ in Chicago I asked
him to be my getaway driver after I snapped some pictures. He laughed
and told me nothing would happen if I snapped some pictures. "Just be
ready," I informed him.

First, I noticed that the church had closed one of its buildings! It
used to be the Dianetics center, but yesterday it had a big for sale in
the window. Snap. I walked toward the church cautiously. Before I was I
could be seen from the windows I snapped some side shots of the
building. They had finally redone the windows into a Dianetics scheme on
one side and a space age Scientology display on the other. Snap.

I stepped in front of the building. Snap. I took about 4-5 pics of the
building before the clams oozed from the inner depths of the cult. First
up was the clear who had brought me into the church almost a year ago.
She looked very enturbulated to see me there. "Joe! Come inside," she
said, as if she was either allergic to the sun or scared that someone
would see me. "What, are you crazy," I said with a smile, "I'm not going
in THERE!"

All this time I was still snapping pictures.

"What are you doing, Joe?" she asked cautiously. Snap. Snap. I noticed
another clam slither out of the building with a camera!

"I'm taking pictures for my web page," I replied still snapping.

"What's a web page," the mighty clear asked. I had to laugh before
replying "You know, the Internet?"

Oh, yeah -- THAT," she said coyly.

The clear walked closer to me and said, "This isn't going to be
something bad like 'Scientology ruined my life', is it?"

"Of course it is," I said humorously.

From the building emerged a mountain of a women whom I knew was the
Director of Special Affairs. Snap. While I was on staff she was always
the one to chase away reporters and thrill seekers. I knew that someone
had to run all the way to the basement of the building (dungeon) to
awaken this beast.

"What are you doing?" she asked.

The clear responded, "He taking a pictures for his web page!"

Snap. Snap. The clear slid back into the building.

The D/SA drew closer and said strongly "You know that this is a
two-party state, don't you?"

I scratched my head. Snap. Snap.

"You can't use those pictures without the church's permission," she
responded angrily.

Snap. "I won't use them," I said because her wide body had started to
get in the way off my pictures (sort of like blocking the lens with your

The clear returned with her own camera. Now there was two clams taking
pictures of me. I posed with a bright smile for them. Say CLAMS. Snap.

They were pissed as they retreated back into the building. I ran around
to the back of the building to take some pictures of the Purification
Rundown area.

Mission accomplished. I ran back to my buddy's Mercedes and hopped in
excited. He said "Who were all those people? I thought I was going to be
fighting some Scientologists today!"

As we drove by, I flashed a peace sign out of the sunroof.

This is only the beginning, my friends, I thought, as we drove down
Lincoln Avenue towards our final destination.

The pics are developing and as soon as I get to a scanner at work they
will be posted on my web page.


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