New Religion
[15 Sept 1996]

Joe's farewell to A.R.S.

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From: Joe Muldoon
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: New Religion
Date: Sun, 15 Sep 1996 02:29:16 -0500
Organization: The Garage
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Good People of ARS,

I've joined a new religion. It's called life. While in Scientology I had
little opportunity to discover the beauty of the world. Instead I sat in
small rooms, sweaty palms clenched to tin cans, hoping to make my
existence more worthwhile. If only I knew then what I know now!

Look around you everyday. On the bus or train, at a park, in the zoo,
out your windows, down your block. Watch the people. Witness the
hive-like behavior of our society. Millions of people doing millions of
things. Your just a very small (but equally important) piece of a
gigantic puzzle. Scientology tries to help us solve these puzzles, but,
fortunately, they are not needed. They put your focus on everything that
is wrong in this universe. They tell you that the world is in dire need
of savior, that they have the Keys to Life. Ah, you say, if Scientology
has the keys to a better life, I must be a part of it. You sit in stuffy
classrooms with clay in your hands, molding an idea, as the world around
you drifts further away.

Your family may think that you have gone insane. They see that you are
spending all your free time in the org or mission. They witness the rest
of your life -- your hobbies, dreams, desires, etc., -- fall to the
curb. Scientology, you say, does wonders for me. You quote L. Ron
Hubbard constantly, and may even try to solve everyone’s problems with
the newfound tech.

Your family wasn't stupid or PTS or suppressive. They were REALISTIC.
Scientology is not REALITY. Not even close. They preach fantasy to
people who need something to hope for.

Anyway, I'm NOT writing a book at this point in my life. The last thing
I want to do is sit here dragging up memories of an otherwise
forgettable experience. I want to walk lake Michigan and talk to the
beautiful people. I want to play blues guitar for the yuppies on Belmont
ave. I want to laugh at least once a day.

I don't want to picket Scientology or write my local politician. I don't
want to get near the church on Lincoln avenue. I don't want to meet
other critics again (I met Ned Kelly the Navy guy). I have nothing
against what the critics here are doing, but I have HUGE plans for MY
life. ARS or Scientology in general is not part of my plans. I love to
learn new things. I have only learned that a bunch of people have had
unfortunate experiences similar to mine in Scientology. I'm sorry for

Peace in your continuing adventures in life. Never forget the beauty in
everything. Scientology is nothing. They are off -- right now -- trying
to better their lives, as are millions of other groups and churches.
There are far bigger battles to fight! Racism, poverty, starvation,
pollution, crime, drugs, war, education, etc.

Goodbye ARS................ :-)