Re: Do they know it's a scam ?
[25 May 1997]

Do members know that Scientology is a scam?

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Subject: Re: Do they know it's a scam ?
Date: Sun, 25 May 1997 00:52:46 GMT
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On Sat, 24 May 1997 09:42:38 +0100, Roland
<> wrote:

>Do people in the Co$ know it's a scam? It's something that has been
>puzzling me for a long time. Especially on the tech side. i got the
>impression that they knew it was a scam talking to one Tricia Perry at
>St Hill UK and the way they were handling my case. On the other hand
>they must get the occasional totally genuine exteriorisation like when
>they did with me.

I do believe that a lot of people in the C of S know that Scientology
is is a scam. However, when a person allows themselves to be
indoctrinated into a belief system which shuts the door on the outside
world, it is hard to realize that there is a real world in existence
outside of what you are stuck in. The hype and group hysteria that is
manipulated and strengthened all of the time in the Sea Org in
particular is pretty pervasive.

Even when a person has doubts while inside, they usually have been so
steeped in the technology of Scientology, they feel that they must
have 'counter intentions' or an 'ethics situation' that needs to be
addressed in order to carry on the good work of 'getting ethics in on
the planet' and 'clearing the planet'. This is a result of the
constant reminder that no-one can speak against any of the LRH
writings without landing in an ethics handling of some type.

I find it difficult to describe my experiences in full detail to fully
show the amount of control that can be inflicted in a group and on an
individual. Suffice to say that the majority of the people I was
involved with in Britain were in there for true, good reasons. That
goodness was manipulated and played upon.

In the Sea Org itself there is an awful lot of power games, everyone
wanted to be the best and be in control, whether they knew the
technology or not. The control laid down by the scientology belief
system in itself allowed many egomaniac types of personalities to
filter through to the top..... The result, not only did lower Sea Org
Officers pay the price of being overpowered by a belief system that
manipulated and controlled their core belief system, but you had
directives coming from power hungry/crazy senior officers who did not
really give a damn what the technology or belief set was.

Moira Hutchison