Re: # 9 Lies of Scientology
[31 May 1997]

Scientology is expensive, but the cult claims that courses are "affordable".

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Subject: Re: # 9 Lies of Scientology
Date: Sat, 31 May 1997 19:12:47 GMT
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On 30 May 1997 14:53:31 GMT, (Exile49) wrote:

> #9 Lies of Scientology
> The Church of Scientology says that it's courses are "Affordable."
Good Post!

In the admin training that I did in East Grinstead and LA I remember a
fair number of references where LRH said he wanted the scn technology
to be available to the everyday working man.... I know very few
people that could afford any of the levels on the bridge.

I did do an awful lot of training on the admin side, in my opinion the
training of people on staff is used as yet another control mechanism.
You know, just to make sure that you would never have time to go out
into the real world.

I once received some auditing at Saint Hill and I obviously said
something that freaked my auditor out because after that I was told
that I could only be audited by a Class VI auditor..... The result?
The next time I was in Saint Hill I was told by the CO that I had to
have a confessional. Because of the highly trained auditor needed to
deal with my case. The org in Edinburgh had to pay Saint Hill for my
auditing. I also remember having a problem with that as it was not
like I was actually receiving any service. .... I was ultimately
having to pay for sitting in a chair with cans in my hands and be
accused of a lot of bogus wrong doings and wrong thoughts.

On coming out of the church I did get more auditing from a 'splinter
group', I think I have mentioned this before, I did OT1-7 and the Ls.
(Wasn't I lucky!!) But I found out that I was a 'natural clear' so I
probably had come out with the 'clear cog' in the incident mentioned

Moira Hutchison