Re: What's the gripe with Scientology
[06 Jul 1997]

True enlightment of self comes from within.

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Subject: Re: What's the gripe with Scientology
Date: Sun, 06 Jul 1997 21:36:08 GMT
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I think that it is articles like this that perpetuate the 'punch
drunk' addict writings in this NG. To say that some of the members on
this NG blame all of their problems on scientology, in my opinion is
off the wall. It is the writings of people like Rons Amigo, Vern and
Steve J that stir up a deluge of emotions from those of us that have
experienced the manipulative, controlling mechanics utilized by the
CofS. This is not to mention the false promises of self enlightment
and betterment.

In coming out of the CofS I found that true enlightment of self comes
from within, it cannot be given, this is what LRH tried to do. In
many of his writings he states that a system of truth cannot be
written by a group of people and therefore has to come from one
person, this is supposed to ensure that there are no lies and
destructive falsehoods entered into the belief system. In actual fact
all it allowed to happen is that one person was able to ram his own
bizarre reality in the faces of many.

Yes, many of us have scars and have a lot of anger which still drives
us to read and write here. Many of us have been able to pick up the
pieces and move on. However, I will never forget what I went through
and I will always try to make people understand that in order to
better yourself it is not necessary to give up your soul to belong to
a group that does not allow a person to have his/her own viewpoint.

I have to say that I seriously wonder about the Scientologists who
read and write in the ars. I would like to ask all of these people,
what are your doubts? You must have them, I mean what is a true
Scientologist doing reading 'entheta'? You will not be able to
convert any ex-scienos back you know, so you must be doing it for some
other unresolved question or doubt of your own.