Things that shouldn't be (1)
[28 Feb 1996]

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Subject: Things that shouldn't be (1)
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Things that shouldn't be

In 1989 I started in Scientology. I am a Patron Meritorious, Clear, L11, L12.

I did everything possible to support the expansion of Scientology on the
planet with all the money I had and my work during my time as Sea Org Member.

I did a lot of mistakes but behind that all was intentions to help.
Now my company and me are in a Hill 10 situation on the spot and I am
threatened to be thrown out of Scientology.
This is not o.k. I want to make a full report of the events happened in the
past three years:

In 1988 I was bored of my printing-company. I had 200.000,- DM on an account
and I didn't know what to do with it. For me it was very easy to run the

So I took the 200.000,- DM out of the company to finance a part of my new
house that I bought for 490.000,- DM after I moved from my old house were I
lived together with my family. After that the finances of the co. were o.k.,
but the financial balance +/- 0,00. At that time the bank told me that I would
have to produce and not to put more money out of the company so that this
balance would'nt go under zero.

In the same year I had two projects to get more money and to pay less taxes: A
house which I was consulted by a Mr. Gaab to buy for about 2.000.000,- DM to
get money out of it (my bookkeeper got me in touch with Mr. Gaab who should do
all necessary to get my taxes reduced and to make more money) and a project
with another guy (Mr. Ehre) to build a new complex so I would get my tax
reduced, because this guy Ehre had financial losses in the past that would
reduce paying taxes. This was the advice of my former tax-consultant, the
former senior of my bookkeeper.

Both deals were not cool.

After I bought the house by a notary it came out that no bank would give me
the money for it, although I gave Mr. Gaab 10.000,- DM for a banker so he
would make the deal. I also gave him 30.000,- DM as exchange for his
consulting, but after nobody financed it, he disappeared. So I had to pay
money for giving the house back to the former owner (about 60.000,- DM).

The project of building a business complex turned out as only to do with more
money to buy another ground. As I had no more money and was not willing to get
another loan from the bank, the deal crashed and cost me about 150.000,- DM,
because I had at first to put money in it in order to get my taxes reduced and
to pay 50% of all costs and this money was lost.

This occurred in autum 1989. The financial sit of the business turned now out
as difficult.

In summer 1988 I ordered a book from Les Dane how to get new customers after I
got a promo from the CCI Institut (WISE-consultant near Frankfurt). Some
weeks later in my office of my printing co. in Frankfurt Reinhold Stricker,
the owner of CCI phoned me and asked me whether I read the book. I told him
no, I bought it for a staffmember. He asked me how the business is going and I
told him good, so I don't need any help of a management consulting company. He
made me aggree to get an appointment with him, because he wanted to show me
his management method. At our appointment in September 1988 he showed me the
formula for affluence of the course Ethics for manager and I bought the course
for about 2.500,- DM.

I started the course in November 1988 and I felt very strange. I felt that
they had something to hide and I saw all the books from LRH there, that I
never saw before. I bought "A new slant on life" and found out that this was
Scientology, that I knew from Frankfurt, because my father told me he would
print for the Frankfurt Mission and they are strange but paying.

I got all infos about Scientology from a German and swisse newspaper and it
was all negative. So I decided to look very carefully, but everything I read
was true, fantastic logical and the same way I thought about life. So I did
five WISE-courses (from about Nov. 88 until Summer 89) and had also management
consulting by Reinhold Stricker (from January 89 until Summer 89).

I didn't tell very much to my staff in the company about my new viewpoints.
During the first course I changed my ops basis. I spent less time in my co.,
went early to course, were more definite in my orders and saw the outpoints in
my staff and tried to handle them.

After I read the Book One I decided to get auditing to get my ruin on the 2.D.
Since 1987 I was separated from my wife and 2 children, saw my children only
every fortnight saturday and sunday, had made 3 x a new 2.D. start, but
failed. I realized that I couldn't get a woman too near for being my 2.D. and
that I was like unconcious when feeling to come near to that point. After
reading the book one I was in doubt going to a psychiatrist or scientology, I
decided to try it with SCN.
The next day Reinhold Stricker invited me to get a free session by the best
auditors of Frankfurt org. We made an appoinment in the institute.

At the appointment Margret Eckold, ED Frankfurt, and Peter Talkenberger, D/ED
Frankfurt at that time, were there and gave me an R-factor about auditing and
the first metered interview. The next week I went to Frankfurt org and started
with an intensive Dianetics auditing and the course "How to come along better
with others".

In March 1989 I had a long talk with my reg Margret Eckold and decided to go
to Clear. So I paid 100 hours auditing and bought the whole LRH library.

After that I bought the academy and the student hat and PTS-Sp-course.
Until October 1989 I went up to Clear, paid more intensives and the FPRD basic
list (which I did in Frankfurt) and had every available LRH book, tape and a
bust, clear-bracelet, 3 E-meters (that I couldn't use).

(more to come)