Things that shouldn't be (2)
[01 Mar 1996]

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Subject: Things that shouldn't be (2)
From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: 1 Mar 1996 20:40:19 +0100


I did the HQS and the Student-hat and started in the PTS-SP-course. Almost
every day I was in the org being audited or studying. In october 1989 I went
to Saint-Hill to do the CCRD. I had paid for it and also for the OT-levels in
AOSH UK up to OT5.

In 1989 I also paid in Frankfurt Org to the FSC for my OT6 to OT 7 at FLAG and
for L 10, 11 and 12 and accomodation.

To the Freewinds I had paid in Frankfurt Org my OT 8, 1 year accomodation,
every available OT-hatting courses and my OT8 bracelet.

I also paid my Patron in the IAS to Achim and Susanne Bendig. I told them that
I don't have the money, then I aggreed that it will come back from somewhere
if I stand up and support the 4. Dynamic.

At the end of 1989 I signed a staff-contract with Frankfurt Org, I wanted to
start as a parttime executive, but I never started.

Margret Eckold was my terminal in the org as reg and consultant of my personel
and business sit. Until summer 1989 also Reinhold Stricker consulted me for
the business (I paid about 10.000,- DM for the consulting) and bought also
courses for my staff.

History of my staff and the CCI-institute:
1 started and finished but was not willing to go back there (Mr. Kunisch), 1
started and blew (Mr. M|nzker, FTS at that time), the third was my ex-wife
that did the Succes through communication, but didn't like to do another one)
and the OES Mr. Wagner was checked by Mr. Stricker but didn't start anything.

I bought also the whole OEC in German from the CCI.

After I started in the org I did 2 more courses in the CCI-institute.
I had several handlings regarding my business sit in the org and in the CCI
but it didn't resolve the sit of having not enough money and me not liking any
longer my job as ED and Owner of the printing company.

I felt like being pressed inside of the company. I wanted to do Scientology
not knowing how to get out of the business. I spent a lot of time in the org
and tried to contribute what I could for Scientology.

I brought 2 friends of mine, Mr. and Mrs. Ficus to the org. They started the
How to come along better with others course, then they blew. I couldn't handle

At the same time the sit in the business was terrible. I had a lot of entheta
of my staff against me and Scientology. This was spread also to the customers.
My family was antagonistic against me and SCN. My parents took me to our
lawyer and he told me if I would go further with taking money out of the
business my father and he would take over the business and my life.
My parents then disinhareted me and I cut the comm-line.

My brother-in-law, Klaus Jeske and Mr. Ficus made an appointment with me in my
house to get me out of Scientology. I had launched an appointment before
between Stricker and my brother-in-law and now he was telling about it and
Stricker did also a consulting on Mr. Ficus business (a shoe-shop) that was
going broke and it didn't resolve it. So both of them told me about the "worse
thing" that happened to them and pressed very hard on my to quit anything in

At that time (December 1989) I had every money that I had on private and
business accounts paid towards the bridge, material, courses and donations.
The amount was about 800.000,- DM.

The Ed Fft. Org Margret told me several times not to spend more money, but on
Thursdays she regged me several times for material and I aggreed in order to
help Frankfurt Org getting St. Hill-size and getting the GI and GBS up. She
knew about the finance sit in the business.

In November 1989 I went to FLAG to do my Ls, so everything would go better.

(more to come)