Things that shouldn't be (3)
[03 Mar 1996]

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Things that shouldn't be (3)
From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: 3 Mar 1996 19:59:40 +0100

Achim and Susanne Bendig from the IAS were in Frankfurt Org at that time and
they want me to pay more, although they knew about the financial sit in the
company. They went together with me and my ex-wife, her new husband and my
children against my will to the airport and were regging me while the others
were standing around, astonished listening and wanting to say good by to me.
Achim and Susanne went until the gate with me almost not allowing me to say
good by to my kids and if Achim had his passport with him he would have bought
a ticket to fly with me and reg me in the airplane although he knew my

At Flag I was audited and studied the whole day, I had to do a lot of setups
for the Ls until December. Again I paid more intensives, more accomodation and
the SHSBC.

Then after a reg cycle with the D/FBO MORE at that time, Stefanie Kuba I
bought a Mision Starterpackage, took the money from the SHSBC for it and paid
a part. The rest she would get out of donations. After a week she came to me
and wanted to get the rest of the money because I can make it go right and it
would be better to pay it myself then with donations. So I took it out of my

Germaine from the Freewinds relay office regged me for a donation for the Way
to happines campaign and Chilocco (ABLE Norconon center in USA). I told her
that I don't know where to get the money from but I want to do it. So I gave
her cheques for 100.000,- US$, although I knew that the money was not on the
account, she knew it also. The next day I spoke with my bank in Frankfurt by
phone and they told me that thy had reduced the loan I was promised to get and
they wouldn't give me more money and I had to come to Frankfurt for a meeting.
I told him no I wouldn't come and he has to give me that money. He was
ARC-broken and I had no result.
Nevertheless Germaine didn't give me the chques back, because the CO ship
would kill her and she was very sure that I will make it go right.
I phoned alot of german guys to bridge the money, also my father, but nothing
was possible to get the money.
So I went before Christmas 1989 home to make it go right, but the cheques
bounced later. I was now in an open waiting period of the PTS-rundown.

I had a lot of handlings on that from Margret and also the FBO FSSO Christa,
came to germany to help me getting the money for the bounced cheques and my
business up again and Achim and Susanne Bendig tried also. I wanted to get a
new bank, that gave me the money missing in the business (at that time about
300.000,- DM) including the money for the ship. I didn't get it.

In Frankfurt Org I finished the PTS-Rundown (at Flag I did another CCRD with
"Not Clear" so they could audit me).

In January the Flag CS called me back to Flag to finish my auditing and to do
my Ls.
Via the D/ED Roland Wolz I told Margret that I will go to Flag, she told me
not to go and was very angry about that.
The next day I left Frankfurt. The business was in the hands of Mr. Kunisch,
who was very antagonistic against me being in SCN and the money sit of the

I stayed until March 1990 at Flag, the business not running very well, not
enough money to pay all bills.
I did the L11 and L12. During that time I started a 2.D with an OT 3
Flag-public Jutta Robert.

(more to come)