Things that shouldn't be (4)
[05 Mar 1996]

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Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology
Subject: Things that shouldn't be (4)
From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: 5 Mar 1996 19:10:36 +0100

On the L12 I had the cognition that I should disaggree with the physical
universe and quit doing the company and join the Sea Org. So I signed a
contract, decided to sell the company. My new 2.D. didn't want to join, so I
decided to finish the 2.D. with her after several weeks. We had several
handlings by the P/MAA and Chaplain at Flag.

I started on the project prepare to arrive at the FSO in June 1990.

On the FLB I started to do outflow on selling the company. I met Kay Barre and
he was interested in helping me to sell the business. I should send him all
the data after my return to Germany (he is living in Sweden).

With my last money I went back to Frankfurt. My staff were totally against me,
entheta about the money-sit and SCN as the why for the bad financial sit was
spread out in the business and also to customers, 2 staff wanted to go and do
her own little printing-co (Schwind and Kunisch). They had a lot of
connections to customers and were running the company during my time at Flag
and were spreading out the entheta news.
After they went in December 1990 they took alot of customers with them.

I did an outflow on selling the company but nobody would give me the price I
needed to cover all the debts (1.900.000,- DM)

After my return from Flag I told Margret Eckold that I decided to join the
S.O. and that I couldn't start on staff in Fft. Org. She disaggreed and told
me to study the powerformula. Then I did exchange by dynamics and conditions
by dynamics in session by an auditor (I booked it from my account). She also
told me this is a contract breakage and would not be o.k. and at first I
should start may contract in Fft.
I didn't aggree and went further on my project prepare.

In the company and with my family I considered it as a withhold that I want to
sell and leave.

I started the divorce from my ex-wife Erika. She had a new 2.D and we were in
good comm, so the divorce was no problem. I aggreed to give her our house for
less money then it was worth (about 90.000,- DM) so she could stay there and
get out the money she considered having put in. I put the money in the
business. Since that time I had to pay 1.145,- DM monthly for the

In June 1990 I was called in the org and the former HES Elke Conradi and Maria
Wolz, EDs Comm, were reging me to take over the loans of a staff of Fft. Org,
Carola Semmler, so the Org can send her as exchange for a mission to FB in the
S.O. It was about 40.000,- DM. I aggreed because after selling the company and
maybe my house it would be easy to pay it.

In p.t., I have to pay still about 8.000,- DM to a bank and 10.000,- DM to the
mother of Carola.

As I was after my TM, the Project prepare i/c Udo Krieglstein, HAS FSO Beverly
Manassee and Exec Esto FSO Janet Herring were on my lines that I should come.
As I didn't move the HAS Beverly Manasse told me that I would get a comm ev if
I wouldn't come immediately.

Meanwhile I procured a new staffmember for the company Ria Drum, a
Scientologist who was on staff in Fft. Org before. She was a long time on the
leaving R/F and was looking for work. Fft. org was very upset about it. I
thought it would be good to have a scientologist in the business to cool down
the entheta and somebody that goes the same direction as me.

As I couldn't move along I decided not to join the S.O. but to be the ED of a
new Org that should be founded in Frankfurt, as the ED of Fft. Org wanted to
be the ED of a CC so there had to be an additional Org in Frankfurt. My plan
was to take my Mission starterpackage and to start with the help of the
OT-committee a new org.

Margret Eckold (ED) was very pleased of this idea. We had a meeting of how the
org wants to help and I got the impression of her that she saw me as her
junior and she wanted to control everything and I should be run on orders by
her. Also I told her it would be a good idea to have another org there to take
care of all the arc-broken former staff and public of frankfurt org, so they
would be active again and can be utilised also in the "CC". Later she told me
that she would have the impression I want to gather the terminals in the
frankfurt field that are against her and the org and this is not o.k.

After that meeting I went home and decided not to found the org because I
cannot work with her together due to my impression she overwhelmed me.

I made conditions on going to the S.O. and came out of Doubt that I want to

A recruit mission (Brian McCarthy and Fabricia) from FB came to Fft. Org and
they helped me on wrapping up cycles like cancelling of insurances, other
obligations and doing a project to follow like hatwriteup or finding an ED
that can replace me so it would be easier to sell.
I found some prospects but nobody bought it.

The missionaries went to Stuttgart Org, because Fft. Org didn't support them
very much (they told me the ED had counterintentions to their mission). The
mission found a guy that want to take over my mission-starterpackage. After
some weeks it came out that he was illegal to have a Mission. The ED of
Stuttgart helped me to find amother prospect, Albert Lee, who took over the
mission and wanted to pay the price in monthly rates, but until today the
Mission is not opened and he didn't pay anything.

Meanwhile the Reserve Finance Chief Int and Cont were on the ED Fft. Org and
my lines because of the bounced ship-cheques of about 170.000,- DM.

My ex-2.D. Jutta Robert, together with her little son Elias, came from Flag
(she finished OT4 and was out of money) to help me . She stood during the day
in the house to make phonecalls to prospects for buying the company. She
didn't get a product and I had to handle her allot with ethic handlings and
groove-in on phone-regging.

Together with the mission in Stuttgart I decided not to have any longer this
withhold of selling and going. When I told this to my staff and family, they
were totally arc-broken and hopelessless.

(more to come)