Things that shouldn't be (5)
[07 Mar 1996]

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Subject: Things that shouldn't be (5)
From: nobody@REPLAY.COM (Anonymous)
Date: 7 Mar 1996 23:28:06 +0100


Then I heard that the D/ED from Frankfurt Org Roland Wolz had to leave staff
because of financial troubles. I met him and hired him for being the ED of my
business so he can make the money he needs and I would sell easier, because
there was an executive in the company to take it over easier for the buyer.

He was very lowtone when I met him because Fft. Org wouldn't let him go
through his leaving R/F, but I knew him from the org as a very good terminal.
He wanted to stay in the company only until he made the money he needed to go
back on staff, so we aggreed that this can help him to make the money and me
to sell and the new owner to take it over easier.
I introduced Roland to the staff as a consultant to show him the whole co. 2
weeks later we decided that he should start as ED so I would have more time
for the selling cycle. As we told this the staff they were angry and told us
that this is a betrayal again and they wouldn't trust me any longer. So Roland
has a bad start.

In August 1990 we had two interested, qualified buyers. One was a printing
company that wants to give me 1.200.000,- DM, the other one was a big company
that want to print their promo themselves, they were undecided and would give
me 1.500.000,- DM.

At that time Kay Barre came again on my lines. He was now regging for the IAS
German Tour. He came to Frankfurt and asked me whether I still want to pay my
patron with honors before joining the S.O. and I told him that with this
amount of money I will get from the selling this is not possible.
He asked me whether he can stay in my house during his stay in Frankfurt and
that he is still interested in the business. (He told me months before that he
would eventually like to buy the company himself to make prints of his art,
his business, and sell them).

He came to my house to stay there and he told me that he finds it not o.k.
that I would skip the idea of upgrading my IAS status. He would help me on the
cycle so I can pay also my patron w. honors.
I showed him all the data and he asked me if there would be enough money left
after the selling and also for my personell reserves whether I would pay also
the Patron Meritoriuos. I said yes, but I want to keep some reserves, like
150.000,- DM, the money for the childsupport and to pay everything before.

We went again over the data and found out that it is necessary to get
1.900.000,- DM for the company in order to get enough money and with selling
the house I would have enough reserves and can pay everything.

After that Achim and Susanne Bendig stayed also in my house. Susanne was in
the org and Achim spent a lot of time being at home, phoning and controlling
our cycle.

Achim told almost everyday about Frankfurt Org that there was something not
cool, they got no support and that Margret, the ED, had counterintentions
against the IAS being and regging there.
He wanted to handle Frankfurt org so it can be Saint Hill size and he has no
longer CIs on the lines.

Lateron a go-button from Kay for me to pay was that he and Achim can only stay
in Frankfurt if the German Tour is upstat. And with the power of the IAS Achim
would handle the sit in the org.

As Jutta Robert seems not to be effectiv and dramatising allot Kay sent her
home to Vienna.

I had a prospect for buying the house and Kay and me went to him after he saw
the house and couldn't decide to close him. He had a small pub, was totally
out-ethics (out-2.D and getting the money without paying taxes, drunk).
Nevertheless we made the deal with him that he would go to the lawyer the
following days bringing the money 750.000,- DM in cash with him.
He aggreed. On this day we want to meet him in the pub in the morning. I
couldn't get Kay awake, so I drove alone to the buyer, but he wasn't there.

I phoned to Kay, he still slept. I got a call from Susanne Bendig in my car
and I told her what occured and she told me that it is not o.k. to do it
myself without Kay.
I told her that Kay is sleeping every morning very long because he is not
sleeping in the night and goes to bed the early morning.

The next days we tried several times to get in comm with the guy, then he told
us that his 2.D. doesn't want him to buy.

Kay and I made lots of calculations how many money I really need to go, but it
was not really sure how much it would be.

Although we made lots of outflow on the house we couldn't sell it.

After doing outflow to Scientologists in the Fft. Org. Karlheinz Schneider
phoned to Kay Barree. He made his Patron the day before without having the
money so he wants to do a deal and out of the commission he could get the
money to his bank for paying the pattron.
Karlheinz knew a guy that knew a guy that wants to buy a printing company. We
faxed the data and balances to Karlheinz so he could give the data to his
In the late evening (about 10 p.m.) Karlheinz phoned with Kay that he would
come to my house.
When he was there he told us the story about the prospect and that he had
proofed the data about the company to be good and that he decided to take it
himself. He gave me out of his pocket 1.000,- DM as a first rate to fix the
deal. I didn't say anything as Kay told him the company would cost 1.900.000,-
DM and he would help me to got o the S.O. and pay my Patron Meritorious,
although I knew that I don't have another interested prospect for that amount.

We drove to the company and Kay and I showed him "his" new company. Karlheinz
was very pleased to hear that Roland Wolz was the ED, because he knew him from
Fft. Org.

The next day Roland Wolz was also pleased to work together with Karlheinz,
because he told me that there was a postulate that they both would do a deal
together in the future.

(more to come)