Things that shouldn't be (6)
[10 Mar 1996]

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Subject: Things that shouldn't be (6)
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Some days later Karlheinz went out of comm with Kay. Kay and I drove at about
24.00 hrs. in the night to Karlheinz house, woke him up and Kay regged him
again for having the business and going for the credit of the bank.

Karlheinz wanted to go to the Dresdner Bank in Bad Homburg, because he had
through his company Rat + Tat, a money consulting company, a commline to them.
After gathering all the data Karlheinz, Kay, Roland and I went to the bank to
get the loan of 1.900.000,- DM, because Karlheinz didn't have any money to

Kay spoke the most and Karlheinz was very lowtone. The bank told us that they
would prove it and tell Karlheinz whether they will give the loan.

Several days later they told Karlheinz that they will give the credit, but
only verbally.

After we heard that I gave Kay the first cheques with payment towards my
Patron Meritorious, although no money was at the bank, this was in November
1990 in my house. For us the deal was done and the game was to keep the IAS
German Tour on highest ever so they could stay in Frankfurt.

I started to wrap up my papers, closed cycles and to throw away MEST so I
could leave when all is finished.
Achim Bendig wanted to get my car, a Mercedes with cellular phone, I gave it
directly to him and took a rented car for myself. Achim promised to pay the
car later.

Kay told me that he can setup everything else, do all MEST-cycles with the
house for me and I can't do anything further here. I should go to Flag to do
my L10 and if all is o.k. start in the S.O. I should rent a cellular phone to
be reachable so I can handle everything.

I liked this idea, so the next day I went to Flag without saying goodby to may
parents nor all friends.

Some days after I left Achim Bendig has a big car-accident on the highway with
my car, were he almost died.

The IAS didn't pay the car, nor took responsibility of the wrack and there is
still an unpaid bill of about 20.000,- DM for the rented car that Kay hired
for the IAS (as they now didn't have a car) and the bill was sent to the
printing company.

The aggreement with Karlheinz and Kay was that they would pay the monthly
money for my house and the childsupport, take care of my private account and
pay money to it so the monthly rates for Carola Semmler, child-support, house
expenses and the rest of the insurances would be covered.

In summer 1991 there was no moremoney on the account and bills unhandled and
as I phoned from Flag Karlheinz and Roland were not handling it.

Before I left Germany I gave Kay signed cheques from me and the obligation to
handle the rest of my private cycles. I gave him the written authority to
handle in my name, so he could also do banking, tax and legal cycles for me.
At that time the money from the Dresdner Bank for Karlheinz was still not
there and no written o.k. for Karlheinz to get the loan.

The Reserve Chief Finance Int called me at and told me and Kay that it is not
o.k. to pay at first the IAS and not immediately the bounced chques. We
promised to handle it when the money would be there.
As the money wasn't there, it was not handled.

Being at Flag end of November 1991 I handled with my cellular phone (expenses
2.000,- US$ phonebills) the lack of money in the business as I phoned my
biggest customer to get a cheque out of him otherwise the money for paying the
staff wouldn't be there.

Then Roland Wolz told me that Kay was running Karlheinz Schneider and he
doesn't get the money in the company and I should come back, Kay would only be
interested to take money out for the IAS.

I decided to go back and handle it. As I told this Susanne Reich, former
DissemEsto FSO, who has the order from the Exec Esto FSO, Janet Herring, to
route me rush into the S.O., she handled me and told me I should make it go
right from Flag and sold is sold. So I went to the Public MAA, Wanda
Quinones, to get in comm with Kay Barree, because she was his ethics terminal
at Flag. I wrote a KR on the scene. She spoke with him and I told him that I
withdraw my written authority and that somebody else will finish my cycles in
Germany and that I want to start in the S.O now and that he should act like
He disaggreed but said that he will go off the cycle.

At that time I did my third CCRD with the EP Clear.

I told Susanne that I didn't have a signed contract with Karlheinz Schneider.
She told me to phone to him and get it via Fax.
In the night I phoned with Karlheinz to get him to fax me the signed contract.
He was very lowtone and didn't want to sign unless I give him the possibility
to use my 200.000,- DM Berlin-Loan. I didn't see how he could use it to get
money out of it and he said he wants to use the life-insurance that is
connected with the loan I gave to the town Berlin. Our talk was very ridgy and
he told me that he didnt trust me so he wouldn't sign without having my o.k.
for the Berlin-Loan. I told him that I would take the company back if he
wouldn't sign. Then I signed the Berlin-loan contract and he our selling
contract via Fax.
With this in the hands I thought I can start in the S.O.

Because of my 2.D-historie I was outqualed for beeing an Esto, so I started
with the FPRD 2.SD-list.

Then I started in the EPF. I wrote on my application form that I still had
about 500.000,- DM debts, because I had to pay taxes for the selling of the
company and that I have to pay monthly about 800,- US$ childsupport. Diane,
the S.O. recruiter told me I shouldn't be worried because this will be handled
when the money from the selling is there.

I started in the EPF, didnt go to the S.O. berthing because I had to handle
questions from my business, although I did a hatwriteup on tapes before I left
and gave them to Roland Wolz.

In December 1990 while on the EPF the Res. Finan. Chief Int called the EPF-I/C
that I at first had to handle my bounced Freewinds cheques in order to be on
product 0, otherwise I would have to go.

I handled it via phone with Roland to pay the money.

After the EPF I started in HCO FSO as expeditor, then as HCO Esto. In June
1991 I was put off post because of my 2.D-History from CMO and my new post was
Resign-productofficer FSO. I was found by a CMO-mision unutilised and went to
the EPF part 2, then I went to the SMI Expansion Office at the FLB as HAS,
Supercargo and DPM. In November 1991 I got a LOA to handle my debts in
Germany, because Karlheinz didnt pay the childsupport and the other debts like
Carola Semmler, money for my house etc. and I had to get a new visa.

During my time as S.O.-member I donated everything I had on the accounts at
Flag, Freewinds and AOSHUK for planetary dissemination campaigns (except the
green and red volums and one E-meter) to speed up the expansion of

(more to come)