Things that shouldn't be (7)
[12 Mar 1996]

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Subject: Things that shouldn't be (7)
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Back in Frankfurt I tried to handle Karlheinz and Roland to pay me (until that
time I got about 800.000,- DM for the selling, paid for several debts and the
L10 (that I had donated) and taxes, bounced cheques, child-support, Carola
Semmler etc., nothing went directly to me, so I didn't have any cash).

I went with CO SMI INTs Comm Linda on a recruit project to Hungary beginning
of 1992.

After being back in Frankfurt I routed myself to the CC Hamburg, where
Karlheinz Schneider was on lines to get handled, because the sit with
Karlheinz didn't resolve.
I went there because they knew the whole sit.

I did O/Ws, RPEC and PT conditions.

Karlheinz got several handlings from the ED CC Hamburg in regards to the

I sold my house for 740.000,- DM, had to pay 170.000,- DM for an unhandled
leasing-contract of the business that Karlheinz also took over with buying the
company and had a rest of about 360.000,- DM left.

Because I would have to pay taxes for the selling of the company end of 1992
of about 500.000,- DM, I decided in February 1992 that I leave the S.O. to
handle the money by establishing a new company in Frankfurt and come back to
the S.O.

As I didn't get a visa for USA I went to AOSHEU to route out and paid out of
the selling of my house my freeloader bill immediately.

I did the first outflows for the new business, a copyshop was my idea, and
looked for premises.

In may 1992 Karlheinz and Roland called me into the business. They told me
that the bank reduced the loan, now the company can be broke if I don't help
I aggreed to make a consulting and handle the bank and suppliers.

I found out:

The company has debts of about 4.000.000,- DM.

The commline with the Dresdner Bank was very bad

There are many court cases from suppliers.

During my stay at Flag Karlheinz upgraded his IAS status to Patron Meritorious
and Roland is a Patron. Both of them were regged by Kay Barree.

Karlheinz has bounced cheques with the Freewinds.

Karlheinz lent money to other Scientologists (Bernhard Guth, 120.000,- DM)
that is not paid back.

Another Patron Michael Passlack gave Karlheinz a bill of exchange of 80.000,-
DM in order to get 20.000,- cash for himself and the rest as cash for the
printing company. This bill is still not paid.

(more to come)