Things that shouldn't be (8)
[12 Mar 1996]

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Subject: Things that shouldn't be (8 - end)
Date: 12 Mar 1996 22:58:31 +0100
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After I took back the authority from Kay he was running Karlheinz and the
company. He got about 200.000,- DM as exchange for his work with Karlheinz.

They moved with the co. into another space, which cost monthly 35.000,- DM (in
the rooms before it cost 8.000,- DM/month), they bought a printig machine for
1.100.000,- DM, they built in the new rooms walls and installations for more
then 200.000,- DM and Karlheinz bought 3 small publishing firms and printed
for them, all was a flap, cost money that is not yet paid.

Kay and Karlheinz ordered for 80.000,- DM a plan from a lawyer for a
multi-business concern that was never started. The bill went to the printing
company and is not paid.

Several times the Dresdner Bank got wrong data from treasury or no data,
because Karlheinz didnt speak to them.

There are 720.000,- DM not paid to the tax-office (from 1991 to 1992), most of
the items not paid is a crime in Germany.

Against myself several threats of judge cases were unhandled, although I didnt
order from the suppliers they went against me.

There are also judge cases against Roland, because they had letterhead that
said registered company what was not the case, so some of the suppliers could
go against Roland.

If I wouldn't pay my money into the company it was bancrupt.

In a meeting with the ED CC Hamburg and Karlheinz and Roland I said that I
want to take over the company. Karlheinz and I made a written aggreement that
he has to pay more then a million DM to me.

The banks only wanted to aggree to keep the loans as before, when somebody
else would do the business that nows it better as Karlheinz and Roland. They
no longer trusted Karlheinz Schneider. Karlheinz opinion is that they found
out that he is Scientologist and so they want him to be broke.

In May 1992 I spoke with banks and main suppliers and they told me they would
do nothing for the next 3 months if I would go back in. I promised to get the
business up again.

Then a health insurance (AOK) threatend with bancrupcy. I had to decide to
take over completely the business and put the money I have in it or let it go
bancrupt. Karlheinz would go to jail and it would be a major flap for
Scientology in Germany. I paid 30.000,- DM and promised to pay the rest
monthly back.

I took per 1. 7. 1992 the company over with every debts in it.

The aggreement with Karlheinz Schneider was that he will give money to the
company, so I can take over the company, pay some of the old bills and he can
produce in his company.
He promised to give 300.000,- DM until august and from January 1993 every
month the money I will need to pay the old debts monthly back.

This aggreement was done with the help of Christa Lehmann, the Exec Esto
Hamburg org.

Before, Karlheinz, Roland and I had to do a programm with conditions and O/W

Karlheinz, Roland and myself got a court of ethics for not handling the
business sit and setting Scientology at risk. There was no real gathering of
data before the finding of the court tiook place.

All of us were not eligible for services for the next 3 months.

Several times Christa Lehmann told us that we have to go out of Scientology if
we don't together handle the sit.

Karlheinz was told by the President of Scientology-Germany that he did legal
crimes by not paying taxes for the staff (Lohnsteuer) and taxes on goods
(Umsatzsteuer), and he has to go to jail if this is not handled.

Until today Karlheinz didn't pay any money into the company nor did he come up
with solutions or orders from other customers.

He promised the Dresdner Bank to pay 90.000,- DM for a private loan of him and
didn't do it. The bank connects the loan of my company with his loan and is
not willing to give me a loan account until he pays his money.

He also promised to take over every single loan of the company that he
procured from private clients of his business, so I don't have to pay the
interest and at the end of the loan-contracts the company doesn't have to pay
the money back.
He did not all of them, although in his balance per 30. June 1992 they are

Also Roland Wolz aggreed to give money to the business. 1991 he gave 270.000,-
DM security (from his house) to the Dresdner Bank for the 720.000,- DM loan to
the company. Right now he doesn't have the money to give it to me.

I put all I had, 360.000,- DM, in the business.

In June 1992 the IASA ordered Kay Barre to Germany after I send a KR about the
whole sit. Kay did conditions and promised to take full responsibility for the
whole cycle.

During our talks he allways was looking for that guy that made it go wrong. He
figured Roland Wolz out and told me Roland fucked it up because he decided to
move and didn't bring up the production.
Roland told me the decision to move was made by Karlheinz, Kay and Roland

Kay went with me to a meeting with OSA Germany in Hamburg. Nobody asked him
about his statement, he had to go out, although he was one of the creators of
the cycle.

Back in Frankfurt Kay promised to get all data about the moneyflows from his
home in Sweden and rented a car from me to go there and be back in a week. He
until today didn't come back from sweden.
Kay also aggreed to get fresh money into the business (750.000,- DM) or orders
(1.000.000,- DM) paid in advance so the company would be solvent.
2 months ago he brought me an order of a guy from Fft. org (Josef Heilmann)
that OSA Fft. told me I shouldn't print because it is an outethic deal what he
is doing.

Nothing else happened.

Kay also promised me to make money so his wife can give me the 50.000,- DM
back I lent her to pay her Patron. Until today she only paid 2.000,- DM back.

About 1,5 month ago I spoke with him on the phone and asked him what he wants
to do further on the cycle and he didn't know. I told him that it was not o.k.
to take 200.000,- DM out of the business as he knew about the financial sit,
he answered that he normaly would make more money in his own business so it
was fine for him, because at that time he was helping Karlheinz in the
printingcompany he couldn't produce.

As Roland asked the Exec Esto Hamburg Org during a handling why she can't get
Kay Barre to take responsibility she answered that she doesn't have the time,
that should do another org.

Since May 1992 I want to get a B of I for the sit in the business so every
connected person can give his data and statement, so we all can see the truth.

I was in comm with the CO WISE INT to get me a terminal that can do it. I was
in comm with the Public Officer IASA to get help on the cycle. Until today the
sit did't resolve or is cleared up. The B of I didn't happen, the handlings of
Hamburg Org and CC Hamburg didn't get a product.

Since May 1992 I am almost everyday from 7 a.m. to 11 p.m. in the business and
I know that Karlheinz and Roland are also working hard to get money so they
could pay to the company and cover their own obligations.

Karlheinz, Roland and I did the business-cycle with the good intentions to
help oneanother and Scientology.

Right now we are threatened with the oath of manifestation from the tax-office
or suppliers and the declare as a suppressive person from Hamburg Org.

As contributing Scientologists we need help from our group and not the

This is true


Peter Mousiol

Lindenweg 4
D- 6074 Roedermark 3