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  1. RVY re What "justine" is really serving [03 Jan 1998]
    And that is what the "justin" account is doing. It is placating DM, making him feel all warm and cozy inside, that those evil, corrupt Espees are being driving out the bottom with tons of theta and entheta.
  2. Re: Who leaked the CoS-IRS agreement and why? [03 Jan 1998]
    The war that this cult has generated has gone mainstream.
  3. RVY on the Secret IRS Agreement [08 Jan 1998]
    The outcome of the leaking of this agreement will prove to be much much larger than most can imagine but DM and a few others know it.
  4. Re: Repost: the secrets of Xenu was: Re: the 5 stages of Scientology [11 Jan 1998]
    I still savor those moments, when McShane dumped OT3 and Cooley tried to introduce a document with "Xenu" deleted.
  5. Re: Obstructing Justice -- that's ARS Plan [11 Jan 1998]
    You CAN have the ability to talk to anyone on anything. You just can't do it in Scientology.
  6. RVY remark re New Years Event & WISE [11 Jan 1998]
    All someone has to do is find a New Years event from a few years ago and see what they were citing and compare. Big change.
  7. LRH sez "Tech Will Protect You!" (RVY) [12 Jan 1998]
    If you look at this policy, it is the policy of a shaman, the sort that gave sacred beads or necklaces to the poor natives to protect them against the guns of the intruders.
  8. How to deal with a Scientologist (RVY) [12 Jan 1998]
    Want to know how to REALLY deal with a Scientologist?
  9. Hubbard's plagiarism (RVY) [13 Jan 1998]
    He constantly took material written by other people and put his name to it.
  10. A Word for Gerry Armstrong (was Re: wgert and justin against Scientology! [19 Jan 1998]
    Gerry is a kind person who is genuinely feared by the cult because of what he knows and what was done to him. That is why he is attacked so viciously.
  11. Re: Thanks to Bob Minton (SBY) [19 Jan 1998]
    As Stacy's husband, I'd now like to add some parts to her story (below) about the Scientology (RTC/OSA) attack on our rescued animals.
  12. RVY Going to Germany [02 Feb 1998]
    The DM/RTC/OSA thug-tactics that were directed at our animals in Seattle managed to create such animosity towards the cult in that section of town that it was truly amazing.
  13. Re: LRH in Asia [02 Feb 1998]
    LRH is not a person. LRH is above that. He is to be air-brushed and praised and adored to the point that finally you throw up from the amount of sugar that goes down with the crap that goes with it.
  14. LRH on "queers" (RVY) [03 Feb 1998]
    Check this little line out: "But there is a fact about queers: they attach themselves to artists or the field of the arts so as to destroy them."
  15. Re: What Channel 4 wouldnt show you (Secret Lives) [03 Feb 1998]
    I had the good fortune to spend many months with LRH's private papers, diaries, notebooks, letters and manuscripts. At one point (as reported in the Washington Post and the San Luis Obispo paper) I was even tagged to be his official biographer
  16. RVY dog stolen, injured [07 Feb 1998]
    You have done nothing more than strengthen our resolve. We will not "shudder into silence." Quite the opposite, you sick scum.
  17. Re: Navy: L. Ron Hubbard shot his mast off [08 Feb 1998]
    Moulton was also the one who related the story (heard by all for the first time when the words came out of his mouth) how Hubbard's ship had been sunk off Java (in the South Pacific) and how Hubbard went into the jungles and fought the Japanese and was machine gunned in the back but managed to get on a life raft and escape into the ocean where he was picked up.
  18. Re: Young's story = old story [09 Feb 1998]
    There is no testing in Scientology. It is Law... There are no sideroads to travel. No excursions. No wondering. No questioning.
  19. Re: I get it.... [09 Feb 1998]
    Whether or not Hubbard is brilliant or ridiculous on idea X is not as important as the fact that his system does not allow freedom of discussion of his ideas.
    Scientologists are not, as a group, charlatans except as they might fool themselves.... What you see in the rank and file of Scientology are people who believe in it and who are working hard to keep that belief.
  21. Re: Navy: Did L. Ron Hubbard have gonorrhea? [10 Feb 1998]
    In fact, let me say in LRH's defense that (in my estimation) his best writings were in his war diaries. There was a certain style that occurred at the start - that fell away as the months evolved - that was quite amazing and insightful, especially for him.
  22. Re: What is the Cat Sanctuary? [08 Feb 1998]
    This is what Hubbard taught: to find or MANUFACTURE (key word) enough threat to cause a person to "shudder into silence."
  23. Re: Auditing Folder Confiscated in Munich [18 Feb 1998]
    What is amazing about the hypocrisy in the organization is that one can get a sec check, be told at the start that it is not auditing and it is not confidential and it may be used against one and THEN turn right around and claim it is confidential when someone tries to bmerely subpoenae the files.
  24. Re: HATRED OF 'PSYCHES' IN SCIENTOL0GY [19 Feb 1998]
    Hubbard wrote in a highly secret dispatch to Dept 20 that his plan was to take over the field of mental health so that he/they could have the millions of dollars that was going to psychiatry.
  25. RVY dog, update (and the scn mind) [19 Feb 1998]
    They can only see what they believe. They believe that if they do X, then Y will happen. Anti-Y happens. This could mean that X was not done or that "the tech" doesn't work. This can't be so they negate the fact and it didn't happen.


  1. RVY Offers Vistaril Doc [16 May 1997]
    There is great interest in the death of L. Ron Hubbard and some documents from the file of the San Luis Obispo coroner, especially the toxicology report that showed that Hubbard was on the psychiatric drug/tranquilizer Vistaril when he died.
  2. How Scientology "Grew" to 8 Million Members [21 Aug 1997]
    I have seen much speculation on where Scientology representatives get their figure of "8 million members" or "6 million members."
  3. RVY re LRH's (Confidential) Planetary Targets [22 Aug 1997]
    Scientologists like to talk about their objective of a "cleared planet" but no one seems to really know what that means.
  4. RVY re The "Evaluation" Lie (Scn v. Psychs) [23 Aug 1997]
    "What is true for you, is true for you," you will be told by the smiling Scientologist.
  5. Scientology's Rigged OCA/Personality Test (by RVY) [24 Aug 1997]
    So even if a person was "perfect" according to the OCA score, the graph line wavered across the top, not reaching 100 and dropping on "responsibility,"...
  6. Dept 20 Agents, Cutouts & ARS (by RVY) [24 Aug 1997]
    My point is this: someone can be an active agent of the cult and never even know it and even deny it, just as this guy still does today even though his "handler" blew the whistle on the scam.
  7. LRH, McCarthy and "Enemy Tactics" (by RVY) [24 Aug 1997]
  8. The LRH Archives: a memoir - Part 1 (by RVY) [25 Aug 1997]
  9. Scientology's system "hacker proof" (by RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    INCOMM was created to be the computer data base for Scientology.
  10. Dept 20 Intell v. Info (from RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    Thanks to RonIsXenu for providing this HCOPL and showing us that the Office of Special Affairs is in compliance and On Source.
  11. RVY to Henson re Mental State [27 Aug 1997]
    I will say that the BEST description of the state of mind that I was in and that I think others were/are in will be found not in a psych book or a book about cults but in George Orwell's stunning novel, "1984."
  12. Scn's Dept 20: a memoir by RVY (Part 2) [27 Aug 1997]
    "Vaughn, don't go upstairs. We're being raided by the FBI."
  13. The Scn/1984 Parallel - Unreality (RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    On accepting unreality.
  14. The Scn/1984 Parallel - Privacy (RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    On Lack of Privacy
  15. The Scn/1984 Parallel - Expansion (RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    On Scientology "expansion".
  16. The Scn/1984 Parallel - Big Brother/LRH (RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    On Big Brother.
  17. The Scn/1984 Parallel - Doublethink (RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    On "doublethink".
  18. The Scn/1984 Parallel - The Future (RVY) [27 Aug 1997]
    On The Future by Scientology: The "Cleared Planet"
  19. Re: Scientology's system "hacker proof" (by RVY) [30 Aug 1997]
    LRH was _not_ computer-savvy. His ideas were "taken from the whole track" in the same way he took Xenu and OT III,* the Heliotrobus Implants, the Piltdown Man's cannibalism, the Boo Hoo Clams, LRH's description of Heaven (as somewhat like Busch Gardens in LA), his claim that there was no Jesus Christ and the implant stations on Mars.
  20. Scn's Dept 20: a memoir by RVY - Pt 3 (Reporter TRs) [01 Sep 1997]
    The ability to throw and give a press conference was usually the last part of the training that we gave to Scientology PRs and the final drilling for it was what was called "Reporter TRs."
  21. Re: Scn's Dept 20: a memoir by RVY - Pt 3 (Reporter TRs) [01 Sep 1997]
    ...one of the "Reporter TRs" drills is specifically "no answer." This is where you avoid the question and divert it when the question is too hot or too difficult.
  22. Scn's Dept 20: a memoir by RVY (Pt 4 - Preparations) [02 Sep 1997]
    And so, with not a shred of evidence, we began to concoct a statement that said the Church of Scientology was being raided by the FBI in retaliation for our exposure of Interpol's Nazi ties to the Department of Justice and Interpol's role in drug trafficking.
  23. RVY Re: LRH Letter to GO [05 Sep 1997]
    His analysis of his wife Sara Miles Hollister and why the HDRFs failed is classical Hubbard, rewriting history and insisting that anything to the contrary is part of the world wide conspiracy that is out to destroy him.
  24. RVY Re: Church Memo Discussing Coverup of Crimes [05 Sep 1997]
    This memo, posted by RonIsXenu, is dealing with Michael Meisner, who was the B1 (Intell Bureau) agent who finally went to the feds with his story of their burglaries of the fedreal offices, tapping IRS meetings, etc, which produced the raid of July 1977.
  25. Re: The Scn/1984 Parallel - Doublethink (RVY) [08 Sep 1997]
    There IS a coercion that occurs and it is quite staggering to experience it and then look back at it.
  26. Re: A Letter from Dr. Hubbard to FBI [08 Sep 1997]
    I am a firm believer that no one better demonstrates the mind of L. Ron Hubbard than L. Ron Hubbard. The following letter is an example.
  27. Re: Another Letter From Dr. LRH To FBI [08 Sep 1997]
    Another wonderful letter from Hubbard. All one has to remember is that in 1955, the US was in the grip of a massive anti-communism campaign and Hubbard was playing it to the hilt.
  28. Re: Project: Psychs And Anti-Culters [08 Sep 1997]
    Let's say Joe belongs to group X. Scn calls group X "anti-cult." Joe's wife is the sister of Mary who is on the board of directors of a psych group. That is a "connection" and enough to warrant condemnation of the group, further investigation etc.
  29. Scn's Dept 20: a memoir by RVY (Pt 5 - Beginnings) [08 Sep 1997]
    The Guardian's Office used to have a piece of promo that I personally found quite compelling. All it said was something like, "Everything to this point has prepared you to join the Guardian's Office."
  30. Scn/1984 parallels - Proles (RVY) [11 Sep 1997]
    On the question if the society in "1984" was "totalistic," I wrote earlier that it was not because there were the "proles".
  31. Hubbard's SPs/Hitler's Jews (RVY) [11 Sep 1997]
    There is a direct parallel between Hitler's views of "Jewish vermin" and Hubbard's views of "suppressive persons" (SPs) as well sa their "final solutions" that I would like to make.
  32. Promotions/Demotions in Scn (& Mitoff)(RVY) [12 Sep 1997]
    If Mitoff had been promoted, he would be announced in his new position with great fanfare. If he has been demoted, he will be missing. That is the same with any person in the hierarchy for the same reason that every totalitarian regime does it.
  33. Info Control/Censorship in Scn (RVY) [12 Sep 1997]
    There have been times when staff/public were alerted to certain books and warned that they contained "upper level material" or were very anti-Scientology and staff should avoid them. Generally staff/public then avoid them but there was always someone who didn't and they ended up doing "ethics" for it.
  34. Re: Excalibur [14 Sep 1997]
    The COS won't publish "Excalibur" for several reasons.
  35. More proof the OSA is the GO (RVY) [18 Sep 1997]
    Scientology officials have tried to say that the "Guardian's Office" (raided in 1977) was abolished. That is a lie.
  36. Open Letter- RVY to Corea & Travolta [23 Sep 1997]
    An Open Letter from Robert Vaughn Young to Chick Corea and John Travolta.
  37. Hubbard's FBI Files Available (RVY) [24 Sep 1997]
    L. Ron Hubbard's FBI files are now available for inspection, according to the following post to the IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors) List.
  38. Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY) [24 Sep 1997]
    Martin Hunt asked and called into question if there is an RPF's RPF in Scientology and if children are assigned to the RPF. Yes on both counts.
  39. Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY) [25 Sep 1997]
    Several times I would be hauled into an interrogation by the RPF MAA as to the something being said in a letter to me or from me.
  40. Re: Open Letter- RVY to Corea & Travolta [27 Sep 1997]
    ....the stars in Scientology don't really know what it is they are promoting. They think they are promoting this "high" they get off the auditing.
  41. Hubbard & His Scn Celebs as "quarry" [27 Sep 1997]
    Hubbard names celebrities as "quarry" to be "hunted".
  42. Re: Hubbard's Gulags: RPF's RPF (RVY) [28 Sep 1997]
    Further below, Joe Harrington comments that the opening of mail was a common practice at Flag in 1989/90. Actually, it is wider than that.
  43. Re: Suppressive Acts. [28 Sep 1997]
    It is Hubbard's way to keep everyone in line. If you don't do it his way - regardless of who dies - and if anyone dies, it is their fault and not his - then you are a suppressive for thinking there is another method, other than his.
  44. (RVY) Hubbard on how to kill him (or Scientology: the autobiog of LRH) [29 Sep 1997]
    Treat Scientology as the autobiography of L. Ron Hubbard, the blueprint/outline of his mind.
  45. Scientology attacks animal sanctuary [04 Oct 1997]
    Why would a cult try to close down an animal sanctuary?
  46. Scientology operative's FBI file (RVY) [05 Oct 1997]
    There is a list of FBI files that is slowly being posted, letter by letter, to the IRE (Investigative Reporters & Editors) list by a diligent FOIA advocate.
  47. RVY re Minton & Dept 20 Terrorism [16 Dec 1997]
    In the past, Dept 20 targets were alone and isolated and much that was done to them was lost. But now, with the Net, their punk/thug tactics can be known by the world.
  48. Minton Here, Minton There, Robert Minton Everywhere (RVY) [29 Dec 1997]
    The right Why, Hubbard says, will "open the door to handling." The Why is followed by the steps needed to handle the situation and turn things around. Every Why has a Who, or a group of Whos. They become the target of the handlings.
  49. What was DM/RTC/Dept 20 Doing for 60 Min? [29 Dec 1997]
    I used to wonder, if Scientology is making people with such incredible abilities that they can see through walls, travel around and read things, why do we hire private investigators and burglarize and steal trash and wiretap people to "know" something?

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