Scientology's Rigged OCA/Personality Test (by RVY)
[24 Aug 1997]

So even if a person was "perfect" according to the OCA score, the graph line wavered across the top, not reaching 100 and dropping on "responsibility,"...

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
Newsgroups: alt.religion.scientology,
Subject: Scientology's Rigged OCA/Personality Test (by RVY)
Date: 24 Aug 1997 13:48:25 GMT
Organization: Eskimo North (206) For-Ever
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Summary: Scientology's Personality Test is rigged
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Scientology has long used a "Personality Test" also known as the OCA or
"Oxford Capacity Analysis," which was a dreamed up name given to it by LRH
so it sounded very academic. (He hated the academics but he loved to
pretend to be one.) It is used on streets as a "free personality test" to
hook people. It is also used on Scientologists to see how they are doing.

The test is 100+ questions that you answer in one of several ways, your
basic yes, maybe/sometimes, no. The answers are put into a grid sheet,
left to right, in several columns. Each of the columns will be one of the
attributes that you will later be told about.

There is a grid to "score" the "test" to give a numerical value to each
column. So an answer might give you a +3 or a -1, as the values vary,
according to the question. This is then put onto a graph so there is a
value to each attitude/characteristic. If one of the graph points is low,
that is something they point out to you that you need to improve and that
is how they use the test to evaluate you and tell you how Scientology can
help you and what books/courses you should buy.

One day, out of curiousity, I used the grid to compose a "perfect" test. I
gave the highest score for each question and scaled it out, just as if
someone had taken the score. I then graphed it out and ... low and behold!
There was no way to reach the top of the scale! The scale goes up to "100"
but there wasn't a single column that was capable of reaching 100! None of
the columns could total 100, even with perfect scores! (The highest
possible score on one column was 98.) Not only that, but "responsiblity"
dipped noticably low! With a perfect score!

So even if a person was "perfect" according to the OCA score, the graph
line wavered across the top, not reaching 100 and dropping on
"responsibility," which of couse gives the "evaluator" a chance to say,
"Well, good scores here but not quite perfect - I see you are wavering
here - and I see your low point is responsibility."

What is especially fraudulent is that this "test" is constantly used on
on people in auditing. It is often taken at the end of a rundown or an
intensive. Thus EVEN INSIDE, WITH SCIENTOLOGY you cannot hit the top, let
alone bring that that "responsibility" column up to where it belongs.

That is why the scoring grid is "confidential." It is a fraud.

Robert Vaughn Young