LRH, McCarthy and "Enemy Tactics" (by RVY)
[24 Aug 1997]

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: LRH, McCarthy and "Enemy Tactics" (by RVY)
Date: 24 Aug 1997 15:38:37 GMT
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Summary: on L. Ron Hubbard's use of "enemy tactics"
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The other day I quoted a line from L. Ron Hubbard's highly confidential
policy letter of 16 Feb 69 titled "Targets, Defense" that needs expansion.
The line was:

"The errors we have made have been...7. Not learning enemy tactics
and bettering them."

This is a very important statement from Hubbard because it gives a link
between many of his policy letters on "enemy tactics" and their use by
Dept 20 as part of Fair Game. For example, here are just a few of the
PUBLIC policy letters in which he discusses "enemy tactics":

HCOPL 11 May 71 Black PR
HCOPL 5 Oct 71 Propaganda by Redefinition of Words
HCOPL 21 Nov 72 How to Handle Black Propaganda
HCOPL 9 Jun 75 The Enemy Line

All of these are part of his "PR Series" and advise how to do PR. Note how
one even says, "How to handle Black Propaganda," as if it is designed to
deal WITH "Black PR," rather than create it. However, the CONFIDENTIAL
policy letter is quite clear: learn from the enemy and do it better.

HOWEVER - and this is a fact that will NOT sink in on the Dept 20 mind -

This is important.

What the Dept 20 person sees is a newspaper/magazine article that is
critical of Scientology and/or Hubbard. He does not see a "tactic." He
does not see a strategy. It is Hubbard - and only Hubbard - that is
telling Dept 20 (and Scientologists) what is an enemy tactic. Everything
is filtered through Hubbard INCLUDING who the enemy is and what the enemy

For ages we heard about the "plans" that were being made by the "enemy,"
whoever it was at that time. For awhile it was the communists and then it
was the World Federation of Mental Health and then it was Interpol. It was
always moving and changing. But always there was some "plan" that they had
and Hubbard always kept waving it, like McCarthy did in the US in the
1950s, waving his "list of communists in the State Department." Oh, it got
McCarthy tons of headlines and people were diving under their beds and
others were calling for investigations and even the media were cowed. But
finally someone started to ask him to PRODUCE the list. McCarthy never did
and slowly the media became more brave and they began to realize that
McCarthy was a complete fake.

Hubbard never once produced a "plan" of the "enemy." He once wrote that
there was such a "plan" and he compared it to the "Tenyaka Memorial," a
plan that the Japanese military had for conquoring the Pacific. LRH said
(in a highly secret dispatch to the GO/Dept 20) that there was a "Tenyaka
Memorial" for Scientology that was locked up in a safe - probably in a PR
firm, he suggested, as if he had some out-of-the-body vision or mystical
insight - and it was to be found. (That was one of the objectives of Snow
White that few people know - we were to find the "Tanyaka Memorial." It
was Hubbard's "Holy Grail." But that's another story. Of course it was
never found but actions done in the Snow White program to find it resulted
in an FBI raid and sent his wife and a host of executives to jail, Hubbard
running, the takeover of the GO and the rise of David Miscavige.)

Hubbard had no "plan" but he touted lists and objectives and strategies
but he never produced the evidence. Like McCarthy, he had a lot of
articles that were critical of him and he had a lot of people made at him
but the "conspiracy" was born from the same fever as McCarthy's. It did
not exist except in his mind. But he was able to stir many to a frezied
pitch, the way McCarthy did for millions.

So when LRH says to study the enemy and do it better, he means to study
L. Ron Hubbard.

Robert Vaughn Young