Re: Scientology's system "hacker proof" (by RVY)
[30 Aug 1997]

LRH was _not_ computer-savvy. His ideas were "taken from the whole track" in the same way he took Xenu and OT III,* the Heliotrobus Implants, the Piltdown Man's cannibalism, the Boo Hoo Clams, LRH's description of Heaven (as somewhat like Busch Gardens in LA), his claim that there was no Jesus Christ and the implant stations on Mars.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Re: Scientology's system "hacker proof" (by RVY)
Date: 30 Aug 1997 17:47:41 GMT
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I can confirm much that Old Timer has put down here: that there were about
12 LRH dispatches about the CHUG/CHUGG Project (I seem to remember seeing
two G's but she may be correct), that it was all very "space opera" etc.
However LRH was _not_ computer-savvy. His ideas were "taken from the whole
track" in the same way he took Xenu and OT III,* the Heliotrobus Implants,
the Piltdown Man's cannibalism, the Boo Hoo Clams, LRH's description of
Heaven (as somewhat like Busch Gardens in LA), his claim that there was no
Jesus Christ and the implant stations on Mars.

* I want to thank RTC's President McShane for testifying in court - with a
straight face - that all that Xenu stuff from OT III had _never_ been

Robert Vaughn Young

Old Timer ( wrote:
: At 03:35 PM 8/28/97 GMT, you wrote:

: >On 27 Aug 1997 05:59:38 GMT, in alt.religion.scientology you wrote:
: >
: >(To be included in OSA US DR re RVY)
: >
: >INCOMM was created to be the computer data base for Scientology. Foster
: >Thompkins was put in charge of the setup. It was to serve as a repository
: >for all LRH writings so they could be word searched. (That was "SIR" or
: >Source Information Retrieval). Routing forms were to go into the computer
: >base. Time machine programs were to run the programs, automatically
: >ordering the person to do the step. And there was email. (Financial recods
: >and other were to be added later, he said.)

: There was another aspect to INCOMM that was and has been held confidential
: for a long period of time. INCOMM was set up by LRH in the early 1980's.
: There are about 12 confidential communications concerning INCOMM from LRH
: to Foster Tompkins and vice
: versa. The 12 or so communications between LRH and Foster are referred to
: as 'advices' and are rather like email. This project was held highly
: confidential.

: At first the INCOMM project I refer to was completely independent of the
: RTC. The International Org Board in 1985 shows INCOMM parallel to RTC on
: the first charts, and shortly later in a revision, it shows up below the
: RTC and off-center without a direct line to the RTC.

: The INCOMM computer program based on the e-mail messages of LRH to Foster
: Tompkins (later, Ronnie Miscavige was included in the program) in which LRH
: describes a planet CHUG that was computer controlled. INCOMM is about
: implementing the CHUG concept. This was their 100% purpose. Within security
: areas its purpose was clearly labelled 'space opera stuff'. LRH said that
: in one of the confidential e-mail messages to Tompkins. There was a
: special computer in B-area that contained nothing but those 12 messages.
: One had to have an 'B' security clearance to read any of the advices/emails.
: This computer was _off-limits_ even for the RTC missions that came into
: INCOMM in '85. BTW, CHUG, and everything regarding this required a $500,000
: bond.

: It was several times mentioned that computerization would be paramount
: for exporting the tech. This was a quite normal assumption and not
: specifically secret.

: Putting all the pieces together, it appeared that they were researching
: the basics for a space org. Their mission goal was so confidential that
: there was no possible clearance for it. Tompkins reported _only_ to LRH
: until the official death of LRH early '86. As an aside, after LRH's death,
: Dr. Chuck Prenner took over the INCOMM project from Foster Thompkins and
: Ronnie Miscavige.
: Space Org Projects: Spatia Lingua: Language Database and Learning Program

: The project was to form a combined data base/language trainer/future
: translator for _every possible_ language, whether currently existing or not.

: Those that had studied the Pali dialect were recruited. Pali is not just
: a Sanskrit dialect. It is (besides the alleged language of the Buddha) the
: language that is, according to LRH, the closest to 'Spatia Lingua', the
: language that supposedly is the official diplomatic language in this
: sector. (As a side note, LRH also mentioned Pali in Battlefield Earth.)

: Those involved in the project were to 'test' the language data base by
: inputting 'German' and Pali'. The concept was that the data base would be
: filled with expressions while the person was learning the very language.
: This excludes any language for which native speakers already exist. The
: other function of the program connected to that data base, was to generate
: 'tutorial's' for the language that is being entered, again while the
: language is being entered (not just afterwards). This is quite an odd
: concept, unless one is not dealing with a completely alien language.

: >But what Foster was especially proud of when INCOMM was being established
: >in early 1982 was the security to make it imposible for unauthorized
: >access.
: >
: >Foster said there were basically three elements that INCOMM was to be
: >protected against. The first was internal personnel gaining unauthorized
: >access to files or mail.
: >
: >The second was external hackers. For a long time this was to not be a
: >problem as there was no modem hookup. There was no way one could dial into
: >the INCOMM data base. But Foster knew it would come and various firewalls
: >had to be put into place to ensure that no hacker could gain entry. He
: >promised INCOMM would be "hacker proof." "The CIA will be easier to get
: >into than us," he told me. (Some initial off-site connections were made
: >via microwave and, he said, a double encryption process.)
: >
: >The third was fascinating. INCOMM was located in the room where the old
: >Intelligence Bureau had been when it was raided in 1977. It was on the
: >ground (and slightly sub-ground) floor under the front of the Cedars
: >complex. There were no windows. Access was only through several specially
: >secured doors.
: INCOMM's facilities were upstat. It had 5 security areas (A-E), seperated
: with bullet and fire proof steel walls and doors.

: On the status side, at that time, INCOMM was sharing the dining room with
: RTC, a quite upstat room compared to the rest of the complex with teak wood
: all over. Later on, RTC, was dining in a seperate compartment of the room,
: seperated by a dividing door that was mostly half open.

: >
: >Knowing of the 1977 raid and to prevent it from happening again, there was
: >one person in charge of the entire system who sat at the back of this huge
: >room, behind locked doors and secured glass. Knowing that in the event of
: >a raid the power might be turned off, INCOMM had backup battery systems
: >and generators whose sole purpose was to keep the system on line long
: >enough for the systems operator to crash and trash it. The only entrance
: >was not only secured but had TV cameras so that, Foster figured, that even
: >with the highest speed of a raid, the systems operator had more than
: >enough time to crash/trash the system to prevent it from being
: >confiscated.
: >
: >Apparently the first time a "crash/trash" was done was in 1985.
: >Scientology staff arrived one morning and found they had no computer
: >files. INCOMM said there was a "crash" but what happened was that a rumor
: >of an impending IRS raid had caused them to delete all files. There was no
: >raid and despite the pleas of many, the files were NOT restored.
: >
: >They could have restored the files. Foster had initiated twice daily
: >backups of the entire system. These were to be taken off-site to a
: >confidential location by a secured courier, with only a few people knowing
: >that location.
: >
: >All of this was why INCOMM prided itself on being uncrackable.

: The INCOMM project I am referring to -is- still uncrackable, as I don't
: see any people talking about that aspect of it, or any that even knew about
: it.

: Old Timer

: >
: >Robert Vaughn Young
: >