RVY Re: LRH Letter to GO
[05 Sep 1997]

His analysis of his wife Sara Miles Hollister and why the HDRFs failed is classical Hubbard, rewriting history and insisting that anything to the contrary is part of the world wide conspiracy that is out to destroy him.

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From: writer@eskimo.com (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: RVY Re: LRH Letter to GO
Date: 5 Sep 1997 14:52:54 GMT
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I can verify this dispatch from L. Ron Hubbard. It was considered quite
secret at the time. It is important for a number of reasons. Historically,
it predates the Snow White program and actually starts to set it up. The
first actual SW dispatch was, I believe, Aug/Sept 72.

In this dispatch, Hubbard is salivating like mad. Look at some of his
thinking, e.g., anyone interested in Central America must be Rockefeller
connected. (Hubbard had this mania for the Rockefellers as central to the
world wide conspiracy.)

And how George Washington University is misreporting on him. Any time
anyone came CLOSE to GWU, Hubbard was quick to put in his cover story so
if anyone came up with his lousy school record, he could claim, "Ah, see!
That's what I meant!" He did that for years.

His analysis of his wife Sara, Miles Hollister and why the HDRFs failed is
classical Hubbard, rewriting history and insisting that anything to the
contrary is part of the world wide conspiracy that is out to destroy him.
Some of them are named here and there were more, especially overseas,
where he was being kicked out of country after country. It was never
anything HE did. No. It was always them, a growing conspiracy. It fed his
megalomania, his narcissism and his paranoia.

Intell Bureau had these targets and these names and despite years of work,
the conspiracy was never proven, except in the minds of those doing it and
- I confess - I came to believe it too. And when you believe it, then you
construct the facts to support you. You can "see the pattern," a pattern
that no one else can see it because they are part of the conspiracy or
duped by the conspiracy, which proves the conspiracy.

Robert Vaughn Young

RonIsXenu (ronisxenu@aol.com) wrote:

: L. Ron Hubbard

: CS-G 28th February, 1972
: D/G Int WW
: D/D/G INT US Dear Brian:

: Thank you for the excellent packaging of Oberholser (the late
: and very unlamented).

: The interest in this bad hat stems from the fact that he blew
: the whistle on Dianetics when St. Elizabeth psychiatrists were
: just beginning to use it and were for the first time getting
: results on patients at the National Asylum. He forbade them to
: use it but they disagreed heavily and privately used it for many
: years under cover. This broke up introducing Dianetics on regular
: channels - May 1950.

: Thereafter a violent and gory attack was mounted. It was
: begun by Oberholser, went over to George Wash U. Psychology Dept
: at once and there a student of the first Dianetics class (Dolly
: Jones) also a psychology student was hypnotized, beaten, told to
: go crazy, did so and we had to hospitalize her. We handled it so
: fast and so well no "Dianetics drove her crazy" could be
: campaigned and wasn't. This was the first hard flat out
: PR-Intelligence operation in Dianetics. Her state was not assisted
: by her husband, Col Jones of US Army Intelligence, also a member
: of the first Dianetics Class.

: From then on the NY Times Literary Section began an attack
: and a lot of violent track ran by which included DR. MEYER-ZELIG,
: a psychiatrist in San Francisco master-minding a kidnapping of me
: to fly me to St. Louis and be put away. His (Zelig's) plans
: miscarried. MILES HOLLISTER, formerly a psych student, got hold
: of SARA NORTHRUP (really Komknoidominoff) (or ov) and handed her
: over to Zelig who put her in deep hypnosis, fixated her on the
: idea I was trying to kill her and spun her in, in which state she
: has remained since. This caused the final destruction of the HDRF
: [Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation] as national press only
: played up her divorce.

: GENE BENTON, sec'y of the Young Communist League and others,
: were part of this.

: So you see why I am interested in this bad hat Oberholser.
: He struck the first blow.

: You do have evidence re Ezra Pound. It is on pg 29 of
: "Manufacture of Madness". Oberholser's connection to WFMH
: has not been picked up in this review but exists I believe
: in the WFMH rosters.

: We get a very out-pointy package on Oberholser.

: Majored in ECONOMICS. Six wks formal training as a head boiler,
: membership crossed to Council of Foreign Relations. All the best
: people and the "right societies" but they are very anti-Man.

: Interest in Central-South America - that's a Rockefeller clue.

: George Washington U altered and misreports my status to
: reporters. Once said I never went there now may have another
: tale.

: This ties back to Oberholser by what you've dug up.

: He is involved in Judicial degradations according to his
: works, fascinated with socking people in without trial. Siberia
: Bill included.

: Now when we hit and wrecked his Siberia Bill, Oberholser must
: have revived pressure. That funny dead man Brock Chisholm
: (undoubtedly connected as same societies) is reported by NAMH
: head SA to have said (1958?) "Scientology is dangerous" and
: the attack on us suddenly went all out mounting up to the
: FDA raid and finally all the "bans".

: Now WFMH is about to die, most of these old birds are carrion
: and we are making rapid headway once more.

: From all this sorting out of detail I hazard that we ran into
: and hit a massive plan to escalate the destruction of human
: liberty by psychiatry and didn't just dent it but are now
: approaching a total wreckage of their political-judicial
: decimation of the world scene.

: While this is just hitting the high spots it gives us a need

: Continue to apply pressure and mop up. Dead agent the wild false
: statements of the 1950-1970 scene by pin-pointing the general
: villainy of the agencies concerned (AMA, FDA, WFMH, NAMH, APA and
: George Wash. U where govt clerks go to get degrees to be FBI,
: Justice Attorneys, FDA execs and other track). Be alert that we
: have not omitted another spearhead that was also involved.
: Continue to look for NEW opposition and handle well.

: This search was a good one. He (Oberholser) was a member of
: the Club.

: Your work is appreciated.

: The above 1 to 4 general plan is called to the attention of
: the GO.

: Love, RON