RVY Re: Church Memo Discussing Coverup of Crimes
[05 Sep 1997]

This memo, posted by RonIsXenu, is dealing with Michael Meisner, who was the B1 (Intell Bureau) agent who finally went to the feds with his story of their burglaries of the fedreal offices, tapping IRS meetings, etc, which produced the raid of July 1977.

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From: writer@eskimo.com (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: RVY Re: Church Memo Discussing Coverup of Crimes
Date: 5 Sep 1997 15:02:31 GMT
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This memo, posted by RonIsXenu, is dealing with Michael Meisner, who was
the B1 (Intell Bureau) agent who finally went to the feds with his story
of their burglaries of the fedreal offices, tapping IRS meetings, etc,
which produced the raid of July 1977. His code name here is "Herb."

The story of how they tried to imprison him and how he finally escaped to
the feds will be found in the Stipulation of Evidence.

Of note, there is mention here of handwriting samples the feds might want
to make the connection to him (from logs in federal buildings). The feds
did that. They asked for them from a guy who worked in the Legal Bureau of
the DC org by the name of Rick Moxon. The FBI noted how Moxon gave them
false samples and cited his obstruction of the investigation. He is now
the cult's lead attorney.

Robert Vaughn Young

RonIsXenu (ronisxenu@aol.com) wrote:

: Sept. 26, 1976

: Notes from SEUS SEC [south east U.S. secretary].

: Forwarding up the attached I feel that I ought to add the following to
: it:

: 1. The CSW to Henning which I "refused" to forward was given to me
: Thurs night. At that time I was under the impression that H was doing
: up the overall story Patsy would be using so I guessed it would be
: forwared to him. When I found out that Cindy and I were putting
: together the story I held onto the CSW for possible use on that cycle.

: 2. This CSW is what I came up with following Herb having put together
: the above in petition form to MSH. I finally got
: across to him that this would be bypassing the lines on the cycle and
: that it was disguising a CSW as a petition to do so. This also
: followed Herb threatening to send the petition to MSH thru the mail.
: I pointed out that this would be a breach of security and would put MSH
: at risk. Point is that he was willing to at least threaten to do this.
: He has previously threatened to go back to DC on his own, wrote up a
: petition to MSH on being allowed to call his wife in DC (despite the
: fact that it had been explained to him that this would present a
: possible security problem). On the one hand Herb feels that his views
: are not being considered by command -- on the other it was his out
: security which got himself into this hole and I do not see that
: the view has changed that he is operating from.

: 3. The basic idea of simply denying the whole business and forcing the
: government to prove its case is fine so long as (1) we are sure that
: they can't, and (2) we are sure that a lot of messy supposition would
: not be aired in the case and/or dragged thru the press such as the
: dreadful doc, [document] etc.)

: 4. We do not have the assurance at this time that the govt does not
: have any surprises in store for us.

: 5. Line to pursue first on this is to push the Greg Taylor law suit
: and use any possibilities for Depo to discover what
: we can regarding their evidence, to get Silver's law suit moving faster
: to see what we can get here and to use the current plan of filling
: the vacuum in DC with Patsy and an attorney to fish for whatever
: we can in the way of data, concessions from the govt or written
: agreements to limit the investigation here and [illegible word].

: 6. Once this was determined it might well be worthwile to go
: ahead and just deny the whole business provided we have some way set up
: to limit any trial and keep the church out of it.

: 7. The plan as presented by Herb has numerous small security holes in
: it which would need to be handled -- cutting aside the arguments to go
: ahead with the idea. I feel that entering into the above is simply a
: desire to go back to DC as rapidly as possible, period.

: 8. I feel that the point about the fingerprints is a good one and
: would agree that this is quite unlikely.

: 9. Identification by Chris Hansen would not be too strong at this
: point either as she has certainly blown whatever credibility she might
: have with the misidentification of Taylor; silver could
: certainly help by saying that Herb looks like but is not Foster.
: Appearance change would help.

: 10. But alteration of handwriting would not. It should be possible for
: the FBI investigators to get other samples of Herb's handwriting done
: prior to the incident which would compare with the signature on the
: card regardless of how much different a later signature would be.

: 11. The story on where he was for the last 3 - 4 months has the obvious
: liability of placing another SCN at risk of perjury and or arrest for
: harboring a fugitive.

: 12. The possibility of handling the above story [illegible words].

: [This is all we have of this document]