Re: The Scn/1984 Parallel - Doublethink (RVY)
[08 Sep 1997]

There IS a coercion that occurs and it is quite staggering to experience it and then look back at it.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Re: The Scn/1984 Parallel - Doublethink (RVY)
Date: 8 Sep 1997 22:06:08 GMT
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Number 3 ( wrote:
snipping other remarks
: i'm curious if you have any thoughts about the similarities
: or differences between doublethink and mind control
: (e..g. as described by hassan). one aspect that seems
: similar is the sort of unconscious development of a separate
: belief structure/identity, while yet retaining (but maybe not
: using) the first.

Quite frankly, I would be relunctant to step into this debate for several
reasons. First, I hate the term "mind control" about as much as I dislike
"brainwashing." For whatever reason, we have yet to come up with a proper
English word/phrase for a phenomenon that DOES exist, despite the
arguments of some apologists that I've seen here.

I posted the "doublethink" description because it described what I
experienced and it had the advantage of being a "novel" and thus
purposefully away from "scientific" or "cult" oriented material. I was
trying to say that this decription is what I was familiar with, just for

There IS a coercion that occurs and it is quite staggering to experience
it and then look back at it. My problem is that if I choose to describe
it, then I am into some category of "Oh, that's just like..." or "That's
really nothing more than..." when I really can't say that what I decribe
is the entirety of the experience.

I read Hassan's text years ago and I've come quite a way since then so I
can't really comment on his as I don't trust my then-perception of it. But
I do stand by what is found in "1984." What is expecially powerful about
the book is that it gives the environment that holds it in place and it
gives the motives of those in control and the parallels were, for me,
staggering because it shows the "lie" that Party memebers lived in and how
they simply ignored it. That is what happens in a cult and people outside
it can't understand it and ask (e.g.,) "How could you belive this?" But in
"1984" Orwell gives you WHY people believed it. To simply ask the question
as to why the person deluded themselves or put themselves under such
control without knowing of the environment is to be quite naive.

Let's try "1984" as the example. Would the apologists call what happened
to Winston to be "mind control" that he comes to love Big Brother? What do
THEY call "doublethink"?

Move it away from Hassan, me , Singer, whoever. Put it on Orwell. Is there
"mind control" in that novel for THAT is the world that one can find in
Scientology's Sea Org.

Robert Vaughn Young