Re: Another Letter From Dr. LRH To FBI
[08 Sep 1997]

Another wonderful letter from Hubbard. All one has to remember is that in 1955, the US was in the grip of a massive anti-communism campaign and Hubbard was playing it to the hilt.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Re: Another Letter From Dr. LRH To FBI
Date: 8 Sep 1997 22:20:45 GMT
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Another wonderful letter from Hubbard. All one has to remember is that in
1955, the US was in the grip of a massive anti-communism campaign and
Hubbard was playing it to the hilt. This was an era when all you had to do
was call your neighbor a "commie" and they were ruined. Watch Hubbard at
his best. (Well, almost his best.) (laugh)

Robert Vaughn Young

RonIsXenu ( wrote:


: Box 242
: Silver Springs, Md.
: July 29, 1955

: Activities Division Ref - my earlier
: correspondence.

: Gentlemen:

: Having gotten on a somewhat more even keel after the collapse of the
: organization in Phoenix, Arizona (the HASI), and having begun operation in
: the East with more public success and enthusiasm than I am used to, I have
: a better perspective on what occurred in Phoenix.

: The attack on the HASI, like the attacks on the 1950 Hub-bard Dianetic
: Research Foundation found psychiatry and Communist connected personnel very
: much in evidence and both active with defamation and very unreasonable - and
: unsuccessful - attack.

: But something has now occurred which seems strange at this juncture
: and entirely too pat. I have received from an unim-peachable source an
: invitation to go to Russia. I have been told that this would be as easy as
: taking a taxi to the airport.

: But the oddity of this invitation is that the person ex-tending it,
: evidently on behalf of the Russian government, would not know anything about
: the trouble in Phoenix. He obviously has no connection with anything or
: anyone in Phoenix. Further, he knows little or nothing about Dianetics and
: Scientology and their organization history and would not know, by any usual
: means, what occurred in Phoenix. Out of the blue, on an acquaintance with
: me from many, manyXyears ago he locates me here, is very quiet and casual
: and then gradually works into the Russian situation and finally, with a
: burst of enthusiasm, confides in me that in view of the state of my
: organizations in the United States (about which he would really know nothing
: in fact) and in view of the U.S. public attitude toward me (which is in
: actuality rather good considering) and in view of the fact that I "am a
: cinch to be ruined by all the people who hate me in Internal Revenue" there
: is "really nothing left for it but to accept this Russian offer."


: In the greatest spirit of friendship and camaraderie it seems that I
: can go to Russia as an advisor or a consultant and have my own laboratories
: and receive very high fees. And it is all so easy because it has already
: been ascertained that I could get my passport extended for Russia and all
: I had to do was go to Paris and there a Russian plane would pick me up and
: that would

: Indeed I suppose that that would be that.

: This is my third invitation to go to Russia. The first was extended
: to me by a member of Amtorg in New York in 1938 who knew of my work in the
: field of the mind. The second occurred less directly in 1948 after some
: personal difficulty. This third has come when the Phoenix organization has
: been collapsed and it would not be known that it did not influence my own
: affairs as much as it might be thought.

: With this some of the personnel connected with the recent Phoenix trouble
: has now drifted into Washington. Shukrie Marinus, the girl connected
: with Jackins in Seattle has arrived here. Wm. Burke Belknap, although an
: officer in Phoenix seems either the effect of that activity or assisted it
: and is here, busy on the phone eight hours a day with local calls in an area
: where he has never lived. Carol Hadley Bryans, also an officer in Phoenix,
: has likewise arrived and is likewise busy on the phone but neither of these
: last two seem prone to do any work but are very busy spreading disquiet
: amongst the personnel connected with me here. Two young men, also strangely
: connected, arrived here and were sent home by me quickly - Bernard McKnown
: and Jim Henry both formerly of Hollywood - they arrived anxious to discredit
: the better people in the organization. One Jack Horner has come here and
: has many rumors with which to upset Washington personnel - Horner will be
: recalled as the minister recently deported from England by the Home
: Secretary; I have just stopped Horner from further defiance of English law
: on behalf of his "fiance" in London and further discrediting of Scientology
: in the English papers.

: In short I have my hands a little full but unless such people actually'can
: stir up great trouble we will survive easily and well. I am trying to
: disperse them from the area.

: I suppose when the Russian-inclined "friend" finds that


: my desires to travel in and work in Russia do not exist, I can
: expect more violent measures.

: I have not given you the name of this contact because he is a
: little too highly placed on the Hill and because it may be tha he is
: acting in an entirely friendly way and it sav be, as I sometimes
: learn, that the fate of Scientology and its adventures has good word
: of mouth. I would not submit you an irresponsible report which then
: might find me under the TV cameras telling one of this man's
: committees why I reported him as a Communist because I do not know
: that he is - I only hope that he and his influence has been quite
: liberal and in all the smoke of the summit he may be carried away
: with enthusiasm. But he did know, when no possible reasonable way
: existed for him to know too much about the activities of a subject
: about which he professes to know nothing and he has made several
: allusions to my possible fate in the United States, rather benign
: threats.


: (signed)

: L. Ron Hubbard