Hubbard's SPs/Hitler's Jews (RVY)
[11 Sep 1997]

There is a direct parallel between Hitler's views of "Jewish vermin" and Hubbard's views of "suppressive persons" (SPs) as well sa their "final solutions" that I would like to make.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Hubbard's SPs/Hitler's Jews (RVY)
Date: 11 Sep 1997 23:54:05 GMT
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Summary: parallels in how they were viewed
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There is a direct parallel between Hitler's views of "Jewish vermin" and
Hubbard's views of "suppressive persons" (SPs) as well sa their "final
solutions" that I would like to make. Others might want to fill this out
with some quotes from Hubbard.

What is a "suppressive person"? Basically it is a person disagreeing with
Hubbard and/or Scientology doctrine, according to him/them. More on that

Those in the RTC (Religious Technology Center) and the OSA (Office of
Special Affairs) are the ones who fervently hold to these views of SPs.
Quite honestly, most of them would honestly be shocked at the suggestion
that they view SPs the way Hitler and the Nazis viewed Jews because - in
an astounding leap of "doublethink" - they are told that THEY are the
oppressed. However when the RTC/OSA staff get to sit around and hear
reports of how this SP is under attack and that SP is under attack, they
smile and they laugh and they want to hear more. They delight in the bad
news for SPs. That is because they really don't connect SPs with being
real people any more than Jews were people. Nazis could do anything they
wanted to Jews. So RTC/OSA can do anything to SPs.

It is a long-standing Dept 20 joke that attacking an SP actually HELPS
them. It gives them "case gain." It will "make their TA move." (A complex
inside joke.)

If an SP is forced out of his job, it is good, just as it was good if a
Jew was fired or thrown out on the street. If an SP goes to a club meeting
and the membership has turned against him, it is good, as it was good for
the Jew. In fact, any misfortune is good for the SP/Jew. They deserve it,
according to Hubbard/Hitler.

The point is that there is no sense of humanity connected to what befalls
the SP, any more than there was humanity connected to the Jew. That is why
anything can be done to the SP, as it was the Jew.

When I was watching the movie "Schiendler's List," there were scenes that
chilled me in a way that is difficult to relate. For example, when the
camp commandant is shooting into the camp, using Jews as target practice.

And the scene where the commandant is walking through the ranks of Jews
and randomly shooting them in the heads while they have to stand there,
waiting to see if they are the next to die.

I watched these scenes and a chill ran through me. I had not personally
seen such acts of violence but I had seen that evil, that wish that one
could walk through the ranks of the SPs and randomly shoot them, for sheer
pleasure. I had felt the hate when it was generated and I joined in it,
laughing with the executives and the others at the misery of an "enemy,"
someone lower than I and my group.

And before anyone take too much exception with my parallel, let me make
another: segregationists and blacks. There is no doubt in my mind that
there were segregationists who would have enjoyed a camp full of blacks
that they could randomly shoot at, or kill randomly as the commandant
could. Dare we find another parallel?

My point is that evil is evil. It is not unique to a group. (American's
were shocked to learn how barbaric the Viet Nam war had made many of our
soldiers.) But this newsgroup is alt.religion.scientology and I was in
that cult for nearly 21 years and I was in the section that dealt with SPs
and I know the feeling of detached exhilaration one gets in destroying
one's "enemy." They are "out there," as if in a movie or at a sporting
event. They are not real They are not people. They do not feel or care or
love or have values that we should cherish, which merely justifies and
redefines the hate. (You can watch some of it right here on ARS.)

Hubbard's policies are filled with such propaganda to create such
attitudes, from the "Bolivar PL" where he says a true leader doesn't care
about piles of enemy bodies to policies how to "ruin" the lives of
critics. These are studied and restudied in the RTC/OSA and they seep into
the mentality so the "enemy" become like vermin/bacteria and one doesn't
cry or worry about destroying vermin.

What then is an 'SP"? The RTC/OSA speaker will say people who seek to
destroy humanity, murderers etc. But I challenge anyone to find one "SP
Declare" where murder is cited as the reason for the declare. There is
naught one. Instead, people are declared SPs for leaving the organization
without permission or speaking with the authorities or being critical of
Hubbard. SP "declarations" are used to silence, to weed out dissidents,
and to make examples of others so the rank and file learn to keep their
mouths shut.

Hubbard's "Final Solution"

Look at what Hubbard wanted to do with SPs. (There have been some good
quotes to ARS.) He believed that 2% of the population was SP and they
should be sent off to camps, their civil rights suspened, and isolated
from the rest of society. Sound familiar? That would be the camp - a camp
of SPs - where the "commandant" could use them for target practice, the
way such minds have inhumanely used others.

Or Hubbard tells how one ruler ridded his country of lepers. (If someone
could find the exact quote...) According to Hubbard, the ruler announced
had created a special kingdom for the sick and he would be taking them
there. They happily boarded a large boat that was taken to sea and the
boat sunk. As Hubbard put it, the disease was gone - and his inference is

That Hubbard would chuckle over the killing of hundreds or thousands of
lepers (while someone like Princess Diana would shake their hand) says
much for his tolerance and position as "a friend to Mankind." It takes
little to see that that is what he wanted to do that with the SP/vermin.
After all, it was cheaper than a camp.

If it sounds impossible to apologists, then they need to read some more
Hubbard. Not the milk-toast version pandered to the general public, like
photos of Hitler with children. Let's read some real Hubbard, the
confidential ones in the RTC/OSA packs. (RonIsXenu has posted some
excellent examples.) These are what they study to learn that it is alright
to ruin the life of a person, for that "person" is not a "person" but an
"SP." (Ref: Hubbard's policy, PR by redfinition of words is how he does
this. The "SP" label allows the detachment.)

And that is the detachment that is created in and by RTC/OSA.(1)

I know there are a few in there that it sometimes bothers but they have
learned to close their minds ("doublethink") and laugh at the stories of
how this SP and that SP were hit recently. They cannot speak out any more
than a Nazi officer would have spoken out. The weeding-out process to make
that jump guarantees those with greater loyalties. For someone in the
RTC/OSA to complain would make them the target of this humiliation and
harassment, starting with the RPF, Hubbard's own private "camp" where one
learns what it is like to be a "nigger" or a "kike," right down to the
armbands. "Niggers" and "kikes" didn't have rights either. Neither do SPs,
the "niggers" and "kikes" that need to be destroyed. That was the basis of
Hubbard's original Fair Game. It will be found in his writings(2) and it
will be found in the minds and actions of the RTC/OSA and those they hire.

And rising above this is Hubbard's "Homo novis," the "New Man" that
Hubbard said he was creating via his doctrines, reminiscent of the Nazi
Obermensch or superman. Hubbard saw them as his creations - made in his
image - that would rise above those "pieces of meat" he called "wogs"
[what you are before you become a Scientologist] and take over the world,
creating a new order according to his singular policies and ideas. Sound

Obermensch - Homo Novis
Niggers/Kikes - SPs/(wogs)
Thousand Year Reich - Billion Year Contract
Concentration Camps - RPF camps
Nuremberg Rally - IAS/RTC Rally

Which reminds me of an incident in Hamburg, when I was visiting once. I
had spent several hours with the head of the Office of the Protection of
the Constitution and when we were done, he asked me if I had any pictures
of the leaders of the organization. I opened an IAS magazine and it
happened to fall to a fold-out (three page) photo spread of an IAS rally.
Before I could turn the page, the man held it open and looked. The picture
was of an event, probably at the Los Angeles Shrine Auditorium, taken from
one of the highest seats to give a wide perspective. It looked down on
spotlights, banners and flags and huge photos of Hubbard and at the center
of the stage was a lone figure, probably David Miscavige. The man beside
me paused and then looked to his aide and said one word, "Nuremberg." The
aide nodded silently, as they both looked at the photo. I did too, a chill
running through me, realizing even more why the German government watches
this group.

They have seen it before and they don't want to see it again.

Never again.

Robert Vaughn Young

(1) It does not extend that much to the rank and file Scientologist. Yes,
they believe there are "SPs" but they all don't carry that evil bile in
their system that gives sadistic joy when another person is harmed. If
they do, if they can enjoy the harming or destruction of another person
for whatever reason (usually that the person deserves it), they are simply
good recruitment material for the RTC/OSA.

(2) These are far from the entirety of Hubbard's writings but this
militant hate literature - and let's call it what it is - does constitute
the core of RTC/OSA's policies. For a good example, find a copy of CSC
Pres. Jentzsch's checksheet that he turned over in a court case.