Re: Excalibur
[14 Sep 1997]

The COS won't publish "Excalibur" for several reasons.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Re: Excalibur
Date: 14 Sep 1997 00:58:04 GMT
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Geir Corneliussen ( wrote:
: Exile49 wrote:
: >
: > I have an idea that this book is so stupid, so inane and simply nuts
: > that the CoS would do anything to prevent anyone from publishing it or
: > putting it online. It would make the whole of Scientology look worse than
: > it is.
: > Remember, Hubbard had not by this time firmed up the parameters of his
: > fraud. I would expect to find wholesale contradictions with later work
: > contained in this book. It is too bad we don't have a copy, a lot of fun
: > could be had I think.
: > Hello,This is my first posting in this very amusing and active newsgroup.I have some questions on EXCALIBUR.

: Does anybody know if this book really exists?I remember from reading
: BARE FACED MESSIAH,that Ron talked about this book in his typical maniac
: manner for quite some time.Just to make people curious, telling stuff
: like;It is hidden away in a bankbox etc etc..because it's very dangerous
: etc etc.,.If I don't remember wrong.Now,knowing what a big liar Ron
: was,I have never belived that this book really existed.I always thought
: it was just another way to make himself 'popular',:)Are there any proof
: on existence?Have I missed something?
: I am really curious about this.

Yes, it exists and I read it when I was sent to the Armstrong archives as
part of a USGO project in 1981. (Gerry also read them.) I really need to
get to that point in my memoir as there is a long story about it (there
are actualy three versions of it) and Hubbard.

But you'll find a too-short but accurate account in Jon Atack's "Piece of
Blue Sky." It is true that Hubbard was coming off nitrous oxide when he
started it so what you really have is a "drug trip," a guy who suddenly
has (as if on LSD) a major insight into the secrets of the universe, who
throws them down onto paper and the only problem is that ... it's a drug
trip. But such experiences have profound effects on the drugged person and
it had such an effect on Hubbard. He stayed "up" (from the drug) for weeks
- in his words, he was "up a pole" - fully convinced that he had seen it
all but really - hate to disappoint everyone - it is a rambling text about
...everything. But then, looking back on it, what do you expect from
someone on drugs and alcohol? That's the other thing he did while writing
it, according to his diaries, was he drank around the clock. He ate
nothing, he was so "up." This went on for days. No food. Just booze. So
between the booze and the drugs, this may explain why it never sold. But
he could not give up that he had seen it all. (And see Atack's book on the
aftereffects. That was when he started to claim he would be immortalized
and be more famous than any US president etc. The drugs/booze really did
have an effect on his mind and he kept thinking it was the "secret.")

Me, I read it when I was in awe of the man and I was ready to be blown
away by the secrets and I remember so well sitting there thinking, this is
it? This is the Great Secret? To take a line from him in "Dianetics 55,"
the Big Secret is that there is no secret and that is exactly the
"secret" of "Excalibur."

Quite frankly, his diaries about writing it and some letters - which I
also read - were a LOT better than it! (laugh) But then I always thought
that his best writings were in his diaries, when he wasn't writing for
anyone else but himself.

The COS won't publish "Excalibur" for several reaons. First, copies DID
slip out and the "editing" that would be needed to turn this into readable
prose is so extensive that it would not hold up against a copy of the
original(s). Second, Scientologists would be horribly disappointed by the
original(s) after all the hype for years by Hubbard (the Russians wanted
it, only copy being stolen, it drives people crazy, it has the OT sections
in it, it was locked in a safe, it was destroyed by him blah blah blah -
he created more stories about the fate of this book than he created
medals he had won in the war and some - not surprisingly - conflict with
each other). What they will do is try to find little snippets in it that
they can toss out and, typical of Hubbard, you can always find a snippet
to toss. We did it all the time. (laugh)

But there is one way they could do it. A great marketing scheme would be
to create something, make one copy and put it on the "Freewinds" for
people to come read after they do OT8 for, say, $10,000 an hour. There
would be only the one copy and no one could compare and the high level of
OT needed to read it would be perfect PR. Hubbard would love the idea! And
you know what? There are some people who would do it because if they
swallow OT8, they will swallow anything. (Hey guys, if you do this,
do I get a percentage?) (laugh)

I'll try to write more about it later.

Robert Vaughn Young