Open Letter- RVY to Corea & Travolta
[23 Sep 1997]

An Open Letter from Robert Vaughn Young to Chick Corea and John Travolta.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Open Letter- RVY to Corea & Travolta
Date: 23 Sep 1997 20:31:30 GMT
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Summary: RVY to Chick Corea & John Travolta
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An Open Letter from Robert Vaughn Young to Chick Corea and John Travolta

Chick, you will remember me and can vouch who I am.

John, we've met and I will describe the most unusual circumstances to see
if you remember.

This letter has two parts. The first part reminds you of who I am. The
second part makes an offer.

My name is Robert Vaughn Young. Chick and the others who knew me during my
21 years in Scientology knew me by my middle name. I spent about 20 years
on staff, nearly all of it in some form of public relations. I worked in
the Guardian's Office from 1971-73 in San Francisco and then 1973-1982 at
the US Guardian's Office. From early 1982 until 1989 (except for 16 months
in the RPF out at Gilman Hot Springs), I was in Author Services, Inc.,
serving with David Miscavige, until he moved to RTC.

Chick, you will remember my visits to your home, and even your Mad Hatter
studio. I had been sent in to talk to you about your role as a celebrity
in Scientology, e.g., your tours and media appearances. I was to get you
to do something, remember?

John, we first met at the Anaheim Convention Center in 1982. You weren't
fully on lines with us then. But we found a gathering you were attending
and I crashed the function to give you a copy of "Battlefield Earth" that
was (you were told) autographed to you by LRH. You were clearly puzzled at
someone appearing at that function with a "message from L. Ron Hubbard"
but I suspect you will remember that and the inscription.

The two of you have moved to the fore of Scientology and the sad part is
that you do not know what is hidden not only from you, but from the rank
and file Scientologist, not to mention the authorities and the media.

For example, when a former member of the RPF confessed that he had helped
to build a private apartment for Tom Cruise and plant a field of flowers
for Tom and Nicole at the Gilman base, Tom's attorney called it a lie and
threatened to sue, even though the statement was made in a declaration
filed in a federal court case in Los Angeles. It is my belief that Tom
doesn't know about the use of RPF labor ($5 per week for 12 hour days, 7
days a week) and would be appalled if he did.

John, you have complained about treatment in Germany. You need to know the
rest of the story. I've been there three times and have met with
government officials. I also wrote an article for "Der Spiegel" magazine
that gives the actual background and history of the Germany-Scientology
conflict. The conflict is not what you are being told. I know because I
was part of the original program that started back to the early 1970s. It
was the "Snow White' program that produced the 1977 raids and that sent
Mary Sue Hubbard and 10 others to jail. You need to know what is

Plus if you are going to speak out against abuse of Scientologists, you
need to learn about what is being done to them by the organization
itself, such as forced abortions, the incarcerations, the beatings,
deprivations and other degradations. Nor do you know what is being done to
silence people from writing letters like this. (Go back to the covert
operations of the Guardian's Office that came out in the FBI raid and you
will get an idea.)

If you are going to represent Scientology to our government, the media and
the general public, it is incumbent upon you to hear ALL of Scientology,
including those being abused while inside and outside

At the very least, you need to hear us out, don't you think? After all,
Scientology promotes itself as having the ability to communicate and - per
"Your Post and Life" - not even an SP can stand up to it.

Thus I propose that the two of you and I and a couple of other former
high-ranking Scientologists all meet and we talk. We share some documents,
perhaps some videos. You get a chance to hear from us and we from you.

And to make it fully open, two members of the media should be there
merely to observe, not participate. It should be filmed/recorded so there
is no argument as to what was said. Copies would be given to all there.

If Scientology is advocating open dialogue and discussions, then it should
be the first to agree that its current spokespeople will speak with those
of us who used to know you. If they do not, we should all know why not.

If that is too much to suggest, then I say we sit down privately and work
something out. If nations can do it, why not you and me?

I am making this suggestion on my own origination. I spoke with no one
else. I am posting it to the Net (alt.religion.scientology) in the hope
that it will wend its way to one of you, especially Chick. Quite frankly,
I can't see them allowing you to see this, let alone speak with me but I
have to make the effort and I want the world to know the offer was made.

If you want to talk about talking, I'm very willing, especially
one-on-one, privately. (We spent enough time together, Chick, for you to
know my style.) I'm expecting to be in LA soon, if that is convenient.
Meanwhile, I'm not hiding. I'm in the Seattle phone book. And if you do
call - boy, am I a romantic! - bear with me if I ask you a few questions
from our meetings that you will remember so I can confirm you.

Chick, John, here's the chance to show that Scientology has the technology
to deal with anyone, especially former staff/members.

Set a good example.

Over to you,

Robert Vaughn Young

Robert Vaughn Young