Hubbard & His Scn Celebs as "quarry"
[27 Sep 1997]

Hubbard names celebrities as "quarry" to be "hunted".

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Hubbard & His Scn Celebs as "quarry"
Date: 27 Sep 1997 23:35:02 GMT
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Hubbard names celebrities as "quarry" to be "hunted"

I made reference in another post to an early L. Ron Hubbard issue about
his view of celebrities. I found it. Because of the interest in
Scientology's use of celebrities to front for the organization, and
because of the importance of this directive he wrote in forming the basis
of Scientology's search for celebriteis, I want to pass this on. It also
shows how Hubbard viewed them, meaning how they are viewed today.

"Project Celebrity" appeared in the "Ability" newsletter (Minor II - a
complicated designation LRH gave to his in-house magazines) that was
issued in early 1955. (There is promotion for an upcoming "Congress" on
June 3-5 to be held in Phoenix, Arizona.)

In it, LRH announces "Project Celebrity" to find celebrities. "It is
obvious what would happen to Scientology if prime communicators benefiting
from it would mention it now and then," LRH says. So he offers a list of
celebrities and says to write and say which one the reader wants. "We will
then allocate this person to you as your game," Hubbard says.

Hubbard goes on to say, "Having been awarded one of these celebrities, it
will be up to you to learn what you can about your quarry and then put
yourself at every hand across his or her path, and not permitting
discouragements or 'no's' or clerks or secretaries to intervene, in days
or weeks or months," to get them into an auditing session.

Hubbard says all costs for the hunt are to be borne by the hunter assigned
the celebrity. But he will "Award the celebrity to you as your quarry" and
give you exclusive hunting rights. "If you want one of these celebrities
as your game, write us at once so the notable will be yours to hunt
without interference." He also offers two weeks of "special coaching" in
Phoenix, if you pay for the trip there and your own living expenses.

Hubbard warns, "These celebrities are well guarded, well barricaded,
over-worked, aloof quarry." But, if you are successful, "If you bring one
of them home you will get a small plaque as your reward."

In reading Hubbard's list of celebrity "quarry," remember, this is 1955 so
many names will be unfamiliar to many but it is an impressive list. Had
Hubbard gained even a small percentage from the list, he would have made
headway. However, there is no record that even one of these "quarry" were
turned or captured.

Here are Hubbrd's celebrity "quarry" for 1955:

Walter Winchell
Edward R. Murrow
Ed Sullivan
Marlene Dietrich
Robert Q. Lewis
Orson Welles
Ernest Hemmingway
Danny Kaye
Joseph Alsop
Stewart Alsop
Sid Caesar
Louella Parsons
Walt Kelly
Charles Laughton
Gaylord Hauser
Eric Johnson
Fred Allen
Harry Seeger
John Ford
Elliott White Springs [sic]
Gabriel Heatter
Arthur Godfrey
George Gobel
Fulton J. Sheen
James Stewart
Howard Hughes
Philip Wylie
Billy Graham
Hedda Hopper
Bob Hope
Artie Shaw
Pablo Picasso
Al Capp
Walt Disney
Milton Berle
Duncan Hines
Dorothy Kilgallen
Gene Fowler
Jimmy Hatlo
Gordon MacRae
Jackie Gleason
Lowell Thomas
Frank Edwards
Joe Lewis
Vincent Price
Red Skelton
Joshua Logan
Henry Luce
Walter Lippman
Groucho Marx
Darryl Zanuck
Cecil B. DeMille
Leopold Stokowski
Arturo Toscanini
Bing Crosby
Edward G. Robinson
Greta Garbo
Robert C. Ruark
Earle Stanley Gardner
Charles Addams
Robert Montgomery
Donald O'Conner
-end of list-

After four decades, one can look back with some amusement (e.g., at the
idea that someone was going to convert Bishop Fulton Sheen or Evangelist
Billy Graham) or see the ironies of history, e.g., Hubbard came to hate
Henry Luce, the head of Time/Life. Merely note that if you know who these
people were/are and categorize them into their areas of influence
(entertainment, arts, media, finance, religion, etc.), it gives insight
into what Hubbard was trying to do and what Miscavige is now doing with
John Travolta, Chick Corea, etc. (Also note that political figures were
absent. Hubbard was not ignorant of their importance but the plan was
clearly to get the celebs first, just as they are doing today.)

In the next issue of "Ability," Hubbard added a note about "Project
Celebrity" in which he "assures all hunters that reports, names, progress,
and all other material" will not be published. To the "hunters," he wishes
"excellent hunting." And then, with Hubbard's typical sense of
self-importance, he adds, "To the celebrities who have been chosen we
extend our congratulations."

Hubbard closes by saying these people have tried various forms of therapy
and not only need Scientology auditing but "THEY ARE KEENLY AWARE of the
need for auditing." (Hubbard's caps.) Thus, "You might as well be informed
of this fact - that your quarry is looking for you, a lot harder than you
are looking for him. Might as well give the guy a hand."

Makes one wonder if Celebrity Center should be renamed, "Quarry Center."

Robert Vaughn Young

Robert Vaughn Young