RVY re Minton & Dept 20 Terrorism
[16 Dec 1997]

In the past, Dept 20 targets were alone and isolated and much that was done to them was lost. But now, with the Net, their punk/thug tactics can be known by the world.

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From: writer@eskimo.com (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: RVY re Minton & Dept 20 Terrorism
Date: 16 Dec 1997 19:11:04 GMT
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Summary: The attack on Minton is typical of Scn's Dept 20
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The message of the dead cat thrown on Bob Minton's doorstep by the
punk/thug cowards of Dept 20 is quite clear, now that Bob has helped my
wife and I reestablish our animal sanctuary. The tactic is how
Scientology's criminal section operates: by threat, intimidation,
harassment and breaking the law to do it. That is why Dept 20 has been
raided so many times around the world and why Dept 20 executives have gone
to jail.

Dept 20 (aka the Office of Special Affairs) uses these tactics because -
quite frankly - they have sometimes worked. The difference now is the Net.
In the past, Dept 20 targets were alone and isolated and much that was
done to them was lost. But now, with the Net, their punk/thug tactics can
be known by the world. And since Dept 20 has a learning curve that is as
flat as they come, they will not change. They cannot change. They are
being directed by a mentality that will be their own destruction.

A couple of years ago, I made an analogy and said that the Net would be to
Scientology what Viet Nam was to the United States. I hold to that more
than ever. As with the Viet Nam war, the military-think is in control: all
they need is more force and more attacks. But, as with Viet Nam, the
result is sickening the world. The tactics of this crusade is turning
people against the campaign.

The end may not come soon nor will it come easily. Criminal movements do
not reform themselves. No one expected that military commanders would come
to their senses in Viet Nam and realize that the campaign was destroying
not only that country but our own and no one should expect that Dept 20
personnel will come to their senses and realize that they are destroying
their own organization. It will require, as it did with Viet Nam, other
elements to bring this to a halt. Perhaps - unlikely, but perhaps -
elements within the movement will step forward but that is as likely as
expecting citizens of the old Soviet Union to take to the streets. They
did, but only in the final days and that pattern will probably hold.

Until then, a battle rages but it is not the battle that Dept 20 sees or
describes any more than Viet Nam was the battle that the generals saw. It
is a battle being waged by Dept 20 against an enemy that it is creating
and then when that created "enemy" fights back, it becomes a
self-fulfilling prophecy as Dept 20 personnel and their hired legal whores
scream, merely because someone defended themselves against attack.
However, the time will come when, as with Viet Nam, when the number of
people who say "Enough!" will outnumber those who are silent and that is
when the scales of Justice will - finally - begin to balance. Until then,
the salivating dogs of war of Dept 20 will wage their hate-filled
campaigns because they have the money to do so and they are driven to do
so and the rank-and-file Scientologist has no idea how evil a portion of
their movement has become. It is my firm belief that if people like John
Travolta knew of the abuse that his money is buying, if he knew of the
gulags where any who object are sent, if he knew of the beatings, the
abortions, the degradations and the deaths, that he would not denouce
Germany for attacking such practices but he would instead turn to reform
practices within his own organization rather than its victims. If he wants
to look for Scientology victims, he can start at home.

Perhaps someone like a John Travolta could be reached with the truth but
it is not easy. Citizens of totalitarian states see the rest of the world
as a threat because that is what they are taught and that is - sadly -
what John Travolta sees.

Years ago, citizens of the Soviet Union would come to the West and
complain about the "degradation" of capitalism and how superior their
Marxist-Leninist technology was. Then they returned to that bleak, stark,
fear-driven society and continued their double-think, believing that what
they were doing was truly the best. That is what is going on in the
Scientology movement. The amount of propaganda that is being used to
maintain control has to be at an all-time high and sooner or later, it
will begin to crack as more and more of its "citizens" are exposed to the

And that is the strength of the Net and that is why Dept 20 hates it. They
hate it because they cannot control it. Totalitarian states must control
all information feed to the citizens. Elements that cannot be controlled
must be destroyed or silenced or even "jammed," as the Soviet Union tried
to do to radio broadcasts from the West. That is what Dept 20 has tried
with alt.religion.scientology. They have tried to destroy it, silence it
and even jam it. They have also tried to silence transmission points -
Dennis, Arnie, Lawrence, FACTNet, not to mention a host of others who have
come under attack at home and at work.

That is why a dead cat was thrown on Bob Minton's doorstep.

A few years ago, no one would have known about it. But now the world does.

Thanks to people like Bob, it is only a matter of time and the amount of
time left has been greatly shortened.

Robert Vaughn Young * The most potent weapon of the oppressor is *
writer@eskimo.com * the mind of the oppressed. - Steve Biko *