Minton Here, Minton There, Robert Minton Everywhere (RVY)
[29 Dec 1997]

The right Why, Hubbard says, will "open the door to handling." The Why is followed by the steps needed to handle the situation and turn things around. Every Why has a Who, or a group of Whos. They become the target of the handlings.

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From: (Robert Vaughn Young)
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Subject: Minton Here, Minton There, Robert Minton Everywhere (RVY)
Date: 29 Dec 1997 01:43:32 GMT
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Summary: Why the cult's Dept 20 has a woodie for Minton
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Apparently Robert Minton has been found as Scientology's latest/newest
Who. In case you don't know how important this is, let me explain.

First, for those who do not know who I am, I spent nearly 21 years in the
cult, most of it in Department 20 (the Guardian's Office, later renamed
the Office of Special Affairs), the section that finds "Whos" and attacks
them. My credentials can be found in an article I wrote for Quill, the
magazine of the Society of Professional Journalists, which is archived at
Other posts I have made about Scientology and its criminal Dept 20 can be
found at

On to Minton as The Who.

Americans are infamously suspicious of conspiracies, and L. Ron Hubbard is
a classic example. But while others dream up massive conspiracies to
explain various government actions or UFOs or anything else that cannot be
otherwise explained, Hubbard dreamed them up to explain his own failures.
As far as Hubbard was concerned, he was never responsible for the problems
that beset him or any Dianetics or Scientology organization. When you see
him "eating crow" (one of his favorite phrases) it is always self-serving,
as in his ubiquitous directive Keeping Scientology Working, where he tells
us how he learned it was a mistake to believe that anyone but he could
build the Scientology system, and how when he tried it, the system nearly
failed and thus he had to most benificently take control, all for our own
good, of course. That's an example of when he admits to a "mistake."

But when it comes to a problem or a criticism, he cannot own up to it. His
view and the view that is beaten into everyone's head in the cult is that
when you succeed, Hubbard gets the credit. When you fail, you (or someone
else) will take the blame.

So it is with the organization. Their problems with Germany or the
Internet or the media or Clearwater are not of their making. No, no!

This is where the conspiracies come in.


Since the early 1950s, Hubbard has been blaming other people and
organizations for his problems. Since his death his successors have
continued the same tradition. The fact that these problems have never
resolved has always been explained away by the idea that the "most basic"
link in the conspiracy of suppression hasn't been found.

The common thread has been psychiatry and psychiatrists, whom Hubbard
blamed not only for creating crime, poverty, economic collapse and
political chaos around the world but also for inventing sex. Yes, Hubbard
said psychiatry invented sex and that is how the psychiatric conspiracy
controls the world. (No, there is not yet a UFO coming behind the next
comet but there were UFOs that came to Earth 75 million years ago and you
have some of the passengers in your body. But that is another conspiracy
of Hubbard's. Let's return to the simpler ones.)

Hubbard believed that a man was known not only by his friends but by his
enemies. Who wants to have weaklings at either side? What would the world
think of you if your problems were due to the West Mountainside Junior
High School Harmonica Band? No, one needs better enemies than that to
impress people and so Hubbard began to dream them up.


I read about some of them after I got into Scientology in 1968, by merely
reading some of his policy letters and bulletins. One can't avoid them.
And so many times he would say how it was all "documented" and "proven"
that there were massive conspiracies out to stop him and Scientology. So
when I joined Department 20 in 1971 (then known as the Guardian's Office;
the name wasn't changed to the Office of Special Affairs until 1981) and
went to USGO headquarters in Los Angeles for extensive training, I was
very excited to learn about these conspiracies. By moving into that
echelon that dealt with them directly to protect Scientology, I was going
to learn WHO was behind them all. I would finally see the "proof."

I was given "secret" files that came from clippings and reports from the
Intelligence Bureau spies and operatives. (That bureau has been renamed
the "Information Division.") For weeks I poured over the boxes but -- alas
-- I could not find who was doing it! Unfortunately, the "proof" was so
"hot" that it had to be kept with him and wife Mary Sue in their locked
safe on the ship!

Well, I was already caught up in the idea, so it merely whetted my
appetite. After all, it couldn't be Hubbard's/Scientology's fault, could


In 1970, Hubbard began to write what became known as the "Data Series,"
supposedly analyzing for the first time how the human mind really worked
and how data was handled. The first in the series was called "The Anatomy
of Thought" and the second "Logic," to give an idea of his approach. Of
course, this became The Official/Only Way to analyze information. The
official name of such an analysis was an "evaluation," or, as we always
called, an "eval."

Evals had a form, starting with the "situation." A situation was a major
departure from an ideal scene, e.g., a lost lawsuit, a large media story
that is critical, a long-term unhandled critic, etc.
Alt.religion.scientology would be an unhandled situation, for example.

By a series of steps one comes down to find the "Why" of the situation.
The right Why, Hubbard says, will "open the door to handling." The Why is
followed by the steps needed to handle the situation and turn things

Every Why has a Who, or a group of Whos. They become the target of the
handlings. If it is an in-the-organization eval, the Who might be the top
executive or a section. (When in-the-org, the why will usually be some
non-application of Hubbard technology. It is NEVER NEVER NEVER due to the
application of Hubbard. Never! Not in the org or outside of it.)

But the wildest evals are the ones that concern Scientology's external
problems, the ones they create.


Hubbard's earliest Who was the Communist Party. He launched Dianetics in
the midst of fervent anti-communist sentiment in the early 1950s.
Communist-hunting was a disgusting fad and Hubbard jumped on the
bandwagon, writing letters to the FBI blaming his problems on the
communists. He began to name some of his staff and even his former wife as
top communist agents. A perceptive agent at the Bureau wrote "Appears
mental" on one of his letters and threw it in the file. Had Hubbard known
this, he would have gone after the FBI as part of the conspiracy.

Later Hubbard's Who became the National Association of Mental Health, the
American Psychiatric Association and the American Medical Association.
When the FBI didn't help him, it then became the FBI and when the IRS gave
him problems it then became the IRS. Along the way we had the Better
Business Bureau and the Food and Drug Administration and the Department of
Justice. In the UK, it was the Home Office, MI5, MI6, various members of
Parliament... The list just went on and on and on.

Each time, he fed the information to the membership as if he were letting
them in on a Top Secret document. (To keep your orientation, atomic
weapons and UFOs were also becoming news. People were starting to learn
and think about "government secrets" in a way they had not before.) Each
time, Hubbard announced he had made another "major breakthrough" with yet
another discovery as to the great conspiracy to destroy mankind, i.e.,
criticize him. Each time, it produced a flood of support and more money
and more recruits. But, inevitably, the criticism returned. The
"handlings" no more stuck than Jello nailed to a wall. Since Hubbard (and
wife Mary Sue) were the only ones coming up with these, Hubbard needed
more and better excuses.


When he was sailing the Mediterranean and being chased out of one country
after another, he couldn't take the blame, of course. Oh, occasionally, he
blamed one of the crew members for screwing up his orders, but that
couldn't explain the enormous dislike that he and his organization
encountered wherever they went. So he had to come up with more
conspiracies and each one had to be larger.

That was how he found Interpol as the Who in 1973. According to Hubbard's
Snow White eval, Interpol was the "conveyor belt" for a tight-knit
conspiracy that was working out of (then) West Germany. He designed the
Snow White Program to find and destroy them. Unfortunately, the FBI got in
the way, sending wife Mary Sue and 10 others to jail and naming Hubbard as
an unindicted coconspirator. Of course, Hubbard wasn't to blame for that,
even though he wrote the program and approved everything.

Now Scientology is having trouble with Germany and the Internet, not to
mention the NY Times, the SP Times, the Clearwater and Florida
authorities, the Greek government, Time magazine, the (original) Cult
Awareness Network, FACTNet, Wollersheim, "60 Minutes" and several other
"suppressive" individuals and groups. So Dept 20 has to go looking for the
common thread. Here's one: me. I've spoken with all but the Greek
government. (Sorry, guys, but if someone will give me an email address,
I'll be happy to complete the collection.) I've even been to Germany three
times. Germany. Where the Secret Cabal is headquartered, plotting daily
how to destroy "mankind's only hope." (One really has to appreciate the
amount of paranoia, megalomania and narcissism that is required to think
that so many people and organizations have nothing better to do than to
set up "war rooms" and hire full time personnel merely to deal with L.
Ron Hubbard and Scientology. On the other hand, imagine how important it
makes one feel, to think that one is a target of so many entities!)


When I was in deposition sometime in the last few months, they hammered me
with questions about Bob Minton. I think it was from that deposition that
they really got their "Who." Someone took the information and did their
eval and found that I was connected to Minton and so was Wollersheim and
FACTNet and that was when -- as Hubbard liked to call it -- they had a
"blue flash" and realized that Minton was The Paymaster!

So Minton is The New Who!

But of course, he's merely paying for someone else and they have to stay
on Germany because Hubbard told them so, so that means someone is paying
Minton out of Germany to pay everyone to attack Scientology. There is no
room for a "fact" that Minton came AFTER Wollersheim, FACTNet,
alt.religion.scientology and me. To the Hubbard method of "evaluation,"
Minton is a Dream Who. He is connected to all the "enemies" and he HAS to
be connected back to Germany. (What is ideal is to find a relative -- no
matter how distant -- or a business connection. If all else fails, see if
he drives a Mercedes or uses German products. I kid you not! It is that
same insane McCarthy-ite sense of connection that used to drive the witch
hunts of the 50s, and for good reason. That was when Hubbard was learning
how to find conspiracies and he took his methods and techniques from the
daddy of them all: Sen. McCarthy.)


Right now, Dept 20 (and this now includes the Religious Technology Center
or RTC, which controls all Dept 20 actions) can't get their fingers on
enough information to really wrap up the Minton-German-Nazi-Psychs-Xenu
connection and so they want to take him into deposition. Right now, they
are drooling all over their keyboards, with woodies you wouldn't believe,
firmly convinced that as soon as they can force his to answer all their
blistering questions, The Great International/Intergalactic Conspiracy
will open. The Who will be found. The Handling will open the door, the
clouds will part and the birds will sing and all the stops will be off:
Scientology will be free to take over the entire world -- excuse me, I
should have said Clear The Planet!

That is why they are hammering on Minton. Dept 20 has been taking a
horrible beating lately. They've lost some major court rulings and
Wollersheim is breathing down their necks. They lost ground with the
public school issue in California. The Greek government has come down on
them again. Germany is hammering away. The NY Times has brought them into
public view. The CW/FL authorities are eager to move on criminal charges.
"60 Minutes" has dragged them into the national TV spotlight and there is
more to come. If any section was in need of a major boost, it is RTC/Dept
20 and one of the best ways to get a woodie there is with a new exciting

And the Who is - the evelope please! - Robert Minton! (cheers/applause)

That is why Minton is here, Minton is there, Robert Minton is everywhere!


So let's just for the moment imagine - just for the heck of it - that
Minton is just a regular guy, doing what he says he is doing -- that he
simply stepped in to help a few people. Let's imagine that they take him
into depo and that is all they can get. Let's imagine they hammer him with
questions and they can't get the Minton-German-Nazi-Psych-Xenu connection
completed. Why not? Simple, they'll say: He lied! And so they will send
out their PIs and start digging into it some more, certain that the
connections are there and that they simply must find them.

In the meantime, what you see happening with Minton on ARS is they are
trying to set him up for his deposition. Here's how it works (and I will
leave out the first few more obvious steps in this LRH-eval-logic):

1. Minton is a suppressive.
Evidence: He likes people they call suppressive.
2. All suppressives have hidden crimes.
Evidence: LRH maxim.
3. Minton has hidden crimes.
Evidence: LRH maxim.
4. People with hidden crimes don't want them exposed.
Evidence: LRH maxim.
5. Minton doesn't want his crimes exposed.
Evidence: LRH maxim.
6. Threatening to expose the person's crimes makes them turn and run.
Evidence: LRH maxim.

So you can see how an LRH eval (and their mind) works.

(These are, by the way, the basic maxims behind most of their tactics. But
don't try to run it backwards, by pointing out how Hubbard ran and went
into hiding and asking if that meant he had crimes. That is a suppressive


This gives an immediate "handling" of Minton on ARS: hammer at his depo,
asking questions as to what he is hiding etc. This will make him go pale,
shake in fear and run. (Remember that this tech is from Hubbard so you can
correctly extrapolate that this is how HE operated.)

The "hate crime" button is not hooked directly into Minton but part of a
larger strategy of "positioning" and handling ARS. It seems as if there is
a legal strategy here from one of their high-paid attorneys that if they
can make ARS into a "hate crime" area and get Minton as the paymaster,
they can build a conspiracy case that can give them a new lawsuit that was
part of the original LRH Snow White Strategy!

Is this all coming clear now? (I can't believe I can follow this all!)


At one point in the mid-1970s LRH wanted a massive lawsuit brought against
the government conspirators and, of course, the Guardian's Office
complied. Gawd, I can't remember all of the defendants but it included
Interpol, the CIA, FBI, IRS and any other agency they could find to name.
(I think the Post Office was even included.) It became known as the "IP 2"
suit (IP for Interpol and 2 for the 2nd one against Interpol). It finally
failed miserably in the mid-eighties, because Hubbard was named as the
managing agent of Scientology and, as such, was ordered into deposition.
He would never appear, of course, so the suit had to be dropped.

But details like that are always conveniently forgotten. The fact that the
"giant conspiracy" lawsuit of 20 years ago failed merely proves that the
Real Who had not been found. Now with Minton, they "know" (and Scientology
is "knowing how to know") they are on the verge of getting the Real Who
and the Real Why so they can get the Real Handling. And that might be
another massive lawsuit. The problem is how to structure such a suit,
since it would involve not only private citizens but also the German
government and several major media. (They would LOVE to include
Time-Life.) But hey, that's why they pay up to $500 an hour to their
attorneys, to figure out details like that.

That is the opportunity they have now: the full revitalization and
vindication of LRH's original Snow White Program, a chance to FINALLY
expose the REAL WHO behind the Psych-Nazi-Xenu conspiracy: BOB MINTON!

Oh, what a woodie they have!

Robert Vaughn Young * The most potent weapon of the oppressor is * * the mind of the oppressed. - Steve Biko *